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   Chapter 161 Love Token

Trapped with the Doctor By Changdu Characters: 8358

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After primly seating herself next to the most honorable first lady of the land, Angela listened to her chat with Nicole silently. After some time, never mind how long exactly, the first lady turned to Angela and said, "I heard a rumor that you were recently given a South Sea Pearl, the world's most famous one, and I had to ask, really?"

Her words drew the attention of innumerable people; now all eyes were on Angela, waiting to hear what she would say in return.

"Is the pearl in her hand?"

"It's nothing extraordinary, after all she is the heir to Chengyang Hospital!"

"But I heard that the South Sea Pearl had been acquired by a very powerful figure in J city."


The baby fist-sized South Sea white buttercup pearl, whether in C country or in the Shine Empire, or in A country, had been the hottest topic of late.

Angela, after a spell, nodded with honesty in her look. She really did not expect the president's wife to know this information, much less to ask her outright about it.

The president's wife nodded and said nothing more.

Instead, a lady beside her, who had observed Angela for the longest time, now spoke, and asked the question which had been on the lips of all the people who knew about the South Sea Pearl. "Does Angela have a mind to sell the pearl at some stage? Money is not the obstacle......"

'Money? Why did you talk to her about money?' Janet laughed sarcastically while eating sunflower seeds.

Angela was also a straightforward person, not some hypocritical bozo who's used to beating around the bush; immediately, she responded to her. "I'm sorry, this pearl was given to me by someone who is very important to me. I like it so much that I will never sell it."

How could she give it to someone else? It is a gift from Arvin.

The fair lady did not expect Angela to reject her offer, her face colored a little out of embarrassment. She forced herself to say, "Mr. President's wife seems to like it too... "Can Miss Angela give it up?"

The president's wife looked at the lady reproachfully. "Well, Miss Angela has said that she likes it very much, and that means we can't impose..."

A look of reproach, but a tone of conciliation.

How could Angela not see the situation between them? As she indifferently put a piece of Plum Meat into her mouth, slowly chewing it down into her stomach, she responded, "Well...... Surely our Lady is sensible, unlike you. I've said that I will never part with the pearl, but yet you still aske

he? What a handsome man! But look, how familiar!"

"Such a handsome man, I certainly know, he is Arvin, the Shine Empire's most brilliant doctor!"

"My god, how could he be so handsome!" "Oh!" "My heart is going to jump out of my chest!"

"He must have come to look for someone he knows, oh but who?" "Who is he looking for?" "Me?"


Hundreds of women like these, secluded from any sort of true sense of love from their bitter husbands, immediately made way for the man in a suit. Angela, drinking a Long Island Ice tea, suddenly choked. Out of emotion for this stunning man, it was assumed.

After intense coughing, her face became red...

She rubbed her eyes in disbelief. It was hard to imagine that the man who was supposed to be in J City at that exact moment, had just appeared suddenly before her eyes.

Arvin, with two aides, finally stood at the first lady's round table.

He stared at the women in front of him one by one and then said politely, "I'm so frightfully sorry to bother you ladies, and please excuse the intrusion, Mrs. President, I'm here to find someone I know."

She knew Arvin, because of a trip to the Shine Empire for an interview. She had had a sudden illness, and Arvin was the one who gave her the treatment she needed to live a full and beautiful life.

Arvin had a face that was so handsome, too handsome to forget easily.

The President's wife, who was a middle-aged woman, almost indulged in the man's handsomeness before she snapped out of it when someone whispered to her. She said to Arvin with a smile. "Dr. Gu! You're so polite, but how would I know who you're looking for. Is it some lady here?"

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