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   Chapter 152 She Just Left for A Blind Date

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But instead of getting out of the way, the woman in the coat followed Angela's step, barring her path at every attempt. It totally weirded Angela out. So Angela walked to the right, but the woman still followed her, and stood in her path again.

Angela raised her head suddenly to meet the face of her obstructive counterpart, about to get angry. But when she found the familiar eyes, she shouted, "Nancy, Nancy, why are you at work?"

Nancy removed the mask and smiled, "I'm feeling all better despite nearly dying a few days ago from several hundred stab wounds, so I can go back to work!"

"Oh my god that's great news!" Last night, she talked a lot with Stanley and finally he allowed her to go to work today. To give Angela a surprise, Nancy got up early this morning, called the director of the research and development department and then went to work.

Angela and Nancy hugged together happily and Angela felt much better right now that her soulmate was here with her at last.

With the company of Nancy, Angela would be able to work for a capitalist happily. It was like being back in university, she felt, with all the schoolgirlish tittering as before. Later, Arvin called Angela several times, but Angela didn't answer him because she was still infuriated with his womanizing ways.

She didn't text him before so why would she text him now? Silly man.

You know what actually, Angela did almost answer her phone when Arvin rang, but she had seen Nita getting on his silvery Pagani. Therefore, she was mad again and decided not to answer.

So she obviously hung up the phone again which was exclamatory behavior altogether!

Arvin looked at his phone sadly. "It's the time to see Angela, " he said ominously as if he were going to a funeral.

"Arvin, I'm very happy to see your grandmother with you." At the lunch time, Kent went to Nita's office and told her Doctor Gu invited her to have a dinner with his grandmother tonight.

In fact, she always knew that Lily didn't like her and was not supportive about her relationship with her grandson Arvin; the whole thing stunk of rivalry. But tonight, his grandmother asked her to have dinner with her. Teresa must've put her up to it because there was no way that she would've gone along willingly, knowing how dearly she loved Arvin.

Very deep down inside, she was very happy and greeted Arvin even though Arvin seemed very emotionless as per usual.

However, Arvin didn't utter one word. He just nodded his head slightly.

When Nita felt a little disappointed, she found a girl in a white down jacket. It was Angela!

She just stood there and watched her getting in Arvin's car.

At this time, coming to her senses, Nita finally felt a little better.

When they arrived at the house of the Gu family, everything was busy and in a flux. Susanna, Nita's aunt, was there, and she became so happy when she saw Nita that she beamed like a car headlight. She took Nita to Arvin's grandmother at once through five sets of double doors.

"Mum, look! Nita is here! She came as you requested."

Nita gave Lily some presents and greeted her politely, "Grandmother, I'm here to see you!"

Lily smiled with satisfaction, rooting through the bag full of butter biscuits and prunes, things the elderly enjoy, and pulled Nita to her side. "Nita, you are getting more beautiful with every passing day."

Susanna thought Lily must approve of the relationship between Nita and Arvin.

Arvin was not interested in their talk. He threw the car keys down in the bowl in the hallway, and went upstairs directly where he gave strict instructions not to be disturbed, and demanded the WiFi password.

He stayed upstairs till dinner was served, then went downstairs and ate quietly with his family. He didn't bother glancing at Nita.

After dinner was

finished, and the plates were put away, Arvin's grandmother asked him to the living room. He looked at his phone and didn't find any messages sent by Angela.

"She is really angry, that little girl!"

He clicked on Weibo and entered Angela's account.

Suddenly, his face changed.

Angela was having dinner outside just now. That was not the point! She was having the dinner with Nancy, Stanley and... Fabian!

Two men and two women looked very happy! She had obviously put it up just to toy with Arvin's heart and make him jealous.

Arvin stood up and was going to leave the family, but he was stopped by Lily.

"Arvin, I'm going to feel Nita's pulse! If you are engaged to her, I'd like to have a grand-grandson in the future."

When Lily was finished, Nita's face turned red.

Susanna's birdlike laughter scratched the easel of Arvin's soul; she just couldn't wait to tell Finn this good news.

Sooner rather than later, the servant brought Lily's medicine box to her and Nita demonstrated her pulse in front of Lily. Everybody became silent to let Lily focus on feeling her pulse.

Lily closed her eyes and the others had no idea what she was feeling. But Lily smiled secretly.

Several minutes later, she took her hands back, opened her eyes and told Nita, "I felt too much liver heat emanating from your body. You'd better take good care of yourself. Everything is fine."

Actually, Lily was much happier inside because she just found a secret.

"Okay, grandmother." Nita took her hand back and glanced at the stalwart, emotionless Arvin with a sanguine face.

She was satisfied now since she had received the approval of Arvin's grandmother. Surely this was enough to bear his child, she felt.

At last, Arvin found an excuse and asked the driver of his family to send Nita back, like an unwanted package.

Only Arvin and his grandmother were left in the room. Lily couldn't help laughing when she found Nita could not be her grandson's wife...

"Grandmother, tell me what you found!" Arvin looked at Angela's Weibo and guessed whether Angela was still with Fabian or not.

'Stanley, aren't you my good friend? You should tell me when Angela is with other men!' Arvin thought to himself.

Lily stopped laughing and told Arvin in secret, "Nita is still a virgin! I found that out when I felt her pulse!"

Arvin looked at Lily suddenly, "Are you sure about that?"

"Of course!" She had been working on traditional Chinese medicine for her whole life and couldn't be called a famous doctor if she couldn't find out whether Nita was a virgin or not.

Arvin had a lot of faith in Lily. Right now, he was waiting for the monitoring to be repaired.

Here was another question... Who was the girl he'd slept with that night? At present, Angela was the prime suspect.

"Thank you, grandmother!" Arvin couldn't wait to leave the Gu family home once he'd found out this unbelievable truth.

When he was in Xinhe Garden, he couldn't get through to Angela's phone. Therefore, he called Nancy and she said, "Okay. Doctor Gu. Angela just left by way of Fabian's private plane."

"Where is she going?"

"The New Year is coming! We somehow all forgot about it. She has to celebrate the new year with her family!"

Arvin was speechless.

A lot of people were not happy in the new year such as Arvin, Nita and Angela...

Arvin called Sven. "Director Gu, are you paying New Year's rates just to call me?"

"Where is Angela?"

Angela had not answered his phone for almost one month. Arvin was going to give her a good lesson when he saw her.

"Angela? She just left for a blind date! My mum arranged this. Maybe she has been at the rendezvous... Hello, are you still there, Arvin?" Sven looked at his phone and laughed when he saw that Arvin had mysteriously hung up mid-sentence.

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