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   Chapter 189 If You Don't Love Her, Then Marry her

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6786

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Arvin frowned and told the nurses to help her up.

After Cheryl's mother was pulled up, Arvin assured her, "I'll try my best to save her life!"

On one hand, the reason why Arvin agreed to do the operation was to save a life... On the other hand, he couldn't refuse because it was Angela who had asked him to help the girl.

"Thank you very much, Director Gu! We would surely repay your kindness!" Although Cheryl's father didn't cry like her mother did, he still seemed relieved when he heard Arvin's words.

Arvin was the best doctor in J City, so their daughter would definitely be saved!

Before the operation, Angela told Arvin in a low voice, "Focus on the operation. I'm going to head back to the R and D department!"

"Okay." He took one good look at her.

He felt a little jealous upon remembering how close Angela and Baron had become. Therefore, he swore that he would punish her severely in bed.

Angela didn't know what he was thinking, so she left for the labs.

"Cheryl can finally be saved!" Angela thought.

Soon later, some good news came. Baron sent a message to Angela, "Angela, I love you so much! The doctor said that Cheryl is in a stable condition right now. It's all because of you! Otherwise, my cousin Arvin wouldn't have done the operation on Cheryl! Thank you so much!"

Wow! Angela felt delighted when Baron told her that Cheryl was fine. But she was unaccustomed to hear sweet words from another man!

Hence... she also felt horrible.

Angela removed her mask and replied, "Don't talk to me like that! Your cousin would get angry if he sees this."

She was a little worried for herself right now. Last time, when Arvin went on a business trip, she went with Fabian even though she knew Arvin didn't like Fabian.

Angela didn't know how bad Arvin would punish her... Now, if Arvin saw this conversation between Angela and Baron, he would get very jealous and not let her off easily. He would definitely punish her! Angela felt chills up her spine.

Deep inside, she prayed t

in a short time.

It was already nine o'clock. Many of the doctors and nurses were already off-duty. Only labs 2 and 6 were still open.

Arvin remembered that Lab 6 was where the foreign students were received. Therefore, Angela must be in Lab 2.

When he pushed the door, Arvin didn't find anyone else, so he rushed straight to the female changing room.

Suddenly, a woman bumped into him!

It was Angela.

She was pale and trembling. Arvin hugged her into his arms tightly, "Angela, I'm here. What's wrong?"

When she heard his voice, she jumped onto him with her legs around his waist, "Ar... Arvin... There's a... a snake inside! My god..." She saw a black snake with a triangular head.

After talking to Arvin, Angela suddenly burst into tears.

Everyone had weaknesses. As for Angela, she was afraid of snakes!

Arvin frowned upon hearing that. Snakes should not be seen here! Let alone a poisonous snake!

At that moment, Arvin found the moving animal on the ground! It was the snake!

He left the changing room immediately with Angela and comforted her after closing the door.

He put his right hand around her shoulder, took out his phone with his left hand, and called Kent, "Take the snake away and find out who did this! Do it now!" Arvin was furious. He couldn't wait to get back to those who dared to hurt Angela!

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