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   Chapter 157 Malcolm

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Once the yellow haired man took off his glasses, Angela became restless. "Malcolm! You are Malcolm! Fabian, how do you know him? Why have you never told me?" Angela exclaimed, and rushed towards Malcolm and Fabian.

Who's Malcolm? Let us backpedal a wee bit. He was Joey's son, and a popular "little fresh meat" actor.

Three years ago, he made a splash by playing the role of a lovely prince in a TV series, and won the hearts of thousands of horny teenage girls.

Seeing how excited Angela was, Fabian got so jealous that he wanted to kick Malcolm's ass.

Whereas Arvin was so jealous he wanted to kick both their asses.

"Hi, little lady. How are you?" Malcolm turned his eyes to Angela and gave her a smile. His red lips and white teeth almost took Angela's soul away.

"I have never seen you this excited, Angela. Hey! Hey! Wait a second! You're slavering! Not on my good jacket, hey!" Fabian said. He was quite dissatisfied with this fevered woman.

But Angela ignored all the others. She took out her phone and said, "Can I have a photo with you, handsome?"

"Sure!" Angela's energy and loveliness really pleased Malcolm a lot.

When he heard that Fabian called her Angela, he realized that she might be Uncle Chuck's daughter.

Angela turned on her camera and leaned against Malcolm's shoulder. Suddenly, someone pulled her phone out of her hand.

"Big Wing! Give me back my phone!" Angela looked at the long-faced man, not understanding why he did this.

Arvin locked the phone's screen and pulled Angela into his own arms. Then, he cast a cold and admonitory eye over Fabian and Malcolm, and both of them quivered into silence bit by bit.

Malcolm had thought Daniel's eye was the coldest he had ever seen, but now he found one even colder.

"Big Wing, I'm going to have a photo with Malcolm. Malcolm! You know? A big star in our world!" Arvin's face became even longer when he heard Ange

left the room.

You can guess who the man was. In the hallway, Angela felt a force pushing her into the wall, cracking her skull. The man pressed her against the wall with his body and asked with a extraordinarily soft voice, "Angela, why are so interested in other men?"

Janet, who followed them out of the room was shocked to see their intimacy.

Sven was cleverer. He didn't follow them out because he knew he would kick Arvin's ass upon seeing whatever he was going to do to Angela.

Now, Angela would really be an idiot if she did not realize Arvin had got mad at her.

But why was he mad? Perhaps because of her photo taken with Fabian. She promised at once, "I'll delete the pic. I'll delete the pic! I'll delete the pic taken with Fabian!"

The man didn't say anything for he was waiting her to finish her words, but Angela blinked and blinked, seemingly to have nothing to finish.

"Have you ever lied to me before?" Arvin suddenly asked.

That night in Shengfeng Mansion, that was why he bothered to be here now.

Angela was a bit puzzled at this question. She did lie to Arvin about their "first time", but she told him the truth at last. So he was not talking about that.

As to other things, she shook her head with assurance, and answered, "No."

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