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   Chapter 143 I Will Take Care of Everything for Her

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6502

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They were laughing and cracking jokes when suddenly Arvin bounded out of the elevator, followed closely by Kent and Adam.

Lucy and Xenia had been happy up until they saw Arvin and his retinue, and then they became weak and ran away as fast as they could.

Angela was left alone; she scratched her head in perplexity, and then walked towards them, "Hi, Dr. Gu, Kent, Adam!"

Kent smiled at her. Adam nodded his head politely to respond to her greeting. But Arvin just looked deep into her eyes.

Angela wondered whether he was mad. After all, she had pushed his cousin into the lake.

"Well… It was Baron who had…" Angela tried to defend herself, as she felt quite stressful when Arvin kept deathly silent.

Arvin looked at her; she was clearly nervous. So he comforted her, "Nice job!"

What? This was a shocking response to hear from the director of the hospital. At first, Angela kept her head down because of guilt. But when she heard this, she suddenly raised her head and looked at him, with her eyes shining brightly.

"What did you say?" Did she hear him wrong? Arvin was… praising her?

Arvin smiled, "Let's get in there, how about it?"

They walked into the sixth ward together. The ward was already filled with people. They circled Baron, who was lying on the hospital bed, showing great concern for his conditions.

Around the bed were Zack and his wife Susanna, Teresa, Haley, Parker, Tessa, two nurses and two doctors. One of the two doctors was Nita… She was the director of Obstetrics, so it was absurd for her to be here right now.

Haley was helping Baron drink a bowl of ginger tea when Angela came in. When Baron saw her, he immediately pushed Haley away and shouted abuse at Angela, "Bitch, how dare you have the nerve to push me into the lake! Do you want to die? I will teach you… Arvin, you are here."

His angry abuse vanished in Arvin's commanding presence.

Seeing Baron recoiling, Haley put down the bowl, walked towards Angela and took a careful look at her. "You are Angela?"

"Yes, I am." Angela looked right into Haley's eyes.

Assured that this girl was Angela, Haley raised her arm, planning to slap her.

But Arvin stopped her, and the next moment, Angela was behind Arvin.

Seeing that Arvin was on Angela's side, Haley was pissed off, "Arvin, what are you doing? Don't you know that she hurt Baron?!"

Arvin released her arm and told her in a cold voice, "If he didn't pick a quarrel, he wouldn't have fallen into the lake. Besides, Aunt, isn't he fine now?"

"Do you mean that Angela is not responsible for it?" Haley tried to hold back her anger before Arvin.

Arvin nodded, "Exactly! Angela is not responsible for it. All she did was self-defense!" Arvin had Kent investigate the whole situation before he came here. Baron's stooges confessed everything about Baron's fall.

… Arvin's obvious partiality stunned everyone.

Looking pale, Nita gazed at Arvin. Since he came in, he was defending Angela openly, and he never gave a glance at her…

Haley gasped with rage, she rubbed her temples softly and turned to Arvin again, "Arvin, tell Angela to apologize to Baron!"

She was to apologize to Baron? Ha! Angela would never do that! She was too proud! And besid

es, it was Baron's fault for picking a quarrel with her. If Baron hadn't fallen into the lake, she would've been the victim, and maybe they'd be having this conversation around her hospital bed.

But Angela wasn't sure whether Arvin would be on her side all the time…

What Arvin said next didn't disappoint Angela. Actually, instead, she was quite moved by its endearing quality.

"Aunt, maybe you should ask what Baron came here for? And what had he done to Angela?" Arvin put one of his hands behind his back so he could hold Angela's hand closely.

Hearing Arvin speak of him, Baron became diffident in front of everybody. "I came here to… I had something to do here, and I came across Angela on my way. I was… I just wanted to greet her!" All his sentences were spoken at random and unfinished.

Susanna kept silent before this, but now she felt she had to say something to Angela, "Angela, Don't you want to challenge him on this point he's making? Why don't you come out from hiding behind Arvin?"

Angela stepped forward, but Arvin yanked her back immediately. "I was entrusted by Sven that I will take care of everything for her when she stays in J City."

It truly stunned everyone. He meant that Angela was under his cover from now on.

The defendant, Angela, couldn't help wondering when Sven had entrusted her to Arvin. Why didn't she know about it? Did they make this deal in private?

"Arvin, I just need an apology. You don't have to be so partial towards her!" Haley changed her tone, she didn't dare shout at Arvin.

Arvin was not willing to waste time talking; he looked askance at Baron and told Kent, "Bring them here."

"Yes, Dr. Gu." Kent left.

Though Teresa kept quiet, she felt overwhelmed before Arvin and Angela as if she had no control over them anymore.

She sighed, walked towards the door, stood beside Arvin and Angela, and then spoke softly, "Angela, come here. I want to talk to you."

Baron was Haley and Parker's favorite child. If Angela didn't admit her mistake and apologize to Baron, Haley wouldn't leave the matter at that.

But Arvin wasn't an easygoing person, so she had to persuade Angela to apologize.

What she hadn't expected was that Arvin should treat her as other people. He took hold of Angela tightly in his hand and didn't allow Angela to leave him.

He was persistent, "Mom, you can talk to her after Kent comes back."

Teresa was speechless, "…"

Everyone else in this room was also out of words, "…"

Hiding behind Arvin, Angela looked up at Arvin's back with admiration. How could he be so handsome and charming!

She felt that she was in love with him each passing day…

Soon, Kent brought two men into the ward.

Baron was anxious when he saw them. "Why are you here? Fuck off!"

Kent brought Baron's stooges here.

When they got in, you could see bruises on their faces. It seemed that… they'd been beaten.

The one who wore a colorful jacket gave Baron a glance, "Baron, we don't want to come here either…" They resisted speaking the truth at first. But several people surrounded them and forced them to speak.

Kent told the nurses and the doctor to leave, and then turned to the two men he had brought here, "You may speak now."

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