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   Chapter 166 I Love You Very Much

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The playback of the surveillance video of Arvin's apartment ran its horrific course on the computer screen for all to see.

It showed that Angela supported Arvin, carried him back to the apartment and ran out of the house in haste the next morning. Later, Nita took breakfast to him unannounced and entered the room.

Arvin glanced at Nita and her parents who seemed mad, "To minimize the unnecessary troubles, I asked Kent to send me the screenshots. Of course, the complete video of the two days is saved in the flash disk. You can take away the disk if you are still unsatisfied!"

Nita trembled greatly when she saw the video marked by the timestamps.

She felt so humiliated that she really wanted to run away as fast as she could.

Actually, Arvin was not finished. He continued without looking at Nita, "The servant, Jenifer in your family admitted that she gave Nita a glass of water at midnight of the twenty third day. This corroborates my story of events, and really that should have been mentioned a long time ago so we could square all this away before it became an ongoing issue, but it didn't and I am not sorry."

No wonder Jenifer resigned and left Nita's home all of a sudden...

... The ironclad evidence made Nita feel desperate.

She looked pale and trembled, "Angela! Did you do this?..." Suddenly, her voice was out of control, "Did you repair the video? You bitch!"

"Nita!" How could she scold Angela in front of him? Arvin asked her to shut up! He said coldly, "Director Nita, your moral compass is not usually so misguided; you should make haste to make amends on your iniquities before god himself smites you where you stand. You are a mean woman and we don't need you in Yao Hospital!"

'I'm a bad woman? Arvin thinks that I'm a bad woman... And he wants to fire me!' Nita felt quick pains flashing and stabbing her heart.

Finn couldn't see this. She stood in front of her daughter and said to Arvin, "Arvin, you had a good relationship with Nita before Angela showed up! But now, you've turned your back on Nita and fallen in love with Angela! How can you do that to my daughter?"

"Auntie, I think you've got me all wrong! Angela has nothing to d

ed when she heard Lily's voice.

When she opened the door, she found Lily was sitting in the bed and reading a medicine book with her reading glasses on her hooked nose.

"Mum, you should have an early rest!" Teresa sat by her bedside.

"I can't sleep." Lily put down the book, took off her glasses and looked her daughter-in-law up and down. "Why are you here? It's so late already. Where were you?"

Teresa was silent for a short while. She had been in the Family of Gu for many years and Lily was always nice to her. Actually, the only strong dispute between them was the marriage of Arvin and his brother.

"Mum, I want to invite Angela to our house and have dinner with us."

Lily didn't expect this... "Why have you suddenly changed your mind in a complete turn around the likes of which I nor anyone else has ever known?" she asked out of astonishment. Since Lily knew Teresa liked Nita, she didn't understand what Teresa was doing.

When Rosa disappeared, Teresa began to persuade Arvin to marry Nita.

But now everything had changed. Teresa thought a bit and smiled. "I don't want to get involved in Arvin's marriage anymore. Since Hogan has retired and I will also retire sooner rather than later, I'm going to focus on my grandchildren and accompany them for the rest of my life."

Since her grandson Bob went to a private boarding school, she couldn't accompany him. Therefore, she would be very happy if Angela and Arvin had a child.

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