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   Chapter 150 I Don't Want to See Him Again

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In Stanley's apartment

Stanley couldn't take his eyes of Angela since she was screaming and crying wildly, heaped up in Nancy's comforting arms. He seldom came back home so early as today. He planned to spend more time after work with his girlfriend, Nancy, but now his wish was ruined by Angela.

At last, he couldn't stand her crying any more, so he took out his cell phone and called Arvin to come get her. "Yeah, where are you, Arv?"

Arvin had to leave the loud room to speak. "I'm eating with clients. What's the matter?"

"How long does it take you to eat?" Stanley asked rudely. He would have been sleeping with Nancy if it weren't for Angela.

"About 20 minutes. Why?" Arvin felt a sense of impatience from Stanley's voice.

"Your girl is crying in Nancy's arms at my house." Stanley took a look at Angela. She was still blubbering.

He would have caught her by the hair and thrown her in the garbage pail had not Nancy stole her away in her arms for a sob sesh. It was unfortunate that Angela had called ahead of time to schedule the waterworks.

'My girl?' Arvin wondered in mind who on earth that could be before Angela's image showed up like an error. "What is she crying for?" Arvin was curious and a little worried.

"Well, they are scolding you, Arvin. In their eyes, you are an asshole, who has two-timed Angela!" Stanley couldn't help telling Arvin the truth. He felt it would get him here faster, and he was not wrong. Between the unstoppable trifecta of Rosa, Nita and Angela, Arvin had three-timed Angela, to be more accurate about it.

Arvin tried hard to recall where he had gone wrong, and how he could have made her cry without even being present. How could she consider him an asshole?

He told Stanley there must have been some miscommunication, because he hadn't even seen Angela since the talent show, and everything had gone swimmingly there, he felt. "Keep an eye on her. I will be there soon."

"Okay, I don't care big guy. Just hurry up and get over here!" Stanley urged.

Arvin nodded.

Stanley was never so eager to see Arvin before. It must have really been a wet one. Angela was clutching Nancy's hand like a vice-grip, and turned the tears on and off like a sprinkler.

Stanley wondered why Angela had so many tears; at the rate she was going, she would end up getting dehydrated. He pictured his home being flooded and having to craft some kind of ridiculous IKEA boat to navigate the deadly pools of water to his fridge to get that special club sandwich he'd ordered.

At 9:30, the door bell rang. Stanley opened it and found Arvin standing there. He hurried in as fast as he could. Stanley felt set free as soon as he saw Arvin.

At this moment, Angela was still in Nancy's arms. She peered at Arvin, who was approaching her, stretching a hand out to her.

She turned her head back and buried it on Nancy's shoulder. She wouldn't move or say a word to him.

Seeing Angela's attitude, Arvin was sure that she was still mad at him.

"Dr. Gu's here, Angela. Level things out with Dr. Gu." Nancy kept patting Angela's back and coaxing her to let up. Her hand was really beginning to throb for all of Angela's vicious gripping.

Suddenly, Angela replied without lifting her head up, "I don't want to see him ever again! Why would you bring him here!"

"But you agreed just now to talk about it when Arvin comes, remember?" Stanley was surprised that Angela changed her mind as quickly as she changed clothes. Stanley heard her say yes when they began talking.

Arvin as usual stood there like a born mute staring at Angela and Nancy as if keeping a staring competition was all that rested between him and fate worse than death. He honestly couldn't understand why Angela was acting so preposterously.

Nancy learned closer to Arvin and was about to tell him what was going on but as soon as she did, she realized what a bad guy Arvin was, and couldn't help scolding him. "How could you do this to Angela, Arvin? Apart from Rosa, why did you... why did you do it with Nita?"

Nancy's face blushed. She didn't say the word 'sleep' out loud. After all, she was just a girl.

Arvin's cock had once again landed him in hot soup, something he never wished for his privates, and could relate to that faith worse than death aforementioned. Anyway, he kind of sighed in realization.

His face turned pale and fraught. 'Oh wow, okay, so she finally found out my secret.

