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   Chapter 177 I Will Send You Back

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She didn't realize what they were doing until she was pressed on the couch by Arvin. When she realized that Arvin was still in his pajamas while she was naked, she got shy and squinted her eyes at him. Then, she bit him on his shoulder and said, "You're so mean!"

Arvin couldn't help but smile as he looked at her cute face.

He found a cushion and put it under her body to make her feel more comfortable. Then, Arvin held her hand and helped her take off his pajamas...

Shine Empire

In the far east of the city, there was a junk yard for cars. A woman with a mask and hat on glanced around, looking alert, opened the door of a shabby car, and went into the car.

She pulled out a seat on the back, and an underground passage came into sight.

She walked along the passage until she reached a door with two male guards on each side. They nodded to the woman politely and said nothing. They were unable to speak because of their injured vocal chords.

There was a clean room inside where a baby was crying and a skinny woman was comforting the baby.

Next to the room was another clean room. It was the operating room.

The woman who was comforting the baby didn't even look up when she heard the footsteps.

Only two people would come here, one man and one woman.

The woman with the baby immediately knew that it was a woman walking toward her, based on the sound of her footsteps.

The woman with the mask touched the baby's face gently with her finger, "Let me tell you some news. Their relationship has become a hot topic online. Arvin had just spent about two billion dollars on a supercar and gave it to that bitch as a present. Moreover, he has spent about one billion dollars on one pearl to make that bitch happy..."

The woman, the baby's mother, said nothing, but dissolved some milk powder in warm water and fed the baby.

However, the woman in the mask didn't stop telling her the news about Arvin. It seemed that she hated the "bitch" very much, but she could do nothing to hurt the "bitch"

ack soon."

"Okay, thank you, Shelley." Shelly used to work for Arvin in Shengfeng Mansion. She did the housework and cooked dinner.

Angela was familiar with Shelley because she often saw her in Shengfeng Mansion.

"You are welcome! Please sit down and wait." Shelley washed her hands and went into the kitchen.

After lunch, Angela received a call from Nancy, "Angela, let's go shopping!"

Nancy knew that Angela was not in Shengfeng Mansion and that she didn't go to work either. She thought about how lonely Angela must be, so Nancy wanted to accompany her and cheer her up.

"Okay! I can go shopping right now. How about meeting you at the old place?"

"Okay, no problem!"

Then, Angela hung up the phone and walked toward the cloakroom. As expected, there were a lot of women's clothing for Angela, all prepared by Arvin.

Angela held her sore waist and smiled happily when she saw this.

She dressed up and made up. When she was about to go out, her phone rang.

It was from a stranger. Angela was not going to answer it at first since she had received lots of calls from strangers. Since she was not too busy, she answered the phone.

"Hello." An elegant female voice spoke, "Is this Angela speaking?"

"Yes. What's up?" Angela asked casually. If the call was from a journalist, she would hang up the phone immediately.

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