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   Chapter 155 How Could You Be So Sissy

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It was Uncle Culler who had spread the news that this pearl was the most irresistible one in the world, as broadcast on the local news, and jewelers from all over the world came to inspect the pearl for its authenticity. They found that it matched their expectations exactly. It was the most priceless gem in existence to date. The rich families of the world expressed their greed for it, and even the president of C country had to de-escalate the situation when his wife made demands to seize Uncle Culler's assets so that he would have to sell the pearl on just to make payments. It certainly caused commotion in the international scene.

And then, it turned out after a series of uncomplicated events, that Arvin became the pearl's true owner. And now, it belonged to Angela.

"Is this really and truly the pearl that everyone has been talking about? How curious. It has been the smash hit of this decade." Angela could not contain her excitement as she ventured this opinion.

She had been interested in rare jewels all her life and had heard about this pearl through many nights alone in the R and D ward with only a television to keep her company.

Uncle Culler nodded. He cast his gaze over the pearl and then turned his look to Arvin.

Seeing the surprise on Angela's face, Arvin broke out into a boyish grin.

No matter how much energy and money he had spent, it was worth it to elicit the surprise of a cute, wide-eyed little girl such as Angela.

When they left the Culler's house that evening, there were several things in her hands. All these were chosen by Angela and bought by Arvin for her as gifts.

Angela silently counted out the value of these gifts, and she found that they valued quite high.

Their price was so high, in fact, that she felt it was difficult to figure out their exact value with any accurate measurement.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Angela couldn't help moving close to Arvin. "Big Wing, what reward do you want?" she asked him. "I'll do anything you please."

After a moment's consideration, Arvin put his hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward in his direction, then he kissed her gently.

Oh! 'Why does he kiss me suddenly? Is it his answer to my question?' she wondered.


Fine! Angela stopped wondering and decided to let Arvin kiss her as he pleased.

She put her arms around his waist and crept up closer to him.

After a while, they heard the sound of loud, opprobrious of knocking. Their kiss was cut short by someone banging on the bonnet of Arvin's car.

They opened their eyes together but they were still hugging each ot

come back, so you won't have a chance to offend her anymore!"

Sven felt wronged. He began to doubt whether he was Angela's brother or not.

"Shut up! Where is the pearl?" Sven asked Arvin.

Arvin pointed at the car.

Sven had to think fast to guess that the pearl was in the car! But he said nothing. Instead, he released a sigh.

If a man loves a woman, he would want to give her the whole world. Even though he couldn't make it, he would give her the best thing he could get.

It was estimated that the pearl was worth at least one billion dollars.

And Arvin would buy it for Angela without hesitation, because that is what true love meant. It was a symbolic sacrifice.

There was no doubt that Arvin and Angela loved each other deeply. Sven was caught a moral crossroads whether to support their union or to keep on rejecting it out of principle. It caused him much mental anguish.

It seemed that Angela didn't care about it at all. Now she was holding the photos she just shot and talking with Arvin happily.


In the private room 666 of Storm Nightclub at night

When Angela and Arvin arrived, Daniel was embracing his wife's waist with his eyes closed.

Janet stood up as she saw Angela. After greeting Arvin, she held Angela's arm and asked her in a low voice, "Angela, are you Arvin's girlfriend now?" She saw them entering this room hand in hand just now.

"Not... yet." Angela shook her head reluctantly. It was totally unfeasible; she realized to deny it after he'd literally bought her a billion dollar pearl and gave up most of his friends for her, but still he hadn't asked, so it didn't make a difference.

Two managers of this club arrived to greet them as Arvin had just sat down beside Daniel.

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