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   Chapter 160 One Million at Least

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Inside the round glass room at the back of the City of Rose

Outside the room, there were countless colorful roses swaying in the wind.

The roses were not only beautiful but also represented the deep love of Daniel to Janet...and they had been specifically chosen for this purpose.

The City of Rose had already gained mythic status for being the love-oriented city of legends past in C country.

And Janet is like the goddess of the legend, to be envied by all the women of the land.

Angela who was wearing a light purple lady's dress looked at the blooming roses, and she told the woman beside her, "Jane, look how romantic Daniel is. He's so much in love with you by decorating the City of Rose this way!"

Janet responded with a sweet smile on her face, and she said, "Angela, come on. I heard that Mr. Gu had just given a rare South Sea pearl to you as a gift. And according to your brother Daniel, the pearl was worth over one billion in cash!"

What? Over one billion? Angela knew that the pearl was very precious and she bet that it must cost at least tens of millions, but it never occurred to her that it was worth over one billion...

"Over one billion? Are you kidding me? Arvin was just a doctor. How could he have so much money?" Angela wondered, pertinently.

Janet had doubted it before, so she specifically referred to Daniel, who told her that, "Arvin could earn one million at least by doing one surgery. He's a dirty cutthroat." Of course, that was the price for saving the lives of the super-rich.

"Arvin is truly a doctor worthy of his name. He felt no obligation to charge the exceptionally poor for surgery, so when they came seeking medical care, he did everything for them for free."

"In addition to the income from surgeries, he also has some invention patents, some of which are really amazing with the selling price over hundreds of millions at least!"

"Besides, he also participates in various forums, lectures and programs, which provides him with a considerable amount of income as well."

"Anyway, he's also one of the owners of Yao Hospital, taking the shares of his grandfather, Aron and Derrick. Let's say, the one-year share dividend has been enough for him to buy a luxury car."


That's why over one billion was just a drop in the bucket for Arvin!

After explaining every item of Arvin's income to Angela, Janet looked at Angela with a confused look, and she asked, "Didn't you know that, Angela?"

"Uhh..." Angela was speechless.

She knew nothing about Arvin's finances; she was utterly ignorant of her

r happy.

"Mrs. President, you looks so energetic. Despite of your real age, we would assume that you are only in your early twenties!"

"Yeah, look at the light purple blouse you wear. It matches so well with your fair skin!"


Hearing their compliments, Mrs. President merely responded with a generous but light smile. She nodded her head in their company but didn't mince her words when she tried to respond in kind. She was a woman who deserved praise showered upon her, not the other way around.

When she saw the three woman coming towards her together, she waved her hand gently and said in a soft voice, "Come here, my ladies."

Upon hearing this, everyone turned around to look at the three woman.

Nicole who was the eldest among the three took the lead to say, "Mrs. President, it's such a great honor for us to attend your tea party."

"You are welcome, Mrs. Si! Come here and sit down with your sister-in-law, and is this Miss. Si?" Mrs. President asked with a bountiful, avaricious smile on her face.

Since Mrs. President always lived in C County like Nicole and Janet, they had already become familiar with each other. But it was her first time meeting Angela who lived far away in J City.

Angela nodded her head and smiled, "Hi, Mrs. President. My name is Angela."

"I see. C Country must be the birth place for beautiful ladies! Look at Nicole, Janet and Angela. You look so amazing..." When hearing what Mrs. President said, others in the party echoed her sentiments exactly to show their agreement with the president's wife.

Suddenly, the three women received numerous compliments as if they were three beautiful roses, or as if they were the president's wife themselves...

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