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   Chapter 171 Go and Order a CR Supercar

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7633

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When Lulu was still deep in her thoughts, Baron punched Angela's car window with great rage, determined to get Angela out of the car.

Angela didn't feel scared at all. In fact, she even opened the door and offered herself in confidence.

As Baron was about to slap Angela, she gave a spinning sweep kick, which brought Baron down to his knees in pain.

"Guys! Help me out here! Get Angela into my car quickly! She needs to be taught a lesson, " Baron angrily said.

Baron's men were lax in approaching the situation. They thought that Angela was outnumbered and doomed to die.

But they were wrong...

Before they knew it, Angela knocked down about four of the men to the ground alone!

"Damn it! Baron, this bitch is outrageous!" One of the men got up from the ground, his face full of fury. He had to teach Angela a lesson today. He then staggered to his car, leaned against it, and began to make a phone call. "Bring some more men over here! We need to kill Angela now!" shouted the man.

Angela heard what he said and reacted fast. She beckoned a car not far from her.

Soon, three bodyguards got out of the car and said in unison, "Miss Angela."

"Take care of them for me. I want to get out of here!" It annoyed her to see Baron.

"Yes, Miss Angela. Let us deal with it!"

One of the three bodyguards grabbed hold of Baron who was struggling within his grip, while another got in the driver's seat of Baron's car. Then, he drove the car to the other side to clear the path for Angela.

The moment Angela was ready to leave, three more people stood in front of her car, blocking her way. They angrily shouted, "Do you think you can get away with hitting our car? No way! You must pay!"

"That's right! Not only do you have to pay, but you should also apologize to us, your masters!"

Angela was dumbstruck.

Masters? She laughed when she heard them refer to themselves as masters. Angela opened the window and dismissively said, "Do you want another beating?"

The two men who were hit by Angela were livid after hearing what she had said. They responded, "You arrogant bitch! Our men will arrive soon. We won't let you get away!"

Angela rubbed her temples and thought to herself, 'What kind of people are they?' They were absolutely not finished

He was so desperate that he had to frame Angela to escape Arvin's punishment.

Angela was furious. She wanted to jump on Baron and beat him up. She never knew that a shameless person like him ever existed.

Arvin patted Angela on her shoulders to calm her down. Then he told her, "Let me handle everything."

Angela relaxed with these words.

Then, Arvin called another assistant behind him, whose name is Adam. He told Adam, "Tell all the establishments in J City to ban all these guys from entering and not entertain them. Also, call up Baron's school and tell the dean to let Baron continue to learn for a few more years until he gets a passing grade."

These series of orders scared the guys, almost pissing themselves.

They never doubted Arvin's ability and power.

He was a nobody before he got to his current position. Now that he was the boss, he was able to obtain power and authority.

Angela was overwhelmed by the thought of Arvin purchasing a supercar. She tried to break away from Arvin's embrace to stop Kent from buying the car.

But Arvin wouldn't let her.

"Arvin, there really is no need to buy the supercar. I didn't mean what I told Baron!"

Arvin chuckled, "It is okay. I just want to see Baron run naked around J City."

Angela was stunned. She didn't know what to say after hearing what Arvin had said.

It seemed that Baron couldn't get away with running naked around J City.

Baron knew that he was in deep trouble. The only thing he could do was call Haley for help.

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