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   Chapter 172 Angela Is Not Your Wife

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Haley believed Baron's lie and got annoyed.

She then told Lily how Arvin bullied Baron for a woman.

Lily chuckled. "If I were Arvin, I would put Baron into jail and help him get rid of his bad behaviors!" she said.

Haley was surprised, "Mom... Baron is your grandson!"

Lily nodded, "I know! That's why I want him to correct his mistakes. If he wasn't related to me, I wouldn't even bother."

Haley was rendered speechless. Although she was angry, she couldn't show her dissatisfaction before Lily so she had to leave the room at once.

After receiving a call from Baron's school, Haley paced around the room. She was disheartened by the call and needed to ask Arvin for his consideration. A few seconds later, Kent answered the phone for Arvin.

"Can you ask Arvin to answer the phone? I have something urgent to tell him."

Kent looked at Arvin who was busy working. Arvin noticed that the call seemed to be important, so he gestured for Kent to show him the name of the caller.

Then, Arvin shook his head and Kent immediately understood what he meant, "Sorry Mrs. Haley. Mr. Arvin is busy now. You can tell me what happened."

"Tell you? No! I need to tell him something important. I won't hang up until you give him the phone!"

Haley insisted on having Arvin answer the phone. Since she was Arvin's aunt, Kent had to be polite with her. He then gave the phone to Arvin.

"Hello Aunt, " Arvin greeted her.

"You do know that I am your aunt, right? If you do, then let Baron off." Haley said in a firm tone. She would get restless every time something related to her son popped up.

Arvin evaded her question and simply asked, "Do you have anything else to say?"

"Yes, I do! Don't let anyone come between you and Baron, okay? Angela drew Baron to her, so it wasn't his fault. Stop bullying Baron for this woman. Okay?" Haley didn't think her son was guilty, and she believed that Angela was the only one who should be blamed.

Arvin asked her back, "If Baron had a girlfriend and I asked her to leave him to be my girlfriend, what would you do?"

Haley couldn't speak

as already evening when the car was sent to J City, and many reporters had already camped out in front of Shengfeng Mansion. Everybody knew that Arvin bought the car, but nobody knew whom he would give it to.

When the car was delivered in front of Shengfeng Mansion, Angela had just finished cooking dinner.

Then, she received a call asking her to get the car.

She was shocked by how fast it had been bought. Then, she washed her hands, changed clothes, and went downstairs.

She had never expected so many people around her house. Some were security guards of this community. Others were reporters carrying... cameras.

They all rushed to her as she walked out of her house.

Angela was only wearing a hoodie and a pair of track pants. Her hair was a little messy because she only combed it with her fingers.

Two workers in white gloves walked forward in her direction with two plates on their hands. One plate contained a diamond key. The other one contained customized manuals, showing that Angela was the owner of the car. "Are you Miss Angela?" a worker asked her.

Angela cast a glimpse at the reporters and answered, "Yes, I am."

"This is the key to the CR Sports Car and its manuals. Please sign your name here." The worker smiled at her professionally, but his envy could still be seen.

Angela smiled awkwardly. She then picked up the pen and signed her name quickly.

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