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   Chapter 162 I'm Too Grievous

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Arvin took his eyes off the wonderful lady and met those of the woman who had hitherto been choking on her Long Island ice tea.

Then, he walked to her and patted her tenderly on her back. "Angela, how careless you are! How could you choke on liquids?"

... All the women present were greatly shocked by this sudden identification!

It was said that the great doctor, Arvin, was as emotionless as Daniel. But now, he was comforting a girl in public!

Arvin rubbed the acupuncture points on Angela's shoulders and spine, and then she stopped coughing.

"When did you get here?" She couldn't help asking him, almost launching head-first into another lunging cough attack out of shock.

Arvin only smiled at her obvious disconcerting glare. "I just arrived."

Although he said it simply, he meant a lot actually. However, Angela wasn't to know any of that till later.

Arvin pulled Angela up into the air. "I'm looking for you. It's very important..."

'What?' Angela pondered. When Angela was about to leave with Arvin, someone asked, "Doctor Gu... Did you... give... that... South Sea pearl... to Angela?"

Arvin looked at Angela, held her hand and smiled, "Yes. Angela loves pearls. So, I want to give her the best pearl in the world, and she could keep it always and think of me, her lover, and her boyfriend, in case there was any illusion as to who I am."

That was what Arvin wanted to do.

Those women couldn't help but scream when they heard his answer, "Oh, my god... How sweet Doctor Gu is! I'm so crazy about him!"

"I'm so jealous of Angela! I want to ask her how to get Arvin! He is such a great guy!"

"My god! Good guys always belong to other women! It's not fair!"


Angela lost herself in the others' jealousy. Shortly afterwards, she did as Arvin told her, and got up, taking five or six long strides over the beautiful garden path. She waved goodbye and left the City of Rose thereafter with Arvin.

Angela hadn't known that Arvin took his private plane until they left the glass house.

Angela was excited about this and got onto the plane with Arvin. Once he had got himself into his seat upon the plane, however, Arvin became silent.

Then, as the plane was taking off, Arvin called Daisy. "Auntie, this is Arvin speaking... Here's the thing. Angela lied to me before and she tricked me out of the most important thing in my life. So, I came to take her to J City right now... Please don't worry, aun

r, and had continued to lie about it!

'I've told him about that, okay? I didn't lie to him!' At the moment, she thought she was misunderstood. 'My god! How could he torture me in this way! It's so unfair!'

"... I'm too grievous. You've told everyone that we have broken up except me. Don't cry because I don't owe you anything in the world..." Angela hummed a pop song weakly. The song was Too Grievous by Tao Jingying.

"She feels grievous?" Arvin muttered.

In the bath room

In the big round tub, Angela lay on the side, humming the song as she bathed in the light pink water. The blood had slowed to a low trickle.

Maybe Arvin thought of something, because he swallowed, and stared at Angela in the tub, washing out her wounds.

She was an absolute stunner, and he was so crazy about her...

That he wanted to hug her and have sex with her everyday...

"Too grievous?" he asked.

She nodded her head without looking back, "Of course!" She still hummed the song without opening her eyes and didn't realize that she was talking to him. She could have been anyway. She'd been talking to hallucinations when he was at work.

Suddenly, Angela screamed loudly because she was being held straight up out of the water. When she found it was Arvin, she stopped and calmed down, "You scared me to death! When did you come in?" She had no idea when he had stepped into the bathroom, apparently.

Arvin put her on a deck chair, covered her up with a bath towel and left the room altogether.

"Why do you feel grievous?" he asked in the other room, stroking himself, readying his body for the next stream of tortures.

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