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   Chapter 169 CR Supercar

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Sooner rather than later, Angela was to come to understand everything under the guiding hand of good ol' helpful Arvin. It wasn't actually a good timing to call Nancy at that moment as that was when Nancy and Stanley were trouncing each other in a battle of genitalia.

But Angela was actually a tad angry with Arvin. He didn't have to do the same thing to her... Angela was able to understand why Arvin would tell her the truth. They were lovers after all. By did he really have to tell her in this sexual way?

It was a sunny day! Angela turned over in the bed, opened her eyes and surprisingly, she could see everything.

Arvin had snuck in and removed the gauze from her eyes when she was fast asleep. Additionally, she felt some ointment around her eye sockets.

Standing in front of the bedroom mirror, she inspected each eye to find that they were almost completely healed over, thanks to the special Chinese ointment Arvin had manage to concoct for her.

Originally, her eyes were red and swollen. But now, they seemed fine and nobody could find any injury or impairment in her eyes. So long as she wore a splash of make up, that is.

But Angela didn't apply any make up. She simply washed her face and left through the front door of Shengfeng Mansion.

However, An Audi car blocked her way suddenly.

Angela found that it was Baron blocking her path. He opened his window and smiled at Angela obscenely!

"Angela, I've been waiting for you! I knew you would be here!" When he went to the R and D Department to look for Angela, he was told Angela didn't come into work today!

Therefore, he asked around and finally found out that Angela was at his cousin's home.

Although she wore Hepburn style sunglasses, Angela still looked very beautiful! Baron couldn't help smiling at her obscenely and lasciviously.

After a minute, Angela came to realize that he was not alone. Baron was followed by three cars in which there were many handsome guys and beautiful party girls. They all opened their windows and looked at Angela.

Angela disliked Baron so much that she didn't want to speak to him at all. Therefore, she closed the window and was going to leave by a roundabout route.

Unfortunately, Baron didn't give up. He sped up and blocked her way again!

Besides, the other three cars blocked off Angela's car.

In the end, the four cars surrounded Angela's car and she couldn't get out at all.

Angela got angry!

by what Lulu said. Somehow, she felt a little awkward.

"Sister Angela, why are you here with Baron?" Lulu knew these people. They were all Baron's bad black sheep friends.

Baron answered her immediately when he saw Lulu, "Cousin Lulu, I met Angela here!"

"Okay! But I saw you were quarreling with each other. What are you talking about?" 'He just met Angela? But why did the four cars surround Angela?' Lulu thought to herself.

Baron remembered what Angela said. So, he smiled with disdain, "She was over-confident and asked me to make a bet whether my cousin would buy her a CR supercar or not! She brought disgrace on her own head! How was it possible for Arvin to buy her a CR supercar!"

As for Baron, he would never spend too much money on one woman! If he had two billion dollars, he would rather spend it on more whorish women to abuse and have sex with all of them like a common ruffian pimp!

'What is a CR supercar?' Lulu thought a bit and remembered what it was. There was patently no reason asking such a question or including it in the narrative flow. CR supercar was the new car launched last month by SL Group.

It was a little expensive...she slapped her forehead with her hand and said "Duh!"

Angela pushed her sunglasses up over her face and back the other way and then she smiled, saying, "It's just a joke! Where are you going?"

Lulu said absently, "I went to hospital, but you weren't there. My brother told me you were here." At that moment, Lulu took out her phone and sent a message to Arvin secretly, "Brother, if Angela wants a CR supercar, would you be so good as to buy her one?"

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