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   Chapter 149 You Slapped Me How Dare You!

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Once he had said this, Arvin ran offstage in a flurry because everyone was kicking up a ruckus about Angela and him being together in the public eye.

After the party, Angela planned to ask Arvin out, but she figured that Arvin might have a dinner party with seniors in the hospital.

At last, Angela left the hospital alone with her trophy.

In the office of Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

"Bang!" Nita took off her dacing costume and angrily threw it onto the ground.

Susan, who was close by, was scared out of her wits by Nita's reaction. As Nita's assistant, she had never seen Nita so at a loss that she would throw things. It just wasn't respectable behavior for a woman of her social standing.

However, when she thought about it a bit more at length, she realised that Nita's anger was totally reasonable because she always strove to be number one, no matter what. Now it had been robbed, Nita didn't know how to act.

Tonight, Nita lost her chance to win first place to Angela; but what a spectacle, that night sky and those fireworks! Nita always hated Angela. How could Nita react with any but anger? Susan mused to herself.

Just then, Nita was thinking about the audience's reaction, and how they had voted for stars and trinkets over Nita's supreme dancing talent, and it aided to piss her off.

'Now everybody in the hospital knows that Angela is daughter of Chuck and she has a close relationship with Arvin... They voted for her only for the sake of Chuck and Arvin.

There's no way they could see actual talent behind the girl; it was a farce.' Nita comforted herself in this fashion as a way to alleviate the envy she felt towards Angela.

Next moment, she asked Susan, "Where is Angela right now?" Nita's sudden words shocked Susan a little like a knife in the dark. Susan obediently took out her cell phone and rang the R and D department.

Three minutes passed. Angela was found. "Director Zhen, Angela has just walked out of the department and is heading for the parking lot as we speak."

In the parking lot.

Just as Angela pressed the alarm button for her car, about to waltz over and settle in for the long drive home, two people emerged from the darkness and obstructed her route.

Angela smiled calmly after she saw clearly who they were. "Hello, Director Zhen. Don't you know that old saying, 'great barkers are no biters'?"

Nita was irritated by Angela's humiliating sentence. She was so angry at this moment that she couldn't say a word, except "Angela you!" She had never met someone like Angela, w

. And if she comes back within the following two years, do you think she will give Arvin up to you instead of me, her best friend?"

'Nita and Rosa are friends? I've never heard about that. And they both love Arvin. What a scandalous relationship between them!' Angela thought to herself. "So if Rosa, a good friend of yours, comes back and finds out that you slept with her fiance, do you think she will be friends with you any more?" Angela didn't forget to fight back.

"That's none of your business! I came for you tonight to tell you to leave Yao Hospital if you are a sensible girl. You don't want to humiliate yourself. What if Rosa comes back next year, or I get married to Arvin? Then what do we call you? A mistress?"

'A mistress?

Nita is so good. She took me as a mistress!' Angela was getting angry, but she tried to stay calm.

"If Rosa comes back, that makes you a mistress. Not me. Why do I have to leave Arvin? Who do you think you are? He has chosen me and he loves me. All you are is the afterbirth." 'Why does Nita like to humiliate me? What will she get from this?' Angela was overtly unhappy.

Nita looked at Angela and replied, "Fine. But let me remind you of something. After Arvin and I moved in together, I've never used a prophylactic. So don't be so surprised if I get pregnant some day." Nita ended her last word with a cold, cryptic smile.

Then she left the parking lot without any pleasantries, and Angela had no chance to say anything back; she was left dumbfounded and a little chilled from their encounter.

After Nita left, Angela stood there for quite a long time, feeling her heart torn apart, and devoured endlessly, over and over. Then she got in her car.

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