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   Chapter 184 I Will be Responsible for Cheryl

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6873

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Haley had always thought that Angela was just an ordinary girl who wanted to marry a wealthy man like Arvin.

But it had never occurred to her that... she was a member of an elite family, let alone the daughter of Chuck and sister of Sven!

She had been rude to Angela. What could she do to fix it? She still had a batch of medical equipment waiting to be delivered to the Chengyang Hospital...

When Angela went out of the inpatient department, Baron stopped her. She turned around and looked at Baron with a confused look, not saying anything.

Baron was traumatized by the accident, so he lost the arrogant look he used to have. Now, he seemed tired and worried. After hesitating for a few minutes, he finally asked, "When will Cousin Arvin be back?"

Angela didn't plan to say anything to him, but when she saw the look of panic on his face, she answered, "After two days."

Baron thought for a long time, and then he said, "Can you ask Arvin to save Cheryl?"

Angela sighed. At least, Baron had not completely lost his conscience!

Angela looked directly into his eyes and said, "You know what? If it weren't me who did the first aid to her, she might have been... You will not be standing here right now." Angela said this because she wanted Baron to realize the severity of the event, but not because she wanted him to thank her. She wanted him to know what a big mistake he had made.

The doctor had already mentioned that to Baron, and he had personally seen how Angela provided first aid assistance to Cheryl despite the amount of blood covering her face.

Many people were surprised by what Angela did. Her courage and spirit were worthy of admiration.

"I've decided that I will be responsible for Cheryl from now on." It seemed that Baron had taken some kind of magical drug to make him this responsible all of a sudden.

Angela nodded and said, "Tell Arvin that, when he comes back."

Arvin needed to know how regretful Baron was so that their relationship as cousins would improve.

When Baron heard that Angela was ask

Angela, how... why... are you here?"

They were so screwed! She was caught saying bad things behind Angela's back. Will she be forced out of J City by the Si family and Director Gu?

Angela put on a fake smile and said, "Well, darling, I needed to go to the toilet!" Was she not allowed to be in the restroom?

She opened the tap and washed her hands. Then, she thought of something and said, "Can I ask you something?"

The three woman freaked out and nodded quickly.

"Did you just say that Randal was dismissed?" No wonder that Angela had not heard his name for quite a long time. It turned out that he had already left the hospital!

The other two woman pointed at the tall girl right away and said, "She said so!"

The tall woman was so scared that she almost cried, saying, "I... I just heard from others..."

Seeing them so scared, Angela couldn't help but touch her face. Did she look scary? Then, she smiled at them and said, "I know! It's okay. You don't have to be afraid. Anyway, what you said is the truth!"

Huh? The truth? Did Angela just admit that she was the lover of Mr. Gu?

Angela was misunderstood. She meant that she really had dated Randal back then.

"What else do you want to know? We will tell you everything we know, " said one of the women. Maybe it was Angela's smile that warmed the atmosphere, calming the girls down.

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