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   Chapter 176 It Didn't Work

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"Dad... I have to work!" Angela found an excuse to not go home.

Chuck understood that Angela didn't want to go home, so he didn't give her too much pressure, "Okay, focus on your job! Call me if you need anything!"

"Thank you, Dad! I love you!" Angela was happy to have her father by her side.

"You're my baby girl! Don't worry about what others think. Just be yourself!" Chuck would always be there for his daughter no matter what Angela did.

"Okay, Dad!"

After she hung up, Angela sat on the balcony and looked at the scenery. She was having mixed emotions at the moment.

When Angela was being bashed online, Arvin issued a statement on MicroBlog, "I love Angela with all my heart, and I met her seven years after my fiancée had disappeared. She is not a third-party in this relationship. In fact, she had nothing to do with my relationship with Rosa. The reason why I haven't gone all out with Angela is because I respect Rosa. Things will be solved when Rosa gets back. Meanwhile, I hope people would respect our privacy. I will sue whomever dares to continue defaming Angela."

Lily nodded with satisfaction, "Arvin, you've done the right thing. You really need to issue such statement and clarify your relationship with Angela. Otherwise, everyone would just continue to blame and bash her. Although Angela doesn't complain about it, I can imagine how she must be feeling. You have to spend more time with her. Do you understand?"

Arvin rubbed his temples and nodded.

Arvin was willing to issue any statement as long as it would be for Angela's benefit.

Soon, numerous people commented on his statement.

The first comment was, "Director Gu, you were engaged to Rosa, so you must have had feelings for her. But now, you're saying that you love Angela. What happened to your affection for Rosa? When did it fade?"

Angela smiled and made fun of him, "So... are we now changing the place of our affairs?"

"Don't be naughty!" He missed her so much and just wanted to see her! But he didn't want to bring any trouble to her, so he changed the place of their rendezvous and asked her to the apartment discreetly.

When night came, Angela changed into some black sportswear, wearing a mask and sunglasses. When she walked to the gate of the neighborhood, she found a few journalists waiting for her in the dark.

Wow! What were they doing here? She was not a big celebrity. What did they want from her?

Were they out of gossip news?

The Oujing Apartment

Angela rang the doorbell, and it quickly opened. It was Arvin!

She smiled happily, "Big Wing!"

Arvin smiled and pulled her in at once. He wrapped Angela in a warm embrace and pressed her against the door.

He removed her mask and kissed her red lips.

As the saying went, absence made the heart grow fonder. Soon later, the room was full of love.

Angela was captivated and dazed by Arvin's scent that she hadn't realized that her coat had dropped to the ground.

As they both went from the door to the couch, Arvin had already taken off all of Angela's clothes.

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