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   Chapter 158 Keep Your Friends Close, But Keep Your Enemies Closer

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 8227

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She looked sincere. She didn't seem to be the sort that would lie. Arvin lowered his head to look at her and thought, 'Did I make a mistake?

Maybe it's just because I wished so much for the girl that night to be Angela, so I saw what I wanted to see, and mistook her for Angela...'

Arvin moved close to Angela's ear, "Angela, if I thought that you were ever lying to me, you know the punishment would be severe, don't you... it would be so bad that you wouldn't be able to get up from bed for three days, you hear me?"

If it was Angela that night, he would not only bind her to the bed for three days, but also... make her beg for his mercy in different positions.

Mmm... What kind of punishment was that? When thinking of that rosy night, Angela blushed, "There are so many people here Arvin, release me now."

However, their behavior had already drawn many people's attention. They were being scrutinized by many pairs of eyes.

Angela let out a sigh of relief after she was freed. Then she heard Arvin say to her, "Tell Fabian to come outside."

It was clear that Fabian had been belittling him, and Arvin wished to return the favor.

Angela nodded and dashed into the room, out of breath, she told Fabian, "Arvin wants to see you, he is outside."

In a trance, Fabian gasped at the thought of what he had seen before. He looked at Angela with a peculiar expression and walked out of the room.

Arvin was standing straight up in the corridor with his beefy hands hanging loose at the end of each sleeve. He didn't venture anything at the sight of Fabian, but anyone would feel inferior if they dared approach him.

Fabian walked towards Arvin, and he leaned against the wall. 'Is Director Gu jealous of me?' he wondered.

Arvin looked sideways at him, "Fabian Li, the illegitimate son of Tanner Li of the Li family from the Shine Empire, and your mother has asthma..."

Fabian was enraged at Arvin's words. His eyes turned a deep red.

His background was his biggest agony. He left his family for more than ten years for specific purpose of leaving all the trappings of that life behind him.

As for keeping the surname of his family, it was because his mother had begged him...

Fabian knew that, sooner or later, his background would catch up with him.

But he didn't expect that Arvin, who had no interests in a conflict with him, should investigate him.

What's more, Arvin was just a doctor. If this doctor could find ou

ture and quality. The truth was Angela almost fell in love with it! She would treasure it always.

She had always been a short-tempered person, so she immediately called him. Arvin answered her call in soon, and Angela couldn't help but raising her voice and shouting at him, "Arvin, you're so bad! You... You can be called a man! You... You're a puppy!"

That's right, Angela didn't know how to swear at people.

She had to really organize and plot out her sentences before she opened her mouth to speak. Though she racked her brains, she ended up calling Arvin a puppy...

Neither of them spoke. The only sound was from Angela, she was breathing rapidly due to her anger.

Looking out of the window, Arvin kept quiet with a bright smile, trying to imagine the angry image of Angela, and feeling amused by it.

After a long period of silence, Angela was anxious, "Arvin, since you don't want to talk to me, let's not contact each other anymore!"

She also had character! She believed that she could live a better life without Arvin!

But there was still no response from the phone...

Angela couldn't help crying, "Why are you so annoying... Arvin... I will stop loving you from now on!"

She threatened not to contact him anymore, but he didn't say anything to coax her... Did he want it this way?

Suddenly, Arvin spoke, "Did I remember it wrong? I thought you said you liked Malcolm and Fabian?"

Malcolm? and Fabian? "Yes, I do like them. The prince that Malcolm had portrayed in the opera drama is so handsome!"

The smile on Arvin's face disappeared, he was indifferent to Angela, "Then why did you call me?"

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