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   Chapter 142 Someone Fell into The Water

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 7807

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Her mother had to support her once she found out that Angela had fallen in love with Arvin wholeheartedly.

But her father, on the other hand, only wanted her to stay away from him! Oh damn the fates that be! The only thing she knew clearly in all this pandemonium was that anything her father said was supposedly for her own benefit.

Chuck cast a glance over to his wife, who staring eagerly at him, and responded to Angela with a vehement growl to his usual soft-spoken tenor. "Let me tell you the truth. I'm calling because your mother asked me to do so! But fine! I won't care a fig about you any more! Don't ask me for my help if you get into trouble someday! So long!"

Chuck slammed down the phone quickly; Daisy didn't have time to take in what had happened.

She inquired, "Hey! It was your idea to call Angela! I had nothing to do with it, and couldn't have stopped you if I tried. Why would you tell her something like that?"

Chuck didn't answer her question and just murmured, "Our daughter is a grown woman now. Or so she thinks. And she takes that to mean, never listen to her elders anymore. No, I won't let this happen! I'll call Arvin right now!"

Arvin had been lucky to meet Chuck at the airport that day because under no circumstances was it permitted to board an airplane with dangerous medical equipment like scalpels.

Were he to have taken his scalpels, that's a different story, and Arvin may not be alive today to tell it.

Daisy couldn't speak for a moment, the fervor of it hit her all in one go. But then, mustering her strength, she said, "Don't call him! What are you going to tell Arvin? Remember that they're not engaged yet! Who do you think you are? Are you his father-in-law?

Chuck had nothing to say.

Chuck was persuaded by Daisy and he gave up the idea of calling Arvin.

As noon approached, Angela heard that their hospital would hold a ball to celebrate Arvin's inauguration. The employees of the R and D Department were encouraged to prepare a performance.

'How to prepare a performance?' Angela felt ridiculous about this idea. She thought it much better to give Arvin a gift at night.

After lunch, Angela wandered around the yard of the hospital. Seeing the sun in the sky, somehow she felt frustrated.

She got restless every time she thought about her uncertain r

you!" Angela warned him and stretched out her right hand.

Baron wasn't concentrating on her warning. "Throw Angela in the lake now!" He commanded.

Then the two men came forward and were ready to execute his order.

Angela realized that it was time to take action.

In a flash, she had knocked out the two assistants before Baron noticed what happened.

Then she grasped Baron's ears tightly and dragged him to the bank of the lake without concerning herself with his crying and moaning for mercy.

According to Arvin's plans, this artificial lake was going to be filled with dirt and sand.

Angela got her phone back from Baron's hand, then she walked behind him and kicked him heavily in the direction of the lake. "Go to the lake!" she shouted at him as he fell backwards with nothing to save the fall.

Baron gave a sharp scream; the lake was aroused by huge waves, and Baron was seen no more floating above the surface. Angela indifferently put her cellphone in her pocket, then she shouted, "Someone fell into the water! Help! There is a man jumping into the lake to commit suicide!"

Hearing her scream, the workers who were operating excavators jumped into the water at once to save Baron, who was sinking further into the grainy water.

Angela left when she saw someone came to save him.

Later on, Angela was informed by her director to go to the sixth ward of the VVIP Department.

She had figured out what this was about before she arrived.

As she came to the VVIP Department, Angela gave a big hug to Lucy and Xenia.

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