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   Chapter 144 I Wanted to Pursue Her

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The man who stood transfixed in his colorful jacket was fully aware that everyone present came from a long line of influential people. Through their very assembly, they exuded intimidation. So he dared not offend them. He had to confess the truth immediately because this was the only right thing to do in this situation. "Well, it was Baron who told us, " he began politely, "to investigate Angela's working life, and to escort her back to him... He told us his main attraction to her was that she seemed like the kind of person who knew how to have some fun...and so he wished to have fun... with her."

"You're lying I never said anything of the sort! Take it back this instant!" Baron convulsed rigorously from his bound position on the bed. He suddenly broke free with a jolt and stood up facing his accuser. Next, he launched into an attack of the man.

Arvin issued a command to Kent by way of a cold glare, and Kent set to peeling the two men apart.

When the man had enough breathing-room again, and felt at ease to continue his account, he said, "It was when we arrived at the hospital..." And from here, the man was at liberty to speak his truth, and he did so quiet calmly. Every wrongdoing Baron had done came to light in an unexaggerated manner so as to preserve the sanctity of the facts. When the man finished, everybody in the ward became like Roman statues, quiet and still.

Who was right and who was wrong - the deliberation didn't take long. It was obvious to everyone.

Haley's face turned pale; the heated stares fell like daggers on her son, but still, she had to do something to save his reputation and his dignity. "It doesn't matter what he says, " she bargained, "she still should never push people into lake! It's by a stroke of luck that my son was saved! Would you imagine what would have happened if no one came to rescue him? Would you condone murder? I, his mother, may never be able to see his face again!"

"When she becomes a murderer, she will be liable to apologize, " said Arvin with nerves of steel. "For now, she owes you nothing." There wasn't a hint of contrition behind Arvin's icy eyes, all that lay there was indifference and impartiality, and he didn't give a toss over what other people thought. He said his piece, and finally dragged Angela out of the ward.

They were followed shortly after by Teresa, and slowly the others filed out in twos.

Left alone with Tessa, Parker, and Baron, Haley went berserk and smashed the cups and kettle. The clangor of the metal echoed throughout the corridor.

Tessa walked towards Haley and clamped her arm like a vice. "Mom, listen. You don't have to be so mad, alright? Let's just put it all behind us. There's really no point getting angry."

The point Tessa was tacitly hinting at was that Baron's wrongs could not be disputed, that she had raised a bold son, and that it was time Haley accepted that. Couldn't she figure that out?

No. Haley remained infuriated, with Arvin's face burned deeply in her memory. It was because he had been the one who disgraced her son, he had become the hospital director, while Baron languished in the mire. "No Tessa!" Haley yelled. "There is a point getting angry. Didn't you see the arrogance behind Arvin? Oho, it must be a good feeling to know he beat his cousin and left him here disgraced while he takes all the gains and becomes the hospital director! Honestly, he's not the same boy I knew before, sheltering and abetting a complete stranger, choosing to publicly embarrass me, me of all people! It's as if he didn't know me. As if I weren't his senior anymore!"

Tessa's face remained downturned during this outburst. Baron, who was still a junior in medical school, wasn't allowed to run for the hospital directorship; he was too young and intractable. Besides, there was no way that Baron could compete with Arvin in a battle of intellect or strategy. Everyone knew Arvin was the man for the job. To protect the prestige of the hospital's image, it wouldn't do any good to feed Baron's ego and say he could run. It would be a huge mistake, and a perversion of standards.

Of course, Tessa didn't know this. All she'd grown up with was the fact that she was lesser and Baron was superior. She kept her thoughts at bay whenever it came to family politics. All she felt suitable to say was that her mother need not feel so angry. She tried to comfort Haley, "Mom, take a seat, please. We'll get you something to drink. Tea or water, or something."

Her mother glanced at the smashed cups and the broken kettle; there would be no beverages. Parker stepped forward to have his say. He glared down into the bed that Baron san

k into, and said, "Baron, I hope you think about what you've done. You've completely embarrassed me and your mother."

