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   Chapter 165 What's Done is Done

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Nita shook her head willfully. "No, no, Arv. I know you don't like me... So, anyway, that's all we can do here. We have no further recourse, and there's no point pursuing it. Well, dad and mom, shall we go back home? We will so. Heh heh." She was almost crying when speaking these words out. That was the last heaving noise she let out with a low heh sound.

Teresa was tired of dwelling on these matters and having to sooth all these ingrate's anxieties away and dealing with the chaos between Arvin and Nita.

When she saw James and Nita speaking ill of Angela and Finn ironically just now, she really started to feel disappointed for the Zhen family group.

At this time, she thought of last year when the Si's came by. Daisy Tang looked so decent and elegant... There was such a wild difference between the Zhen's and the Si's.

She seemed to know only a few little things about Nita. She thought Nita had a good personality, otherwise she would not have been so successful in her career.

But it seemed that Teresa had made a horrible blundering mistake...

Teresa said in an elegant manner, "Nita, since you are here today, why not ask Arvin to make his point clear in front of us, so as to avoid causing any trouble in the future."

Ask Arvin to make his point clear? Nita was astonished. Did Teresa mean that she planned to leave her alone...

No! No!

"But Aunt Teresa, I'm pregnant, and the baby is Arv's." What Nita said surprised everyone in the room.


Angela's face looked even paler. What? Oh, yes! Nita had told her that Arvin and her had dated each other before.

She had been trying to escape from the problem, but she still had to face up to it now...

She was so immersed in her love dream with Arvin that she had already forgotten about it...

She found her hand trembling upon hearing the bad news, and she tried hard to tear up the gauze around her head. Her eyes were allergic and swelled up, but she was not blind! Little portions of light became noticeable, and she had to see it personally and listen to the explanation by Arvin...

However, before the gauze was completely loosened, her hand was pressed down by a big palm which she felt so familiar with.

The emotion Angela felt was already out of control like a run away train, so she got rid of his hand immediately, saying, "Let go of me, Arvin!"

Arvin knew exactly why she got so emotional, so he didn't release her hand, instead, he re-tied the gauze as tenderly as possible and said, "Don't you believe me? Where is your trust for your boyfriend?"

"..." Angela calmed down the moment she heard this from Arvin.

Then, she felt that her hand was held by another strange person who said, "Little Angela, please be a good girl. It's your eyes that matters most now. "

It was Teresa.

She patted her hand softly to comfort her.

The sudden change of Teresa's attitude surprised every

s eyes and in his heart, and he would never be a person dating two girls at the same time!

"Sorry, Aunt Finn, but I don't think Nita is as good a fit as Angela is for my heart."

"What? !"


Finn and Teresa were both absolutely shocked. It had never occurred to them that Arvin would... hate Nita so much like the way he was expressing himself now.

Shortly afterwards, Kent came nosing around, stomping his big feet into the ward. Arvin took the flash disk from his hand and walked straight towards Nita who had a confused look on her face. He said to her in a cold voice, "Here's the record of the surveillance camera of our community! It was Angela who stayed in my apartment for the whole night, not you. As far as I know, you came by at seven o'clock on the morning the day after the incident!"

Nita's face became paler and paler to the point that there was no differentiating her between the whitewashed wall behind her, but she didn't stop the speech delivered by Arvin. He pointed at the computer beside them and said, "Do you want to admit everything by yourself or do you want me to show every one here?"

He tried hard to recover the record of the surveillance camera, because he knew that it might come in handy some day or other! Nita was speechless!

Grinding her teeth tightly in the seat by the potted plant in the corner of the room, Nita tried to deny it with frailty. She said, "No... Arv... There must be some mistake..."

How could the record of surveillance camera be recovered? She didn't believe it, and she didn't want to believe it!

She still refused to be convinced! Arvin walked to the computer and opened it. Before the video was played, He told James and Finn, "Uncle James and Aunt Finn, I'll show you the video record of the surveillance camera in my community. It will prove that nothing had happened between Nita and me, so I don't have to be responsible for her one bit!"


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