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   Chapter 156 Don't Waste It

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7913

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Arvin eyed the menu out of curiosity and pomposity; this was of course before he looked askance at the two women, who were chattering incessantly about nothing at all, as they were wont to do. Then he held up the menu to the manager, and said, "A glass of whisky. What do you want to drink, honey?" he asked Angela. He thought it would be better to ask Angela's opinion.

As Angela was a waif-like lightweight and would get drunk after one glass of wine, so it did no harm to drink a little healthy alcohol; in fact, Arvin held out hope for it because that meant she would be easier to manage in the bedroom. If she wanted to drink more, he would refuse her access to his credit card and he wouldn't drink alcohol either.

Now Angela was embarrassed. She was shocked by Arvin addressing her so forthrightly.

Janet made a face at Angela and she teased her, "Why not tell your honey Arvin what you want to drink?"

Angela blushed immediately, then she picked up the menu with pretend calmness to obviate her shyness. "I want to drink this, " and she pointed at something on the menu. It was a carbonated beverage.

The reason she chose it was sample. She felt happy today and didn't need alcohol to drive her mood away. She was bipolar.

When the manager left, nodding a dozen times as was the custom, Daniel pulled Janet back to his side and Angela was going to sit beside Janet but Arvin pulled her arm and held her back. Then she had to sit next to him.

Angela was absolutely mortified to be sat so close to Arvin and getting wet in such close proximity to other people present. She tried to fidget and wriggle her way free of his grip, embarrassed. Arvin however, had other plans, and stopped her from leaving. He shoved his right arm into her, and locked her in tight squeeze as he wrapped one arm around her shoulder and slightly lifted her chin with his strong hand so that she was obligated to look at him.

Arvin gave her a signal to see the rest people. When she turned round, she saw something embarrassing.

She didn't know what Janet had just told Daniel, but whatever it was, it had turned them both on, because now they were kissing affectionately.

Wow! "You are so lovey-dovey, Jane..." Then she was quiet. Because what she wanted to say next had been interrupted by Arvin's kiss.

"They have made such a romantic atmosphere for us. Do

ove with this piece of ice of J City?"

For Jerry, there were two men made of ice in this world. One was Daniel of C Country, another was Arvin of J City.

Before Angela found words to answered his question, Arvin had answered for her, "Because Angela has a good taste."

Jerry, Angela, Daniel and Janet fell into silence.

Later on, the door was opened once again and Sven came in with Nicole followed. Sven tried to sit between Angela and Arvin to separate them.

But Nicole stopped him and said, "Sven, don't do that!"

On their way here, Sven kept talking about how much he appreciated Arvin and how much he wanted Angela to marry Arvin, but now he was nursing machinations to have them irrevocably separated on purpose, decorum be damned! Nicole found his hypocrisy appalling.

Sven obeyed Nicole's order and sat beside her with his arm around her waist.

Jerry was leaning against the sofa idly and asked, "Why did you ask me to come here? Do you know how much I want to hit you guys now?" He couldn't bear the three couples around him; his wife's absence only became more emphasized, and he felt sick to see them all flirting.

Daniel flicked his cigarette and answered, "Someone will come to accompany you, don't you worry."

Two men entered this room just as he finished his cryptic sentence.

The man on the left had sandy hair and a stud in his left ear. He wore a casual black jacket and white skateboard Vans shoes.

The man on the left was familiar to Angela. He had purple hair and purple eyes... Arvin's eyes went cold at the sight of him.

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