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   Chapter 147 You Don't Tell Me Anything

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Baron didn't continue speaking. He found it all so baffling that his mother didn't react the way he'd thought. He thought she'd be annoyed, but lo and behold, she stood motionless, unfazed, almost even serene, one could say.

He would be sailing a yacht surrounded by bubbling effigies of the most beautiful women across the pacific, partying with his friends, if his mom didn't call him home.

Go now! The thought enticed him so much he leapt off the sofa immediately and left the Gu family home.

Teresa pulled on Arvin's sleeve and said to him, "Arvin, to please your grandmother, you have to mention something about your relationship with Nita. Okay? It will make her so happy, you know."

Arvin replied by way of a faint, insincere glance. "Oh mom, don't you worry your pretty little head!"

"Fine, " said Teresa, breathing a sigh of relief. Finally! she thought. She was so delighted that Arvin had finally come around to the right side of thinking, had surrendered his facetious attempts to persuade them that he was above Nita.

But in the end, Arvin added, "I will...will not mention it!"

What! No! Teresa was speechless! She had been duped!

On the other side of the house, when only grandmother and grandson were left present in the room, Lily was browsing over the various herbs that were growing loftily from the balcony. All of the herbs were well-preserved, glossy, and must've been regularly exposed to the sun.

Lily smiled in approbation. She had an inkling that their growth was Arvin's doing.

"Arvin, " she inquired languidly while examining the herbs. "Will there be some sort of celebration at the hospital recently?" None of the herbs were out of check so she decided to have a chat with Arvin.

Arvin leaned against the balcony door and noticed his grandmother, nose busy in the thyme. He suspected what was on her mind and answered evasively. "Hum..."

"I didn't ask you in the car just now, but please tell me what happened between you and Nita." It had made the news in Green Cold Country that Arvin, director general of the hospital, had been living with fellow colleague Nita.

But Lily knew better than to believe the news.

Arvin stood stiffly, awkwardly, against the glass door. He shifted from foot to foot, reluctant to bring up the whole history of it again. So he changed the subject, "Grandma, I'm sorry, but is there anything else you wish to ask me?"

Lily turned round to look at Arvin. "Arvin, how do you expect me to help you if you act so taciturn? There's nothing I can do if you don't tell me anything about your life."

Arvin replied to her, "It's all right, grandma. I don't need anyone's help, and I've never asked for it. I can do everything myself because I'm not a leech. Okay?" He had asked his people to re-investigate and restore surveillance in the neighborhood that night.

Lily sighed, "What a job your mother did raising you! One more person to help you, won't that be better?"

The cryptic nature of what she said beggared little investigation, but how could Arvin not understand? He understood more than anyone, in fact. Under Lily's scrutinizing glare and pressure, he tried to remain aloof and casual by saying, "I drank the wrong kind of beverage, and put her to bed."

Lily was puzzled for a long time. When Arvin made no attempt to elucidate, she asked doubtfully, "Is that all?"

"Yeah, that's all."

"What did you drink?"


"Are you saying someone put something into your wine?"

Arvin was silent.

Lily kept asking, "Are you sure it happened? This means someone's out to get you! There's a target on your back!"

Arvin nodded, in a sort of default, automatic mode.

"Oh, horror...Are you saying that Nita did it?"

Arvin did not nod in acquiescence, nor shake his head in denial.

His uncertainty frightened Lily further. "What about Angela?"

"She's in the Research and Development Department now."

"Does she know about this?"

"No, I've been good to keep it all under wraps."

Lily became pensive for a moment, and then told him. "Good. That's good of you, Arvin, not letting it slip. It's good, too, that Angela doesn't know anything about it. I suggest you give Nita a call, and bring her here for a dinner in these days."

"I won't." He resolutely refused Lily's order.

"Do you still want to be with Angela?" Lily looked at her grandson in silence.

