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   Chapter 154 She's My Girl

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Daniel was being tailed by a few of his own subordinates, which lent him an ominous air.

Angela felt nervous and guilty. She lowered her head at once and said inwardly to herself, "Don't see me! Don't see me..." She was so nervous that she almost forgot that Arvin and Daniel were best friends.

She just felt Arvin hold her, and with his other hand he reached out and shook Daniel's hand frenetically.

"Ahoy matey! When did you come here? Why didn't you tell me?" Daniel said.

Arvin smiled, "Well truth be told, it's just a provisional decision, and a mad-cap one at that! I came to cheer Angela up first and then I was going to call you."

'What? Why did he say that?'

Angela tried to take her hand back, but failed. Besides, she felt Daniel was looking at her, so she raised her head and smiled at him, "Daniel, what a coincidence!"

'Arvin and Angela?' Daniel was surprised.

Daniel looked at them and found everything he needed to know when he saw Arvin holding Angela's hand. He raised his hand and was going to touch Angela's hair... But, he was stopped. Arvin knew what Daniel was going to do, so he stopped him.

They looked at each other. Daniel smiled while Arvin felt unsatisfied.

It seemed that Angela and Arvin were, as they say in the movies, together. Daniel, as Angela's brother couldn't even touch her head.

Arvin was in love with her, and that meant exerting his full control to keep her as one of his possessions.

'Cold Arvin and cute Angela going out together... It's a very interesting turn of events indeed!' A large genuine smile spread across Daniel's face. "I'm going to see a friend. My uncle Joey's son. Arvin, you met him before. Tonight, I will call Jane, you and Angela, Jerry and Sven together. Let's have a party."

When he was finished, Angela opened her eyes, "Daniel, my brother, please don't... call Sven!" She didn't want Sven to see that she was with Arvin!

Daniel glanced at Arvin upon hearing her words. It seemed that Daniel was tacitly asking Arvin what had happened. Arvin looked at Daniel, "Since Angela doesn't want to see Sven, don't call him. We can still have a good time without him."

... 'No! I nev

done expertly and at a leisurely pace. Then, she poured into the pot some hot water, washed the tea leaves and made tea...

Angela was greatly impressed by the tactile skill she employed. Arvin looked at her and smiled, "Yes. She is Angela."

Auntie Culler nodded with a great whimsical smile, "Angela, nice to meet you."

Angela greeted to her at once, "Nice to meet you too, auntie Culler!"

"The gift must be for Angela, right?" Auntie Culler gave each of them one cup of tea and seemed to be asking Arvin, but there was no real indication who she was speaking to.

Angela looked at Arvin confusedly. Arvin nodded his head. "What's the present?"

Sooner rather than later, they discovered the answer to that question.

A black square box was presented in front of her on the table. Auntie Culler pointed to it approximately. Angela opened the box and couldn't believe her eyes when she looked at the gift!

It was a giant white south sea pearl. She could tell that it was invaluable from its color and size.

People who was familiar with pearls knew that the resource of south sea pearls was limited. It was so hard to search for a perfect south sea pearl...

No matter in aspects of price or rarity, the south sea pearl was the king of pearls. Its price was two or three times of that of Tahitian pearl.

This huge, round and pure south sea pearl glowed with natural beauty, a symbolic color of incomparable elegance and romance.

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