"Hey, like I said, I liked Angela, and I wanted to pursue her, " said Baron playfully. "I didn't expect her to react so violently!" But Baron's defense was weak.

Haley's anxiety was aroused when she heard this. She immediately jumped out of the chair and scolded Baron, "You can forget all about that. You have to quit playing love games with her. Marry a woman who can help with your career, like Nita. Angela isn't even a doctor, and she's a little hussy anyway. She has no future!"

Little did they know that Angela was actually well on her way to developing the next super drug in the Research and Development department.

"Mom! Nita is so boring; I'm a catch, so how could I marry a woman like her? Even Arvin detests her!" Nita? Baron despised Nita. A woman even Arvin, his sworn enemy, had no relish for was way out of his league.

"I didn't mean Nita exactly. I'm just making a comparison. Nita is nine years older than you. I just mean someone like her. Of course I won't let you marry her!" Haley rolled her eyes at Baron.

Baron responded in a low voice, "I don't like boring tough women. I like them soft."

Yes, he preferred some girl who was soft, pliable, and fine-looking...a girl like… Angela! Those cute, hot and pretty girls! If Angela was willing to be his girlfriend, he would forget all about those silly things that she had done to him.

In the hallway of the VVIP Inpatient Department

Some nurses passing by were shocked when they saw Arvin holding Angela's arm. Though they had heard about all the rumors between these two, it was quite astonishing when seeing it in person.

The stalwart, grey, serious Arvin going out with Angela…

They were a perfect couple, it was undeniable.

But because she was shy, Angela ran to the elevator after Arvin with her head down.

Behind them walked Teresa and Nita. Seeing the atmosphere between them was so harmonious, Teresa sighed in secret.

Arvin had made so many concessions for Angela. Before Angela, Teresa never saw Arvin with a girl, not to mention holding them in arms.

Usually, Arvin walked everywhere with Kent and Adam. But after Angela's appearance in his life, Kent and Adam were seldom seen beside him.

When the door of the elevator closed, Angela raised her head and said to Arvin with admiration, "Big wing, you're terrific!"

Arvin smiled at her, "Remember to call me if something like this happens again."

He considered paying for more security guards, asking them to patrol the hospital from now on.

"I'm fine. And Sven has assigned some bodyguards to me." But when she thought she could solve the problem, she wouldn't ask the bodyguards to take care of it for her. She would always like to solve her own problems using Kung Fu.

"Don't try to solve your problems alone next time. If you meet someone like Baron again, tell the bodyguards to drive him away. I will take care of the rest for you." The door of the elevator pinged opened, and they walked out.

"OK, I will." Angela hurriedly promised him. To avoid bringing trouble on Arvin, she had to start using the bodyguards!

After leaving Arvin, Angela hummed and skipped along to the Research and Development department.

Arriving, someone was there demanding her to stop and turn around.

Angela turned back, it was Professor Cheng. It was strange; he usually ignored her, why did he call her now?

Angela greeted him politely enough, with a confused look on her face.

"Tell me, did you invent this?" he demanded of her immediately, skipping such pleasantries. He took out a glass bottle behind his back.

There was blue liquid inside it. Yes, Angela had to admit she was familiar with it; it was the fruit of her labor, the super drug she'd been working on for the past several days. "Swish!" Angela ran to him, "Professor Cheng, how could you take my belongings without my permission?"

But he didn't feel ashamed or embarrassed, instead, he put the glass bottle into his pocket and waved at her.

"Tell me, how did you go about inventing this? What inspired you, hmm?"

It was totally imprudent for a professor to act so interrogatory to Angela. "I won't tell you!" she said, inciting his anger. "It's business secret!" If she finished it, she would be able to apply for another fortuitous patent!

Stevens Cheng thought for a while, "It's okay if you refuse to tell me. But if you have any questions, don't expect any answers from me anymore."

Now Angela felt embarrassed, because she had just asked him a question before she went to see Baron.

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