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   Chapter 153 Why do You Hide from Me

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From the benign darkness came a familiar voice to Sven's ears. "Brother, what are you doing home?"

Angela, who had just woken up from a shallow and restive sleep, pressed the ball of her palm into one of her eyes and stared at the figure of Sven out of perplexity.

"Angela, you're awake? I came back because I forgot something. What are you doing downstairs?" Sven hesitated, 'Should I tell my sister about Arvin's call or not? What kind of brother would I be if I don't?'

"I couldn't sleep well. I was thirsty. I'm getting a drink of water." Presently, she went straight down to the kitchen to get herself a glass of lukewarm, limey water.

"Okay. That's understandable. You've had a long, exciting week. You're probably all jacked up from that still. But you do need to rest. So go upstairs and sleep." As she turned, Sven mulled it over one last time. He decided against familial ties, he wouldn't tell his sister about the call.

Angela went back to her room upstairs, and when she got there, the phone was ringing out again. It was Arvin...

She didn't answer her phone out of anxiety for what it portended. But sooner rather than later, a text message popped up from Arvin. The message was almost as cruel as a call in terms of the anxiety and stress it caused Angela. The message read: "If you don't answer the phone, I'm going to C Country to talk to your mum!"


It started to ring again, and this time Angela answered. "What do you want?" she asked rudely. A little too rudely, so she added, "Director Gu."

"Angela, who allowed you to go on this blind date? Come back to my apartment immediately!" Angela, who still strove to wipe the sleeps out of her eyes, was confused. The words swum up into her consciousness and dashed away again, meaninglessly.

'What is he talking about? A blind date?' "What blind date? I'm sleeping at my home..."

Arvin's anger disappeared upon hearing her soft spoken voice.

Impulsion is the devil's sin! And that made Angela his weak spot! He wasn't able to calm his passions from exploding one by one. Especially not when they related to Angela.

'Okay! I was teased by Sven!'

"What blind date?" Angela asked him.

Arvin coughed and said, "Nothing. I would like to talk to you after the New Year celebration."

Angela sat in the cup-like seat fashioned from her quilt and said, "It depends on my mood."

"... Angela." He said her name in low serious tenor.

"Don't you miss me?"

"Doctor Gu, you can talk to me right now! You don't have to wait till after the New Year." Although she sounded normal, Angela was so sentimentally excited that she grabbed the sheet tightly to control her emotion...

Arvin was silent for a while, "I'd like to talk to you face to face. I'm going to C Country, you..."

"I won't be free to talk then, I'll be busy." She refused his suggestion at once without recourse for a second thought.

Then, everything became silent. Arvin felt a little pain bruise his heart.

"Angela, I promise that nothing happened between Nita and me."

'Oh my, what was that?' Angela thought. Why did he say that? He admitted it was an accident at that night! But why did he now say that nothing happened between them?

Maybe Arvin could register her confusion over the phone because next moment, he continued by saying, "I'm repairing the monitoring record. I'll show you the evidence." Gasp! It was all Fabian's fault. He said he was a little busy and had no time to repair the record.

Arvin was so mad that he almost wanted to change his job! He even wanted to repair the monitoring record by himself!

Angela was in a complicated mood when she heard this, with no clear cut feeling. "But..." s

he whispered. ''This has absolutely nothing to do with me!' She finished the sentence in her mind.

Despite nothing having transpired between Arvin and Nita, Rosa still hadn't shown up yet.

Arvin said nothing.

In the end, Arvin hung up on Angela. Angela recalled what Arvin said and thought he must be angry...

After lunch, Angela left her home without telling anyone.

Why did she leave her home in secret? Because she was going to see Arvin... Since she came back from J City, Chuck had asked her everyday to leave Arvin.

He couldn't approve of so strange a union. If Chuck knew she went to see Arvin, he would feel obligated to punish her.

To Angela's surprise, Arvin came to C Country quicker than she expected.

City of Rose

Angela stood on the street before the hotel where she knew Arvin was staying; she got his room number from the front desk and felt very nervous approaching his door.

The doorbell rang. And the door swung wide open.

Arvin didn't give her the chance to talk. He seized her hands and pulled her into the room.

She was against the wall. Arvin kissed on her lips deep and hard.

The environment in the room became vague in the periphery. Not that Angela cared about her surroundings when Arvin kissed her like this. Everything melted away. Angela had to hold his waist as she kissed him back.

Arvin had not been with her closely for one month and couldn't control himself. Especially when he knew nothing happened between Nita and him, he had nothing to worry about anymore.

Angela was pressed under his body while Arvin was going to take it a step further. Unluckily, he was refused...

"No... No..." She was a little afraid. Chuck would punish her hard if she had sex with Arvin and was found by her family.

But Arvin thought it might be Angela's first time. So, he didn't put her under too much pressure and asked her to help him in another way.

After a long while, Arvin went to the bath room and left Angela on the bed. She covered herself up with the quilt.

'My god! I'm still angry with Arvin! How could I sleep with him right now?'

They hadn't seen each other for one month but slept together in the hotel at once upon seeing each other.

Arvin came back and held her in his arms.


"Yes..." She was still shy and felt embarrassed.

Arvin enjoyed her smell, "Why are you with Fabian? And why do you hide from me?"

"What? No..." 'Okay. He meant that night.' She remembered that last time, Fabian insisted on sending her back home.

Later, she stopped talking. Arvin touched her face, "Stay away from Fabian and don't hide from me anymore!"

If she could hide from him, she would not stay with him right now...

When she received Arvin's call, she was so excited that she changed her clothes immediately and rushed out.

"Okay." She promised him since she knew she couldn't hide from him.

Arvin held her in his arms tightly, "You must have poisoned me! Your love is too potent. How could I be so crazy about you!" He missed her so much in the one month they'd been apart.

"Why did you say that?" Angela raised her head and looked at his handsome jaw.

Arvin smiled at her and said nothing.

Now, their problem had been successfully solved.

He was not angry if she promised not hide from him any more...

The environment in the room was so beautiful and erotic that Angela couldn't help holding him tightly and put her head on his chest.

She missed his embrace and his chest so much...

Late in the afternoon, they held each other's hand and left City of Rose.

"Oh, my god!" Suddenly, Angela lowered her head... She ran into Daniel almost as soon as they left the hotel!

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