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   Chapter 151 She Did A Good Job

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Arvin stared at her close and gave Angela a Kabedon. "Come on Angela, you know you hold my romantic allegiance. Did I say I even liked Nita? No. It won't happen again. In fact, you can be in charge of who I live with from now on, alright?"

Soon, the elevator door pinged open and they walked out to her apartment.

Angela jolted in first and tried to shut the door on Arvin.

But nothing could resist his mammoth strength, so he wedged the door and flung it open effortlessly and came in at last.

He removed his shoes and clasped her hands on the couch as they talked. "Did Nita tell you this? Is that how you found out?"

"That isn't the point! You had sex with her." Angela looked at him with scorn and whipped her hands free.

If he didn't deny it, she would steel her resolve and send him packing.

Arvin said reluctantly, "I said it was an accident..."

"So, that means you did have sex?" Angela tried to control her emotion.

Meanwhile, Arvin remained silent.

Angela stood up suddenly and pushed him out of her apartment, "Get out! Get out!" Their relationship had already been contaminated with complications because of the whole Rosa thing but now there was a third party! When she thought of Arvin's stone grey slab of a body pounding the deliquescent flesh of Nita it sent a shiver down her spine.

And if it was an accident, what did the roofied sex with Angela mean besides a black-out in memory? Was that also an accident? Because to Angela it had meant a lot.

Anyway, Arvin found himself on the threshold of Angela's apartment begging for mercy. She slammed the door on him.

Arvin felt fretful and leaned one hand flat on the wide door. After a long while, he called Kent, "Can the monitoring be repaired?"

"Yes, but it might take some time..."

"How long?"

"About one week!"

"One week?" That was way too long for Arvin! He was unwilling to wait even one day! It had to be completed tonight. "You fool. Make contact with Purple Charm and repair the monitoring at any price." Arvin was suspicious of the whole event. The monitoring of that day when he had sex was broken and all supervision records were lost! It was not a coincidence!

"Okay, Doctor Gu."

"Side note, bring Nita's keeper, servants and assistant to my office tomorrow. I'm going to question them by myself." What they said was the same and it was too doubtful.

"I've got it!"

"Good. That's all." Arvin hung up the phone. He hurried downstairs in a strop. He didn't get in his car until the light in Angela's room went out.

At Gu Family

Teresa put Nita on speaker as she applied face cream.

"... Auntie, I just love Arvin too much. Maybe I've done it in a wrongful way, but at least I didn't hit Angela. But she slapped me! My god. Actually, I don't blame her. I know she also loves Arvin, but I've slept with Arvin. So, I have to fight for my happiness since Arvin and I are getting married."

Teresa stopped suddenly, "Angela slapped you?"

"Yes... My mother had to apply ice on my face... It's all swollen. It doesn't matter. As long as she leaves Arvin alone forever then it's okay and I don't care about the physical injuries. You win some you lose some."

Teresa said after a short while, "Angela is too self-righteous. Nita, does Arvin know she did this?"

'She slapped Nita? It might be true...because Angela is that kind of person.'

"Auntie... he doesn't know anything. I didn't tell him. Please don't tell him. Otherwise, he would misunderstand me." Nita sounded embarrassed and hesitant.


eresa took the phone and left the dressing table, "Nita, I will try to persuade Arvin to marry you. Arvin will be 30 years old when the New Year comes. He should get married or else he'll turn into a pile of grey ash, and no one wants to have children with a pile of grey ash, you know what I mean?"

'Nita is a more stable and mature candidate than Angela for Arvin's heart. She has to be the best choice for Arvin and I know because I'm a wife and mother and somehow that gives me the responsibility to make these decisions on behalf of others.'

When Teresa hung up the phone, she called Arvin since Arvin didn't return home that night.

"Mum!" Arvin just got back to Shengfeng Mansion. He threw away his coat on the coat hanger.

"Arvin, where are you? Are you busy?"

Arvin felt a little relieved upon hearing her concern, "I just got back. I'm not busy."

"Okay. I heard something today. Angela slapped Nita."

'Angela slapped Nita?'

Arvin said coldly. "Okay. I see."

"How could Angela slap Nita? Aren't you going to do something? What are you going to do with Angela?"

"Of course, I will do something!" Arvin gave himself a glass of water and drank it all up in one glutinous slurp. "I will praise Angela! She did a good job!"

"Arvin!" Teresa shrieked in shock. "Angela will be spoiled by you!" Two days ago, Arvin was partial to Angela even though she hit Baron. It was as if he was blind to her atrocious behavior and actually fell more head-over-heels for her the more she acted it out. She was a criminal, couldn't he see that?

No. Arvin shielded her against the world, as he would continue doing. Even if she slapped Nita. He encouraged her amoral proclivities.

Arvin smiled, "Mum, it's not your business. Besides, Angela has already been spoiled all her life by Chuck and Sven; do you think she's a bad girl from her upbringing?"

In fact, in Arvin's eyes, Angela was the best girl in the world no matter what Teresa said.

But deep down inside, Teresa knew Angela was a good girl. She knit her eyebrows and rubbed her face in frustration. "Ask Angela to apologize to Nita! It's wrong to slap others no matter what happened."

"Mum, I don't want to do this. Let the two girls solve their own problems!" Arvin didn't want to hear Nita's name being mentioned when he was trying to relax.

"Well, if Angela were slapped by Nita, what would you do? Will you let it go the way you're doing now?"

"... Mum, " he responded coldly, "You already know my answer! Good night!" Then, he hung up the phone and didn't give Teresa the chance to chip in one of her nosy one-liners.

Arvin looked at his phone and pictured Angela's tender, joyous visage.

He cared about her, and called Angela, but he couldn't get through to her.

He sighed, "Okay, it will be better to let her have a little peace. Just a little. God knows I have urges I need to fulfill. I can make decisions only when I find out the truth."

So, he left his phone on the table and went to the bathroom to relax.

Next morning, Angela was almost late for work because of her sleeplessness the night before. So, she rushed to the research and development department in a hurry.

Although she was not in the charge of anyone, she was introduced to the faculty by Arvin and didn't want to bring him any troubles.

When she changed her coat in the changing room, a woman in white coat, mask and hat stood barring her way. Angela didn't notice who it was because of her bad mood. So, she moved to the other side to let the woman pass.

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