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   Chapter 145 How Dare You Eat Them

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If it pertained to work, Stevens Cheng usually had no problem explaining things to people.

Angela curled her lips in. "I'll ask someone else." She said this to Stevens, but still followed him to his office as if to ask him the question.

"Who? Chuck? Sven? or maybe Arvin, eh?"

"... Why do you ask it like that? Yes I'll ask one of them, what of it?"

Stevens had a completely different view of Angela because of her bottled concoction. "Tell me the reason why you mixed the two solutions..."

Because Angela was no hussy and always told the truth, she gladly revealed her reasons.

When they finished discussing the formula, Angela looked at Stevens with a lot of admiration. "Professor, if I'm your apprentice, I promise I will never bring shame on you! On the contrary, you will be proud of me! When I get the patent, people will know the name Angela. And they'll speak highly of you, my master. What do you think?"

Wait for a moment! Something's wrong!

Was she taking advantage of Stevens' goodwill towards her? "Okay. Let's talk about it differently..."

Angela was being too preachy and it irritated Stevens. She talked with him for a long period; so much so that eventually Stevens felt whittled down with irritation, and he finally gave up. She would become his apprentice.

In fact, it was Arvin who changed Stevens' mind, not her.

Angela called him directly when she thought Stevens would not take her on. So Arvin decided to have a chat with him.

Angela was not privy to the details of their discussion, but Arvin irritated the professor several times, and Stevens scolded him: "This is utterly unprofessional, and I don't want to see you anymore! ...... I'll have to talk to your grandmother if you carry on like this. How dare you and Angela try to bully me!"

Angela watched the conversation on the phone while munching on some pumpkin seeds, sitting on the couch waiting.

After a long while, Stevens finally hung up the phone. When he found what Angela was eating, he was completely irritated again, "You little evil...where did you find my pumpkin seeds? My wife picked them in the mountains and brought them to me! How dare you eat them! How dare you!"

Angela didn't care. She threw them on his desk and ran out of the office at once when she looked at his angry face.

Since that day, everyone in the hospital knew that Stevens finally had his first apprentice, Angela.

Eight o'clock at night.

Since she promised the present for Arvin, Angela came back to the apartment early and waited for him.

When it was eight o'clock and Arvin was downstairs, Angela sent him a message, "Have dinner first!"

She made the dinner for Arvin by herself! Only when he had a good dinner could he truly do well later. "O wow, what an excellent plan."

Arvin came back to the apartment and found delectable food on the table, but no Angela in sight.

He yelled for her, but she didn't appear. A placeholder card was on the table and inside was a message. "Have the dinner first."

...... What a lovely girl!

Arvin made preparations for dinner by washing his hands, and he seated himself at the table.

The food wasn't bad. It was still warm and delicious, so he tried to scoff it down as eagerly as possible. Within ten minutes he was stuffed.

He knew that the faster he finished the faster he would get his present.

So he slipped out his phone and texted her saying, "Well? I'm waiting."

'What a naughty girl!' Arvin thought. 'I'm going to give her a big present too when she returns.'

Angela texted him back at once, "Come to my bedroom and then you will find a big box! Open it! The gift is in the box!"

Arvin followed her instructions, opened the door of the bedroom. It was steamy and hot inside as the heating was on.

And in the center was a massive box. On top lay a bowknot. What was inside?

Arvin walked toward it and opened it. A girl showed up! "Hello! Director Gu!"

Angela stood up and gave him a big hug!

Arvin embraced her, sliding his hands down to her waist, which felt rubbery and smooth to the touch.

He took a step back to take her all in, and became completely silent.

Angela was dressed in a head-to-toe catwoman costume, latex coveralls, cat ears, and leather dominatrix boots.

Arvin gulped and became erect effortlessly at her sexiness.

"Do you like the present?" Angela asked him.

She didn't particularly fancy cats, but the suit was every man's fantasy. Mandy had told her so, and she never led people astray. She had been the one to instruct her as to what to wear.

Of course Angela knew what would happen next! But since they had already had sex, she followed her advice!

"This... is your present?" He stared at her directly and focused on Angela's bouncing breasts.

Angela's face turned red and she lowered her head, "Yes, Big Wing! Take... me out of the box!"

Oh, my god! How humiliating! Actually, Mandy told her to say that! She was very shy to say that!

Arvin blinked. He picked her up and took her out of the box.

They fell on the bed together. Arvin kissed her red lips, enjoying the feeling of the suit in his strong masculine grip.

Angela was so nervous that her heart almost stopped. When they had sex last time, Arvin had lost his consciousness! But this time, both of them were pretty sober.

But unluckily, God was not smiling on them that evening. Oh, no! Angela couldn't believe it.

Just as Angela was about to undo Arvin's belt and stroke the creature inside, she fell back in aghast, feeling something besides sexual excitement budding below her waist. Something very, very wrong.

Horror! She was menstruating!

Suddenly, she pushed Arvin off and rushed into the rest room! Arvin was completely lost!

He banged on the door in impotent frustration. Angela found something to clean herself up with.

Her face was red hot, "What's... What's up?"

"Are you playing a trick on me?" Arvin's boner was wide awake, burgeoning with power; but he would get no relief, and it sent him into a spiral.

He couldn't control himself.

When she emerged he couldn't help shoving his tongue down her throat to reignite the passion from before. He was completely lost in her sweet appearance and expected her to act docile like a cat. It was a totally different experience from the time she roofied him and playfully forced him to ejaculate while unconscious.

"No. No..." Angela said guiltily.

How bad! She couldn't tell him that she had roofied him last time they had sex. She knew it was naughty, but only mildly. She had also taken a bad drug herself for contraception which was basically poison.

Which explained the strange menstrual disorder now... It was one week early.

His present was completely in shambles.

On the bed, Angela hugged Arvin closely, "Big Wing, I will buy you a new present someday! What a wet blanket!"

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