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   Chapter 182 Baron Was Scared By Cheryl

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However, all those voices did not wake Angela up.

It was already afternoon when Angela had woken up. She stared at the ceiling blankly and tried to recall where she was. Finally, after a few minutes, she pieced together that she was in the VVIP ward of the Yao Hospital.

She slowly sat up and saw two people in front of her. Teresa was reading a book, while Lulu was quietly waiting for Angela to wake up.

As soon as Angela propped herself up, Lulu approached her and said, "Sister-in-law... How are you feeling?"

'Why are they here?' Angela thought to herself. Angela didn't show her confusion and replied politely to Lulu, "A lot better. Thank you, Lulu and Aunt Teresa."

"Don't be silly, Angela. You should rest more. I brought chicken soup. Lily made it for you. Have some. It will give you strength." As these words were spoken, Teresa put down her book, elegantly walked toward the table, and opened an thermal lunchbox.

Angela was so touched, but she seemed to forget something important... ... "Lulu, is that girl all right?"

Angela held Lulu's hand, her eyes full of worry.

Lulu looked at her mother, Teresa, first and then turned back to Angela. She whispered, "She is stable, even though she's in a coma. But she... lost the baby."

'In a coma?' Angela was relieved to hear that Cheryl was safe, but she was worried about her being in a coma. She also felt sorry for the baby.

"Angela, did you know the doctors said that Cheryl would have died if it weren't for your first aid assistance? You were so brave!" ...

'So her name is Cheryl...' Angela thought to herself.

"What about Baron?" Angela suddenly asked.

After hearing Angela's question, Lulu glanced at Teresa who looked so worried about Baron. After hesitating, she answered, "Baron got scared by what happened, so now he's in Cheryl's ward. Cheryl's family rushed to the hospital after being told that their daughter fainted and lost her baby. They got really pissed off when they found out that these were caused by Baron. In the morning, they got into an argument with Baron. Now, his parents are appeasing them."

Baron knocked someone up, but he did not want to be responsible for it. He even al


Hearing Arvin's gentle and soft voice, Angela wasn't able to stop her tears, finally she crying out, "Big Wing, can you please save Cheryl?"

Cheryl was just around eighteen or nineteen years old. Most girls of this age were living an innocent and carefree life. But Cheryl had already lost a baby, and she was in a coma. How awful life had treated her!

Arvin figured that something bad must have happened. He immediately asked, "What's going on, Angela? Who's Cheryl?"

Angela tried to stop crying and told Arvin what happened today in the race course.

After she finished speaking, Angela realized that Arvin might be in the middle of something. So she asked him, "

Are you busy right now, Big Wing? If so, I can tell you all of these when you're free."

"I'm not busy, babe. I'm driving to the hotel right now." Arvin knew that Angela was crying so hard because she was blaming herself. Therefore, Arvin patiently comforted her, "Don't blame yourself, Angela. It was not your fault. You've already done your best. You know that, right?" Arvin's words always hit the spot. Angela felt a bit better.

"As for Cheryl, I'll contact her doctor to ask for her reports. Don't worry, Angela, " Arvin added. He couldn't stand Angela feeling like this, so he would do his best to save Cheryl's life.

"I miss you, big wing." At this moment, Angela lay on her couch beside her empty dining room, thinking about Arvin. She really missed Arvin's hugs.

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