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   Chapter 188 What An Eye Pleasing Man

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7078

Updated: 2018-10-06 20:25

Arvin lowered his head and kissed her red lips, "Let's do some warm ups before sleeping. It will help us sleep better!"

"..." What was he saying?

In the end, Angela wasn't able to escape Arvin's grip.

The morning sunshine lazily shone into the dark-coloured bedroom. The woman in the bed turned over, accidentally bumping into a warm chest.

Hmm... She had slept well, but something's not right... What did she bump into?

Slowly opening her eyes, Angela held her breath as she saw such an unbelievable sight right in front of her.

Beside her was a handsome man, deep in reverie. What a peaceful sleeping beauty!

His perfect profile, his slim fingers, and his abs partly covered by the quilt... These were all making her fantasize.

Arvin was too tired from last night, so he was sleeping soundly right now. He didn't even know that she bumped him.

Angela quietly took out her phone, stood on the bed, and took several photos of this slumbering marvel.

Then, snickering, she set one of these photos as her phone's wallpaper.

Wow! It is so nice to be with a super handsome guy! She must have been dreaming. She couldn't believe how such a stunner was right in front of her.

No. She had to stop. She couldn't look anymore, or she would drool all over him!

She held her phone with care and quietly sneaked into the bathroom.

After cleaning herself up, Angela went into the kitchen and personally made some breakfast for the both of them.

After making two plates of heart-shaped omelettes, Angela boiled some soy milk while humming a melody. She looked at the clock, and it was 8:20 AM. Ten more minutes left before it was done!

Putting down her spoon, she turned around and suddenly collided with a warm chest.

She let out a small shriek, frightened by the man who silently appeared in the kitchen. She patted the big palms around her waist and said, "How on earth did you get here without making any noise? You scared me!"

Arvin kissed her beside her ear and innocently defended himself, "I called out to you, but you ignored me."

He was looking for her after he woke up

mattered first, so Angela stopped being unreasonable and said, "Right. Okay. Baron had already admitted he was wrong!"

Her response made Arvin's eyes darken a bit. It had only been three days, but Angela and Baron seemed to have gotten closer.

Arvin walked past them and into Cheryl's ward.

Finally, just when Angela lowered her head in embarrassment, she heard Arvin saying, "Angela, come with me. Tell me how you administer first-aid treatments to the patient!"

Angela was speechless.

And so was everyone.

Why did the best doctor of the hospital say that? Did he just found an excuse to have Angela by his side?

How crafty had Arvin become!

In the ward, Arvin first took Cheryl's pulse and then did a series of examinations on her.

Then, he took off his mask and told the doctors behind him, "The patient is fit for the surgery. Take her to the operating room immediately."

"All right, Director Gu. The operating room is ready!"

"Okay then. I will go there right now!"

When Arvin was about to leave, Cheryl's mother suddenly stopped him, "Director Gu, please wait!"

Arvin turned his head and looked at the woman whose hair had gotten partly white with age, "Yes, ma'am?"

What she did next moment surprised everyone. She got down to her knees, in front of Arvin, and begged, "Please, Director Gu. Please save my daughter, even if it costs me all that I have. Please..."

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