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   Chapter 179 How is Everything Going on Your Side

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7395

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Half an hour later, Angela met Nancy. While drinking her milk tea, she told Nancy about what had happened earlier and asked her opinion about it.

"Did you say that the woman was Chandler Jia's wife, Malik Jia's mother?" Nancy asked to clarify.

Angela nodded, "Yes! She said she was."

"Then, there's nothing wrong. Malik's mother is a kind person. I used to go to her house to play when I was little. She's very enthusiastic to everyone. She can be acquainted to someone in a few minutes!" Nancy's comments made Angela feel at ease.

"I'm so relieved. I was worried for nothing. Okay, let's go and buy gifts for our men!" said Angela happily. They walked around the shopping mall with linked arms.

At night, when Arvin returned to the apartment, it was already past twelve o'clock.

He pushed the bedroom door open. It was dark and quiet inside. It seemed that no one was there.

He felt upset and turned on the light. Indeed, no one was in bed.

He was about to call Angela, but then he saw a large gift box on the table, with a note on it.

He walked over and took the note. It read, "Dear Big Wing, please open it and see if you like what I got for you."

Arvin smiled. He opened the gift box and saw an expensive Western suit neatly folded inside.

But the color of the suit was... wine red.

Arvin had never worn a suit in this color. The moment he saw it, he was baffled.

He took the clothes out of the box and was about to hang it in the dressing room. Suddenly, another piece of paper dropped from the suit.

It read, "If you like it, please open the bedroom next door and tell me. But if you don't like it... okay, please tell me too."


Arvin put the suit back into the gift box, strode out of the bedroom, and opened the bedroom next door.

He entered the quiet room. When he turned on the light, he saw a woman huddling in the corner.

What was she doing there? It was because Angela was... too cold!

Why was she cold? Because she was dressed in a very sexy pajama.


It was her idea. She and Nancy both bought these sexy pajamas. She wondered how things were going on Nancy's side. Was she being eaten up by Stanley Su?

Angela was not so lucky

ext three days..." Arvin tenderly whispered in her ear.

Angela wanted to ask him if he could take her as well. But she was afraid that she would bother his work, so she didn't ask.

She suddenly thought of something and asked, "Oh, right! Do you know Chandler Jia?"

Upon hearing her question, Arvin frowned and demanded, "Never mention another man's name in bed. You won't know what I will do to you if you ever dare."

"What? So... do you know him or not?" Pouting, she gripped his collar.

Arvin then replied, "He's already over fifty years old and has a wife. His age is almost the same as your father's!"

Angela was speechless. 'Mr. Gu, can't we ever have a decent conversation?' wondered Angela. She continued, "His wife called me earlier today."

"Hmm." Arvin let out a simple reply and went on with his moves.

"I don't know her, but she called me. Don't you think it's strange?" asked Angela.

"Can't you figure it out yourself?" He didn't care. Becoming impatient, he asked, "Are you done talking?"

Angela teased joyfully and said, "What? You can't wait, can you? Am I bothering you?"

Arvin pursed his lips. This woman could be so insensitive to his romantic gestures. He had to punish her. He said, "Huh! So you do know you're bothering me..."

Angela pushed him, in rage, and said, "Can't you talk to me properly?"

"No, I can't!" Arvin then lowered his head to kiss her lips, not giving her any chance to mention another man's name.

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