Her grandson had a clear-cut stand on who he loved and who he hated! And he extended this to all his decision-making too. What he liked he kept close, but what he dete

sted, he flat-out refused.

Arvin hesitated and asked Lily, "Grandma, are you getting any ideas I should know about?"

A sudden thought crossed Lily's mind, "I have been living by my skills in Chinese medicine for my whole life, and I can use it to solve some problems." Nita was a proud girl, always had been. But she would make a good mother for her child, and they all were aware of that.

She didn't have a boyfriend to wait for, unlike Arvin, waiting everyday for Rosa. Lily believed that no matter what to be spiritually or bodily pure was good.

Arvin had superb Chinese medicine skills, plus an astronomically large knowledge of geography. His mind was so impossibly vast that it boggled those around him. But despite his astronomical knowledge, there were some things about women he just didn't understand with tact.

Arvin didn't say no this time, "Grandma, I've known this whole time what you've been getting at. Let's just get through these next two days first, alright?"

He had been so busy lately that he couldn't even rest for a few hours a day without having to talk about his decisions about love with one person or another.

With this spare time off, he wanted to spend it with Angela.

Angela finally met Arvin at the party celebrating his promotion to the directorship.

He was in the front row, next to the stage. However, she was with the Research and Development Department, somewhere that no one would notice.

Alas! Angela felt the gap between herself and Arvin for the first time.

She felt inferior to him and all his great achievements.

But...... Halfway through the show, she lost sight of Arvin suddenly.

To make the stage effect better, there was almost no light for the audience. Anyone who wanted to go to the bathroom felt it necessary to use their cellphone to light the way.

In the dimness of the light, a man sat down next to Angela, and she did not recognize him.

On the stage was a sketch being performed by a surgeon. He was singing a patriotic song in the middle of it. Angela could not help but hum along to two or three of the sentences.

"Your voice is perfect for the national anthem!" The male voice suddenly sounded, which made Angela's eyes widen in surprise.

She turned her head and saw that the man sitting next to her was Arvin.

In order not to let everyone notice her strange anxiety, Angela cooled down the excitement in the heart, "Big wing, what are you doing here?"

"Watching the program, " he replied.

He was to accompany her! Angela was bursting with joy. But there were too many people around, and she couldn't be intimate.

The host on stage began to announce the start of the next program loudly. "Next, please welcome the director of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ms. Nita and her team to bring you a one-off dance performance!"

Nita was met with applause and shouts from the tongue-waving male colleagues.

Angela looked at the stage in surprise. Wearing a thin and sexy dance dress, Nita came on with a group of women.

She couldn't help looking at Arvin. "Why are you looking at me? Look at the performance on stage! It is Ms Nita!"

There was a sour note in what should have been a mellifluous voice, which made Arvin laugh out loud.

Angela poked him bashfully. "What are you laughing at? Just watch the show!"

As the DJ music rang out, several women on stage began to dance enthusiastically and enchantingly.

With just a few moves, there were undulating like serpents which drove the crowd wild into a cacophony of steamy whistles and screams.

Angela looked at the stage. "That's so crazy!" Angela was flabbergasted by Nita's voluptuous movements, she almost drooled!

Arvin just glanced at the stage and then set his eyes on the woman slouching next to him. The appearance of Angela left Arvin with a feeling of comparative disgust. He wasn't as turned on, like she was. Her mouth was watering!

"Arvin, Arvin, look at the enchanting figure of Ms. Nita, well well well......" Angela bet it felt good to press one's body against hers. "What do you think?"

"Well!" He was not interested in Nita, and he made that known with a perfunctory answer.

Angela heard his word, but couldn't believe his disinterest. She looked back at Arvin angrily, "Did you just say 'Well'?"

Well? Arvin smiled with satisfaction at her confusion, and thought, 'I'm making her jealous now, am I?'

Then he closed the gap between his lips and her ear and whispered, "For me, Angela has the greatest serpentine figure, and you..."

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