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   Chapter 167 Darren's Words Really Hurt Stanley's Feeling

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Lily understood that Teresa wouldn't rebuke Arvin and Angela's union any more. Lily nodded, full of pleasure, and said, "Before you invite Angela to our home, I'll go to the Yin Family house, accompanied by Arvin of course, and tell them that Arvin has fallen head over heels in love with Angela now."

Rosa had disappeared for so many years and now Arvin had a personal right to pursue his own happiness.

"Okay. But what about Sansa?" Sansa was Rosa's mother. She had become intolerable after being driven insane when Rosa dropped off the radar.

After a moment's consideration, Lily said, "We still have to push forward for the love birds' sake. We will have to try."

During these years when Rosa was technically a ghost, Arvin had always been concerned about the Yin Family, even if only superficially.

During every festival and event, Arvin would go to Rosa's parents' home to accompany them, and make sure things were alright.

Whenever Rosa's family needed any help, Arvin was always the first one to give them a hand.


It was eleven o'clock at night when they returned to Shengfeng Mansion. Angela reluctantly finished bathing, with the help of Arvin's soothing hands.

With eyes sheltered over a bandage, Angela felt a strange lack of security. She couldn't see the world, or her beloved Arvin.

She had been grasping Arvin's hand tightly since they returned home blind. Whenever she couldn't hear his voice close by, she would get nervous and call his name, "Arvin! Arvin! Big Wing... Big Wing..."

Arvin put down the pot in his hand quickly and brought a glass of lukewarm water to the bedroom.

Seeing that she was fumbling in the air randomly, he walked towards her and grasped her hands gently, "I'm here, " he told her.

His short answer pacified her mood immediately.

"Where were you just now? Why did you leave for such a long time?" Angela inquired of him. Although Shengfeng Mansion was situated downtown, it was perfectly insulated against sound and people weren't able to hear any of the strange noises emanating from the apartments' rooms. She couldn't hear the sound Arvin made. The room was so quiet. She felt scared when Arvin left for even a few seconds just to retrieve a simple glass of water. All she heard to announce his visit was his footsteps coming towards her.

Arvin embraced her with one hand and held the water with another hand. "I went to pour a glass of water for you. Now drink it, " he to

twenty-six years old now and many of his classmates from his school time had already given way to babies of their own. But he hadn't even gotten married yet... He couldn't help glancing at Nancy as he sighed. They had lived together for a long time and they hadn't had sex yet.

Stanley wondered whether Arvin had met the same trouble or not.

To get an answer to his question, Stanley called Arvin.

When Arvin answered the call, Stanley heard that Nancy heard that the phone was ringing, and so she greeted Angela happily. "Hello, Angela!"

Stanley thought it was a perfect chance to ask Arvin this secret.

Stanley brought his cellphone to the bathroom and lit a cigarette, then Arvin's voice came from the phone, "This is Arvin."

He took a puff of smoke and asked, "Have you had sex with Angela?"

Arvin felt a little embarrassed to gave him a clear answer. But when he saw Angela who was talking with Nancy happily, he smiled.

He got up and walked to the window secretly, "Yes, " he replied him.

'Damn it! Arvin, such a cold man, has beaten me to the punch! He's already had sex with his girlfriend! So why should I go on sleeping in the same bed with my girlfriend, but do nothing?' Stanley felt intolerable when he thought of this.

Then he told Arvin, "Fine! I need some time to calm down."

He began to plan the procedure of making love to Nancy. It would involve belts.

"Angela told me that it will be your girlfriend's birthday soon..." Arvin indicated him.

Arvin knew clearly how to seduce a girl. But he wasn't sure whether he could marry Angela in the future, so he had never tried to seduce her.

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