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   Chapter 186 Arvin Was Really a Cunning Boy

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5947

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Another maid poured wine into two goblets.

"Please have a seat, Miss Si." Fabian, like a gentleman, pulled out a chair for Angela.

Angela looked at Fabian indifferently and asked, "Didn't you say you needed a favor?"

"Definitely!" Fabian laughed. "I invited several chefs over, and I'm afraid I can't finish all of these dishes, so I invited you to help me."

Help him eat? With a candlelight table setting? ? And the red roses? ? ?

... Was Angela a fool to not know what Fabian's intentions were? Of course, she wasn't.

"Where's your girlfriend?" Angela asked. "Is she coming? I don't want to be a third wheel." She pretended to look for his girlfriend.

Angela regretted coming here with him. She should have asked what Fabian wanted before she agreed.

"Of course, you won't be!" Fabian added, "And I don't have a girlfriend. This feast is only for the two of us."

Only for him and for her? "I don't think it's appropriate..." Angela smiled dryly. She was in a relationship with Arvin, but she was having a romantic dinner with another man alone. It definitely didn't look right!

Fabian pressed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back on her chair. Then, he sat on the other, opposite her.

"The man who is rumored to be with you is currently out of the country. Now, can't you spare your old friend a bit of time?"

He was implying that her relationship with Arvin was only a rumor.

And what did he mean by "old friend"? They had only known each other for a few months! Angela was embarrassed to be with this pretentious "gentleman".

But all the dishes had been served, so it was too late for Angela to leave.

Well, it was only a dinner... It was nothing more than that. Surely, Arvin wouldn't get angry. Yes. That's it!

She pick


Fabian glared at Angela. Finally he asked, "You are so afraid of Arvin, but aren't you afraid of me?"

"Not at all, " Angela smiled, "I have had dinner with you."

Huh! What she meant was she had had dinner with him, so he couldn't possibly get angry at her.

Fabian could do nothing but shake his head and force a smile, saying, "Tell me when you get home!"

"Got it! Sleep early. Bye-bye!" Angela was relieved as she went out of the gate with her purse.

A brand new supercar was waiting for her at the gate. Kent was standing beside the car.

Seeing that Angela and Fabian had come out, he approached Angela and politely said, "Please get in, Miss Si."

Then, he opened the rear door for Angela.

Fabian smiled thinly when he saw the car. He remembered it was the same car that exposed the relationship between Angela and Arvin.

'Arvin was really a cunning boy... No... A cunning man, who asked Kent to drive a two-billion car here to mock me.' Fabian thought bitterly.

Angela rolled down the window and waved to him, saying, "Thanks for dinner. Sleep early."

"Goodbye!" Seeing the car drove off hurriedly, Fabian rubbed his chin, absorbed in thought.

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