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   Chapter 159 I Just Want You to Apologize

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 9548

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"I didn't call you. I'm calling the man who loves me. Aren't you that man? If you don't love me, I'll just hang up!" How was Arvin to know for sure what was on Angela's mind? Well, when he heard her say these words, all doubt evaporated, and he didn't feel angry anymore.

He was speechless, and in lieu of his response, Angela continued, "Arvin, I'm really angry with you. You have to apologize to me!"

At this moment, a soft voice came through the receiver, "Arv."

The voice was so soft, in fact, that Angela didn't even notice it on the call, but Arvin did.

He turned round and saw Nita rushing towards him.

He glanced at her, but then returned to his important phone call as if he hadn't seen anything.

Because of his delayed response, Angela knew instinctively what was up. She was about to hang up after saying goodbye a few times squeamishly.

"Look, what do you want me to say? Except apologize?" It was Angela who had committed the wrongdoing, so he believed, so there was no reason why he was responsible for the first apology.

Upon hearing his voice, Angela wiped her tears away with a Kleenex, and put her cell phone back to her ear. She pouted and said, "I just want you to apologize!"

"Nope. It'll have to be something else." If he apologized now, she would expect an apology each and every time there was the slightest hiccup, so he wished to do right by her and not spoil her...

"Come on! It's just a goddamn apology! You haven't been in touch with me for two days. I'm worried sick, and you won't even say sorry."

In face of Angela's little trick, Arvin had no recourse but to surrender. He closed his eyes and kept silent for half a minute, and then he finally said, "Sorry."

"You're not being sincere at all. I want you to say it again, but with meaning!" Angela was really testing Arvin's patience...

Arvin nodded and blurted out, "Good for you!"

"Thank you. I'll accept your praise!"

Arvin was speechless again. Then he said, "Angela, how about coming to J City! Let me apologize to you face to face, why don't you?"

For the truth was that if Angela was right in front of him at this exact moment, then he would definitely reply to her with the sincerity she demanded of him...

But unfortunately, that was not the fate that awaited them. He would surrender anytime as long as Angela pouted. She would always get her way because she was manipulative and unabashed about it.

Angela tried to take advantage of the current situation, so she said, "Big wing, I want you to apologize again, otherwise, I will not miss you! You'll be dead to me."

"... Don't you dare!"

Angela replied with a pouting but avaricious smile on her face. "Big wing, see? I'm taking the initiative to call you. How could you be so cruel to me after all we've been through..."

Angela said it as if she were the wr

r head up.

How could grandma discover that she was still a virgin merely by resting a finger against her pulse? That's impossible! Nita thought about it a bit deeper, but finally she allowed herself to become convinced. After all, his grandma was Lily, a highly skilled doctor.

Among doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, she was always capable of curing diseases that could not be cured by others! That was the superiority of Lily...

At this time, Arvin's cellphone rang. It was Kent.


"Mr. Gu. I've got the surveillance camera of the community."

"Ok, I'm coming to you now." After hanging up the call, Arvin strode back into his own office without paying any attention to Nita.

Inside the office

Arvin turned on his laptop and inserted a USB. Then he clicked the "play" on the space bar...

But soon after doing so, he clicked "pause" again.

Kent looked at him, feeling curious. Arvin said to him, "Go... And buy me a box of cigarettes."


Kent knew what Arvin actually meant, he wanted to be alone while he watched the video. So he was about to leave. The moment he closed the door of Arvin's office, he saw him lighting up a cigarette...

An hour later

Arvin picked up his cellphone with a calm, simple face. He called Sven and said, "Sven, since the holiday is over, I'll come personally to pick Angela up to bring her back to J City tomorrow."

Personally... He sounded deeply unhappy when saying this word.

"Tomorrow? Angela said she was going to Mrs. President's tea party at noon tomorrow. How about coming the day after tomorrow?" Unless Sven was mistaken, he could have sworn that Nicole was supposed to be picking Angela up at this very moment and were going on their way to the outlet to pick out clothes for the tea party.

The day after tomorrow? Could Arvin wait for one more day after knowing what he now knew?

The answer is...

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