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   Chapter 174 No Acceptance

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7104

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The nurses and the doctors pushed a patient out of the operating room, horrified by the crowd. One doctor shouted, "Please evacuate and let the patient go back to the ward." For the patient's sake, the journalists toned down a bit.

"Please let us go first..."

It took a long time for the security guards to create a path for the patient to leave the area.

Arvin was quickly surrounded in the other corner and was asked questions by a huge wave of reporters with microphones.

All the while, he remained silent, looking down at the reports of the operation and quietly waiting for the security guard to get rid of the reporters.

One reporter began to get impatient, "Mr. Arvin, don't you know that it's impolite to ignore everybody like this?"

"Everyone is very concerned about your affairs!"

Seeing that he had been silent, some reporters began to get annoyed, changing their tones.

Their tactic didn't affect Arvin, who still remained silent and ignored the journalists. At that moment, it was Kent's turn to show up and tell everyone to be quiet before he spoke, "Please understand that we are in a hospital, so please show common courtesy. What's more, Mr. Arvin had just finished a two-hour operation, hence he's tired." If you want to interview him, please find us and make an appointment..."

As soon as Kent finished speaking, Arvin glanced at the reporters and told Kent, "Kent, I will only accept interviews about my job and the hospital. I won't accept interviews about my personal affairs."

Kent seemed a little embarrassed. He thought, 'Can't he be a bit more diplomatic?' He then sighed and said, "Yes, Sir."

The reporters still carried on, "We will interview Angela if you don't say anything. I heard that she works in your hospital."

Another reporter echoed, "As far as I know, Miss Angela is lively and easygoing. We might get some information from her."

Everyone turned quiet.

They all heard the threats.

Since they weren't going to get anything from Arvin, the reporters were going to badger Angela, an easygoing girl.

Arvin took off his mask and looked coldly at the

of the people involved.

The two of them were now the center of attention.

Arvin said calmly, "Let it be!" If people all over the world knew that Angela was his lover, he would be very happy. The reason for keeping the matter a secret in the first place was because it might hurt Angela. After all, the Rosa issue hadn't been resolved yet.

Arvin's indifferent tone made Angela calm and relaxed. "Okay, let's eat dinner first. I cooked!"

Upon hearing that she made dinner, Arvin took her hand and walked her to the table. Angela immediately took some wipes and handed it to him, "Mr. Arvin, here!"

"Well, my darling!" He smiled, took the wipes she handed him, and used them on his hands.

Angela cooked a total of four dishes for dinner, including three vegetarian dishes and one meat dish. She also cooked some yam and lotus seed porridge.

As long as it was Angela's cooking, Arvin could eat almost all of the dishes.

It was no different this time. There were a lot of vegetables, but Arvin easily ate all of them after Angela had eaten.

After dinner, Arvin told Angela, "I'm taking you back now."

After a little thought, Angela understood. "Okay!"

Arvin walked out of the Shengfeng Mansion with Angela, disproving the rumors that the two were living together.

Living together and falling in love were two different things. They did this so that Angela's image wouldn't be tarnished.

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