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   Chapter 173 How Long Have You Lived Together

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8799

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When the workers left, Angela was immediately surrounded by a crowd of reporters. A voice came out and asked, "Are you Miss Angela, the future inheritor of Chengyang Private Hospital?" The question was reasonable because during a previous media interview with Chuck, he revealed that he was going to give his own hospital to his future daughter.

Then, the questions continued, "Excuse me, Miss Angela, did Director Arvin Gu gave you this car?"

"What is the nature of your relationship with Arvin Gu?"

Angela was speechless and remained silent. She did not answer the questions directly.

Even at night, the enthusiasm of the media couldn't be stopped. The paparazzi lights blinded people's eyes.

She was no stranger to this kind of situation. Her father, brother, and sister-in-law were celebrities, so she was always surrounded by the media and these annoying reporters.

Occasionally, Angela could not avoid family interviews. Sometimes, she also had to appear in public with her family, but she stayed out of the spotlight whenever she could.

Angela did not flinch nor make any gesture. She simply said nothing and smiled politely.

She didn't know what she should say to them.

She could tell everyone that the car was given to her by Arvin, but people would immediately assume that he was her boyfriend. But, he was not...

Angela knew that disaster emanated from careless talk, so she simply kept silent.

Out of nowhere, three bodyguards suddenly appeared, controlling the crowd and making way for Angela. Angela took the opportunity to sit inside the sports car and got ready to leave.

But the annoying reporters also reacted immediately, quickly surrounding the supercar and taking photos nonstop. They didn't want to miss the big news at all.

Supercars were the focus of the media anywhere. She suddenly recalled when Sophia Lo and an American celebrity received the other two supercars. Those media outlets went crazy back then, more than they did now.

However, Arvin was a more of a low-key guy, who didn't like publicity in anything he did. At the same time, he bought the car impulsively, so a lot of people still haven't heard the news.

The reason why the media came to Shengfeng Mansion was that the supercar was discovered while it was being delivered. Then, the news rapidly leaked out. After poking around, they soon found out that Arvin was the one who ordered it.

Arvin, the most attractive yet austere man in J City, suddenly ordered a car for a woman, who was the heir to the Chengyang Private Hospital... The competitor of Arvin's Yao Hospital. The media had dug up a lot of

one knew. And now, she was being spoiled by Arvin, another rising star in medical industry. To others, Angela won in life!


Below were nine images, all of which showed the interaction between Arvin and Angela.

If one wanted something, money would definitely be able to solve everything.

As it turned out, the media knew about that. They wanted photos of Arvin and Angela, so they paid people to find photos. Soon enough, a lot of rare photos appeared for the public to see, only within an hour.

No one had expected it to blow up this big. Sven had already taken some measures and even asked Daniel to suppress all the entertainment news. But a lot of comments were still left on the internet.

As soon as the surgery was over, the hospital corridor was full of reporters. A large crowd of people were waiting to meet and interview Arvin. The security guards could not stop these annoying reporters at all. The entrance of the operating room should be quiet, but right now, it definitely was not.

Arvin seemed to be aware of what was going on outside. He initially wanted to take off his mask, but after hearing Kent's report, he continued wearing it.

Even though he was wearing a mask, he was quickly recognized by the reporters.

"It's Mr. Arvin!" shouted the reporters in the hallway. "Could you please answer some of our questions, Mr. Gu?"

"Mr. Arvin, excuse me, what's your relationship with Angela, the inheritor of Chengyang Hosiptal?"

"How long have you lived together?" This question was asked again. "When you lived with her, did you ever think about your former fiancée Rosa?"

After finishing the operation, Arvin was too tired to say anything. What's more, he became speechless after facing these questions.

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