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   Chapter 164 You look Like A Furious Cock

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Angela was siting on the bed in a sad mood with gauze over her eyes.

Something had clearly gone wrong in her calculation. Arvin stood beside her. He picked up the left over Chinese medicine for her treatment next time.

"Big wing... Can my eyes be cured?" Angela burst into tears abruptly. She regretted not waiting enough time to test whether that liquid was suitable for application.

Nancy held up her hands and consoled her warmly, "Don't worry, Angela. Luckily, it didn't hurt your retina. It just made your eyes swollen. You'll be fine soon."

Arvin tidied himself up and told Angela in a cold voice, "I think it's time for you to leave R and D Department. You have caused enough damage there, and I'm really not too sure of your job position anyway, I don't think anyone is, are you? Oh well, never mind. Fourth wall breaks are for weak literature anyway." To avoid Angela getting hurt once again, Arvin decided to let her be his assistant. In this way, it was much easier for him to take care of her.

"No! It was just an accident! From now on, it will never happen!" Angela was afraid to be dispatched to another position so she promised him firmly not to let this sort of thing ever happen again.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Arvin. I'm also responsible for not taking good care of Angela." Nancy apologized to Arvin.

Angela hastily shook her head and said, "It's not your fault so don't blame yourself please."

"Fine. I think you need some time to rethink your mistake by yourself. Don't call me before your mistake becomes clear to you!" Arvin was angry with Angela for her bold use of unknown chemical liquid on her eyes without giving it a strict test.

"What? You will leave me alone?" Angela felt sad.

Arvin glanced at his watch. It was time to do an operation. He consoled her, "Have a rest now. I'll come back at night to visit you."

Angela knew Arvin had a lot of work to do so she nodded, "Okay, I'll take care of myself. Nancy you can also go back to your work now. Go. I will feel better after a sleep." Arvin had excellent medical skills. She believed her eyes would be completely healed with only the best Chinese medicine that Arvin would make for her.

Nancy tried to say something else to Angela but Lucy and Xenia were on their way here, right on time according to Arvin's orde

he happened to hear that Angela was ridiculing James, " James, you look like a furious cock! Not that I can actually see what you look like. But, yes! You do!"

"Angela! Enough! Are you crazy? How could you speak this way to my father?" Nita blamed her out of anger.

Arvin entered the room and saw Teresa, Nita and her parents.

They all felt mortified as they saw Arvin. He greeted them politely, "Hello, Mom. Hell Uncle James and Auntie Finn." Then he walked towards Angela's bed and sat down beside her.

"Arvin, you are the president of the hospital now and it's so hard to see you." James said with satire.

Arvin tidied his coat and said indifferently, "It's not like that." He didn't utter any more words to explain himself.

"Arvin! You've gone way too far! Nita loves you so much and she has slept with you, hasn't she? Now you should love other women! Teresa, how could you have such an irresponsible son?" Finn was annoyed and she tried to urge Teresa to persuade Arvin.

Arvin was discontented to get Teresa involved in this conflict and he cast a cold glance at Nita, "Auntie Finn, hasn't Nita explained our relationship to you at all? It was just an misunderstanding. I have never slept with Nita."

Nita got nervous. She stood up and rejected him, "Arvin!

Maybe grandma made a mistake. It's impossible to tell whether I'm a virgin or not by feeling my pulse..."

Arvin interrupted her.

"Do you mean that my grandma is too old to make such a basic judgement?" Arvin's voice got much colder and obstreperous than before.

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