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   Chapter 175 I'll Always Be Here for You

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7164

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On the next morning, Lily and Arvin went to Rosa's home, which sparked interest among a lot of people.

Rosa's family house

Rosa's father, Albert, greeted Arvin and his grandmother in the living room, while Sansa stared blankly at a photo of their daughter who disappeared, Rosa.

Arvin put the presents on the table and went to Sansa, "Auntie."

As soon as she heard his voice, she looked at him happily, "Arvin, I'm glad you're here! I have some good news for you! Your uncle told me that Rosa is in Shine Empire!"

Of course, Arvin knew this. It was him who asked his men to tell Albert the news.

"Auntie, I know that."

Sansa acted normally and greeted Lily politely. All of them sat on the couch. Albert was smoking quietly. The room was silent; nobody said anything.

Finally, Arvin broke the silence, "Uncle, my grandmother and I are here to talk about my engagement with Rosa."

Albert had already known about Arvin and Angela. Although he had prepared himself mentally, he still couldn't control his emotions.

"Arvin, Rosa is going to show up!" Albert said firmly.

Arvin was the ideal man for their daughter. Albert treated him as his own son during these years.

"Uncle, Rosa hasn't come back. Two years ago, you said that Rosa would show up, but she didn't... Most importantly, I'm in love with another girl!" Arvin was frank.

Two years ago, they said that Rosa would show up, but that was not the case. Only a girl who looked like her appeared.

"So... you are not going to wait for our Rosa because you're in love with another girl? That's not an excuse!" Albert got irritated.

Since Arvin didn't want to talk in circles, so the situation became tense immediately. Lily tried to break it to Albert softly, "Albert, Arvin has been waiting for Rosa for seven years. He has never given up his engagement during that long period of time. Since Rosa still hasn't showed up and Arvin is in love with another girl, I think it's better to let this go. Otherwise, it would be unfair to them..."

"Arvin, you have been waiting for Rosa for seven years! Why not wait for a little while longer? Can we talk abo

.." Angela felt bad and apologized to Chuck. She felt guilty that her family was bothered and disturbed because of her.

Surprisingly, Chuck didn't blame her at all, even though he was opposed to her relationship with Arvin, "Don't be sorry. I'll always be here for you! Besides, Rosa has disappeared for seven years. I know you did nothing wrong! Rosa may not even return."

Chuck would never let those people off easily if he saw their comments online.

The comments that bashed Angela had already been deleted completely.

At the beginning, Chuck thought that Sven did this. But later on, Sven told him that it was Arvin who deleted the comments.

"Dad... I thought you didn't like Arvin." Angela asked him with cautiously. Chuck almost fought with Arvin last time at the airport.

"I indeed dislike him, " Chuck admitted bluntly. He disliked Arvin because Arvin had stolen his daughter's heart.

However, he knew that Arvin was a good man, and he was the best choice for his daughter. Therefore, he approved of the relationship between Angela and Arvin, but he couldn't bring himself to admit it.

"Dad, what do you think about our relationship? Sometimes you like him, while sometimes you don't." Angela asked him directly.

Chuck didn't answer her. Instead, he changed the topic, "Angela, why don't you come back to stay with us for a while."

Only when Angela stayed with them could Chuck feel at ease.

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