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   Chapter 170 How About I Streaking Around J City

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Angela cast a glance at Baron and Lulu. She had never expected she could be so popular.

Baron noticed that she didn't mention that supercar so he thought she had lost her confidence. "Angela, let's make a bet! If Arvin didn't buy that car for you, then you need to be my girlfriend. Okay?"

"Nope. There is no need to make such a bet!" Angela refused him. No matter what the result would be, she had no interest in betting against Arvin's heart.

Her rejection gave Baron more confidence, and he teased her, "Are you afraid of losing in the bet? Don't be like this! How about I streak around J City if I lose? You know, balls out, bat shit stuff."

Hearing his words, the people around them let out a scream, "Wow! Great! Baron, you are so cool! Take your nuts out and jerk off in the street like an animal!"

"Baron should streak for a girl!"

"Baron, I admire you!"


"Streaking around J City?" Angela thought for a while about what such an event like that would look like and she entertained the image in her mind for a moment because she liked reducing Baron to a sniveling pathetic pile of useless afterbirth. 'It sounds interesting.' But she told him, "I'm not interested in your body! I'll go now. Get out of my way!"

Her rejection aroused Baron's keen interest in her, and he got pissed off after being rejected, twice. He went on teasing her, "What are you worried about? Just be my girlfriend!"

"Are you insane? Didn't you notice that I just came out from your cousin's apartment? You dare seduce Arvin's girlfriend? Do you want him to kill you, is that it? Or do you get off on someone choking you? That's your kink next to leather isn't it, asphyxiation?" She was also very glad to hit him once again.

Lulu went to the other side of Baron's car and knocked its window, "You must be crazy! Angela will be our sister-in-law soon. If you dare keep harassing her, I will tell this to Arvin and he must beat you up!" she warned him.

"Don't try to threaten me by mentioning Arvin's name. Angela needs to make a bet with me today, otherwise she forfeits her love for Arvin, and she agrees to be my girlfriend! That is the law! And my divine right as next of kin!" It was exactly Angela's identity as his cousin's girlfriend that aroused his deepest desire for her.

Baron pushed Lulu aside and moved closer to Angela's car. He didn't allow anyone to leave.

Angela was infuriated by his harassment. She opened the door and stepped out of the car, then

It hit a Ferrari in its back. The man in the Ferrari let out a scream.

"Damn it! My car! My father will kill me if he knows his car has been crushed!" The man in the car complained. The driver of the Ferrari was a young man with yellow hair. The car was his father's and he just drove it secretly.

Angela's BMW sped up and ran towards Baron's luxury car once again.

Baron was still in shock from the first car crash and had never expected the second crash to happen in such a short space of time...

"Wow! This woman must be crazy! She has collided with a Ferrari and an Audi. Let's go before she collides with our cars!" The owners of the other cars to Angela's left and right were frightened to be crashed into in the same manner and so the two cars sped away in a flurry of screams and hands and whelps.

Lulu came to her senses finally and called Arvin, "Brother... Brother... Angela... She is so cool! Wait! What should we do now? Angela had crashed Baron's car and Big F's Ferrari... But don't worry. She didn't get injured... Now we are at the crossroads to the left of Shengfeng Mansion."

"Big F" was the nickname she gave to the man who drove the Ferrari.

After Lulu hung up the phone, she suddenly realized that there was no need to worry about Angela. Angela was a member of the Si Family. Her family and Arvin would always help her. Even though she crashed into all four luxury cars today, she needn't worry about it because someone would make it up in expenses. There were no consequences whatsoever in this dreamland.

'Yes. That's it! The only thing I need to do is to make sure that Angela doesn't get hurt!' Lulu thought.

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