Hmm, how do I put this for such delicate ears? Could I say tha

t I didn't do it on purpose? Say that it was because of the cocktail that she gave me that night? No. She must feel like it was all her fault when she knows the reason. It's the only reasonable thing, because as a man, I have to be without blame.'

Arvin pinched his shaft, his face full of fatigue.

"Come here, Angela, " Arvin gently said.

Angela lifted her head up a little from Nancy's shoulder, and sat beside Nancy, head low.

Arvin received no reply and he started to worry. Next, he went straight toward Angela and took her in his arms, heading for the door. He ripped her away and she let out a bald cry of panic.

"Let me go, Arvin! I don't want to go with you!" Angela struggled in his arms, her eyes red with tears.

While Angela was struggling, Arvin managed to put on his shoes. As for Stanley, he was glad to see the back of Angela, as now he could leer over Nancy for some private favors. He opened the door and passed Angela's shoes to Arvin.

Then he turned around and found out that Nancy looked so worried. He comforted her. "It's all right, babe. Don't worry. Let themselves handle this, okay?" Actually, Stanley didn't believe that Arvin would three-time Angela at all. There must some mistake. Therefore, Arvin himself should be the one to handle this, not he or Nancy.

"But I'm worried about Angela..."

Nancy had no time to finish her words. She had been stopped by Stanley, "No more 'buts'. Tell me, Nancy, in your heart, is Angela more important than me, than this?" he said lurching, with a domineering thrust. Stanley's voice sounded unpleasant.

Nancy coughed, "Oh, you found out about this, huh?"

Seeing Nancy's disgusted reaction, Stanley was quite upset, feeling his manhood dwindle in his hands. "From today onwards, I should be the most important person in your life, okay?"

"No way. Angela doesn't know how to protect herself and you, you are strong and tough. Therefore, I'm more worried about Angela than you." Although Stanley didn't get what he wanted, he was quite happy to hear Nancy compliment his strong beefy demeanor.

The next moment, Nancy was taking it cuddle-style in Stanley's arms. She heard him whisper, "Nggh, okay, thanks. Now it's time for sleep. Goodnight. Snore."

Plastered inside with thoughts of Angela, Nancy couldn't sleep. She was going to work tomorrow, but she hadn't gotten the chance to tell the good news to Angela. She had wanted it to be a surprise.

Next moment, Nancy put her hands around Stanley's neck, buried her face in his chest and said, "Okay."

'Angela, my friend, I'm happy now. I wish you and Arvin could figure things out and be happy, too.' Nancy thought to herself.

Nancy was too positive. Things between Arvin and Angela were far from over, nor would they be happy for some time.

Arvin and Angela were still in the neighborhood at this point, and Angela almost wriggled free from Arvin's hog-tied over-the-shoulder grasp; she dreamed of escaping barefoot down the deserted streets.

Arvin immediately followed her in case she got cold since the streets were primitively cold outside.

Soon Arvin bundled Angela up in the car. Sitting in the back seat, Angela covered her face for fear of meeting eyes with Arvin.

He saw her and launched into an eloquent explanation. "Such is life and life is accidental, is it not Angela? And so was my action, because it is natural."

However, Angela seemed apathetic in the back seat.

"Let me tell you why, Angela..." Arvin kept on explaining.

"I won't listen to you, so you'd better say nothing now." Angela resisted. 'No matter what reasons he gives, just remember he slept with Nita and never told you, ' she thought bitterly.

He sighed regretfully. He took her dirty socks off, put on her shoes for her like he was her father, and then he went back to his seat.

The car drove swiftly all the way out of the cul-de-sac. Finally, it stopped at Xinhe Garden.

Angela jumped out of the car before Arvin had even parallel parked.

He harangued her and caught her by the wrist once she had taken a few steps. No one could beat Arvin in a footrace; he would always catch her, no matter what. She was the rat, he was the cheetah.

In the elevator, Angela had to stand in the corner since Arvin kept approaching her, and it scared her to no end.

"You'll live with me here in this apartment, Angela, " said Arvin ominously. "Till I say it's okay to leave. You understand?"

Angela was so surprised and she barked, "Why?"

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