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   Chapter 146 She Had never Felt Hurt on Her Period

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"It doesn't matter." He kissed her on the lips and replied, "I have received the best gift."

Everything brought him joy now, even the lust-filled kiss of a woman dressed as a cat.

Angela's pity for Arvin grew and she burst into tears of horror while laying in his arms.

She hated herself for having robbed Arvin of his manhood. She also hated herself for not being able to control her body and having ruined the gift that she had worked so hard on. Seriously, it was hard to come by a box that she could fit in, and then lie in it in a puddle of leather with the heat blasting all day; she really wondered how long she could stay there before she liquefied.

Arvin asked her with a smile, "Are you crying?"

He held her chin up and saw her unhappy face. Luckily, there was no tears in her eyes.

He had calmed down by now, his bull-like fervor dissipated, and his erection died down to a semi. If she hadn't had that little accident, he might have committed an unforgivable mistake.

He envisioned tying her body down with duct tape and really laying into her hard. He really wanted Angela's body, but... he was not qualified to have it.

"Do you have brown sugar?" He asked her.

Angela shook her head, "No, I don't." As far as she knew, many women used brown sugar to kill the pain of menstruation.

But she had never felt hurt on her period so she didn't need brown sugar.

During school, many girls envied her painless periods.

"Lie down, I'll go and buy some brown sugar for you." Arvin scratched her head gently. 'Maybe Angela is a legend tough girl, ' Arvin thought.

Angela pulled his hand and told him, "Don't go please. I don't need any."

When she lived with her parents, their servant would prepare a glass of brown sugar water for her when she was on her period. She drank it every time but she really didn't need it.

In order for Arvin to believe her, she stood up to do several jumping jacks. "Look! Like I told you, I'm fine!"

If she was really hurt, even one jumping jack would have reduced her to a quivering tumor.

Arvin watched with satisfaction her bouncing breasts, and reluctantly accepted her demand. He yanked her back to the bed. "Sleep now. I'll leave after you fell asleep."

Although Angela was strong, Arvin still wanted to care for her as if she wasn't. He wished to pour concern over her.

But no, Angela thought with anxiety, don't go! Why would he leave her? All she wanted was his touch, and she'd feel better. She put her arms around his waist and fell into silence.

Arvin shrugged her off with puzzlement. "Big wing, " she uttered in a barely audible, tender voice. "I don't want you to go! What if I feel a stomachache after you leave? Big Wing..."

Gosh! Angela was sick of her own neediness.

She had to speculate why she put on such a babyish voice. This was not what she prepared for. She had wished to speak in a tender and delicate voice. But now all she could hear in her voice was... disgust. Why? She was confused.

Arvin obviously didn't share her conviction, because all he heard was a voice full of love for him.

He was happy because Angela seemed to be flirting with him, and he felt his underwear twitch with joy.

Her transformation from naughty girl into a docile cat captured Arvin's heart; he was pleased that she was so receptive and pliable and would do whatever he desired.

As a result, Arvin was persuaded to stay a whole night in her house.

Although nothing had happened that night, Angela felt happy enough as long as she could sleep in his arms.

The next day, all the people in the hospital were discussing the programs and performers in the party to commemorate Arvin's promotion.

Angela, who felt the catwoman show was a good precedent, wondered whether she should also prepare a performance.

But she suddenly felt... a little embarrassed. She had no real talents in any field, except the talent of drug production and artifice.

She only knew a little piano. Chuck once had arranged a piano teacher for her, but as a tough girl she didn't give a toss about all that airy-fairy stuff and never took her classes seriously. She preferred to

play football or practice kickboxing.

She couldn't dance, her feet would be basically like an ogre's. The dancing teacher Daisy hired for her always attempted to seduce her brother and her father. It was strange. Angela found no companionship with this teacher, so she decided not to learn dancing anymore.

As for singing, calligraphy, oration, or other musical instruments, she knew next to nothing about them.

Angela regretted lacking these skills now, when it counted to have them.

She was good at horse riding, kickboxing and archery...

But these were too impractical to showcase at a talent show or performance. Party people were not interested in watching a horse race.

Therefore she gave up on the idea of preparing herself as a paragon of excellence for Arvin.

She decided to be a spectator and watch others' performances quietly. Gosh! She hoped that Arvin wouldn't be disappointed with her lack of talent or skill. Would he think that she was dowdy? She hoped not, and promised she wouldn't think about it any further.

Angela entered the laboratory with a forlorn expression on her face. It was the moment a colleague lit a fire by accidentally mixing two unstable chemicals together she got an idea.

She didn't have any skills that people were interested in. But she did at least have a chemical knowledge.

Ha ha...

Angela placed her invention aside, and began to prepare a brand new gift for Arvin. Stevens Cheng had been waiting for her to give him the formula she invented, but she had stopped studying it several days ago. This was totally unacceptable to Stevens.

He told Angela, "If you put your heart into something else, you'll never learn anything. You'll never see anything through to its completion."

Angela had almost finished her secret present and then stopped to listen to Stevens tirade. She moaned and thought that at least she didn't light a fire like other colleagues did. She planned to completely finish the present after work.

She hardly had chance to see Arvin since he became the president of Yao Hospital.

Not exactly! She still could see him through all kinds of other mediums. She often saw him and his rise to fame in the financial news, the medical channel, as well as the university forums.

Angela felt that Arvin was too famous to be around her now; he was ignoring her.

In the Gu Family home

Mrs. Gu had just returned to J City after leaving home for several months. Arvin stopped his car at the gate of their house and entered. Teresa was sitting in the passenger seat of Arvin's car. She got out as soon as it clinked to a stop against the gate.

Teresa came around the other side and let Mrs. Gu out. She supported her carefully. "Welcome home, Mom!" she said with a smile.

Mrs. Gu put her hand on Teresa's. "I'm so happy to see you!" The true reason she came back was to stop Arvin from marrying other women she didn't like.

It was Saturday and all the family were at home. They greeted Mrs. Gu one by one.

Mrs. Gu was surrounded by her family and everybody was busy serving and chatting with her.

After ten straight minutes of chat, Rom said, "Grandma, you must have been tired after such a long journey. Why not have a rest upstairs? Our servant has cleaned your room."

"Okay!" Supported by Bob and Arvin, Mrs. Gu stood up and was ready to go to her bedroom.

Arvin was going to leave, but he was called back by his grandma. "Arvin, come here. I have some questions for you."

After a moment's consideration, Arvin followed Mrs. Gu to her room.

Then the rest people scattered and went to do their own business.

Only Susanna, Haley and Baron were left in the living room. "Arvin is our grandma's favorite child. She only asked Arvin to pick her up at the airport when she arrived in J City. Now she talked with Arvin alone. I don't understand why our grandma could like such an indifferent child, " Susanna said maliciously.

Haley certainly knew that her mother was fond of Arvin. Glancing at her son who was playing stupid games on his cellphone, Haley felt fretful. "Get out and do some work, you ingrate! Get out of my sight!" she commanded.

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