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   Chapter 168 I'm Not Blind

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6704

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Stanley and Nancy were very different people with varying priorities. They both had feelings for each other and were free from any life-long engagements.

Yet Stanley was a man who only hung out with real hardy bucks in his workplace; he had no mad notions of romance or love! "Yeah! I'd get her a birthday present!" How could he forget Nancy's birthday? He remembered every year. But now...was he becoming senile so early?

Arvin muttered, "…" That was not what he was talking about. Never mind. He would do him a favor as his buddy, "You can...

Her birthday is only one week from now..." He couldn't sit tight and stay inactive and indecisive. This was time for action. He called Arvin, so he probably had his plan.

These four people hung up their phone one after another in about ten minutes.

The two men snickered over their plans, while the two women were beaming with innocent pleasures.

Nancy was unaware of his intention. She was telling Stanley her phone talk with Angela, "Angela has moved in with doctor Arvin. He is considerate towards Angela. I'm so much relieved!"

"Good for her!" Stanley put his arm around her shoulders, and turned to Darren, "go to sleep, now!"

He could have his way with Nancy and her meat loving mouth by sending Darren to sleep early.

In the still of the night

Nancy had taken a shower and dried her hair. She went to bed, sat there, played on her phone for a while, and was about to fall asleep.

The door cracked opened from outside, and Stanley walked in wearing black pajamas.

Color flooded her face at that moment. She asked gently, "You are still up?"

"I am not intent on sleeping tonight." At least for the moment.

"Why so? You have been summoned?" She thought he still had work to do, and felt sorry for his busy life.

Stanley closed the door, and made a beeline for Nancy. He sat down by her side, and took her into his arms, "I'm not going anywhere tonight."

She felt his breath on her neck. Knowing his desires, her ha

remely worried about Nancy for not hearing a word come through the receiver on her phone. So she quickly asked, "Nancy, tell me. Are you in some kind of trouble? We will come directly to yours now to help you!"

"I'm okay… Eh…"

When Angela was about to get up, Arvin took her phone and hung up the call in a casual manner. It was so strange.

Then Arvin put the restless Angela in her bed and told her, "You don't need to go. You will only spoil everything."

"Spoil? Why do you say so? Oh! You mean my eyes? It's fine. I can tear up the gauze. I'm not blind!" Though swollen with redness, it was not important. It was Nancy's security which mattered most!

Arvin held her in his arms, and told her willy-nilly, "Honey, every minute of a spring night is invaluable. Do you know what I mean?"


Arvin nodded his head with satisfaction.

But, Angela raised her head, "But spring has yet to come. It's still two months away from spring…no Why are we talking about this, we should go and help Nancy!" On saying this, Angela broke away from Arvin, and reached for the gauze at her head.

Arvin, "…"

Silly Angela, Silly Angela, Silly Angela! Important things should be chanted three times!

Arvin turned over and positioned himself on top of her, "Let me show you what has happened to Nancy."

"What happened?"

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