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   Chapter 185 Did Someone Cook Dinner

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6364

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Angela approached the three women; they stepped backwards.

Angela didn't say anything for a few seconds. Then, she went back to where she stood and said, "Was Randal dismissed because his superiors found faults with him?"

"Yes, that's what they said."

"Okay, I get it now. Thank you!" 'Arvin must have wanted to avenge me, ' she thought.

The tall woman became more puzzled. "Aren't you with Mr. Gu?" she asked Angela, who seemed please with the answer, and continued, "Why are you asking about Randal?"

She doubted that Angela was involved with the both of them at the same time.

Angela rubbed her chin and decided to tell them the truth, "Because I want to thank the person who fired the jerk for me!"

"Jerk? Were you really dating him before?" One of the women asked Angela.

"Yes, " Angela said, "But... he cheated on me a few days after we started going out." Fortunately, Arvin knew about it, too. 'I was so lucky to have Arvin by my side, ' Angela thought.

So that was what happened!

Girls always enjoyed gossiping with their friends. Within a few minutes, Angela had established rapport with these women.

Angela even added them on WeChat when they went out of the restroom. Then, she found out that they were all working at the R and D department.

After work, Angela steered clear of the reporters and sneaked into Shengfeng Mansion to use Arvin's private lab because she could not work properly in the hospital.

After entering his apartment, Angela went straight to the lab.

She noticed something familiar when passed through the living room...

She stopped walking, turned around, and went to a white shelf against the wall. Then, she held up an item, which caught her attention, and studied it carefully.

'This... this shell... is the one I discreetly put into his pocket when we were on the coast...' Angela recalled.

Now, it had been carefully cle

ho sent the reporters away.

After work, Angela was alone in the hospital and was about to call a cab to go back.

"Master, I can't stand it anymore! I've always dreamed of going to the Shaolin Temple in Songshan to learn Kung Fu..." Angela's phone rang. It was Fabian.

"Hey Fabian!"

"Hi, Angela. Are you available tonight? I need your help."

"Okay..." She agreed to help him. Anyway, she had no plans for the night.

Fabian rode his motorcycle and had Angela ride with him. After nearly half an hour, they reached their destination.

Angela took off her helmet and saw a European-style castle. It had magnificent windows and a delicately carved roof...

If its black exterior was changed into a colorful one, it would definitely look like it was straight out of a fairytale.

The old tall gate opened, and four huge pillars and some European furniture came into sight.

There were a warm fireplace, an ivory-colored sofa, a checkered carpet, and paintings by the last century's French artists.

On the table were elegant candlesticks that flickered and shiny silver dinnerware...

Several western dishes had been served on the table. In the kitchen were some Michelin chefs, while two maids continued serving fresh dishes on the long table.

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