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   Chapter 141 I Don’t Drink Tea at Night

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 6540

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Angela had just eaten some ice cream and now she felt drowsy, so she simply said in a desultory tone, "Well… OK…"

She had always known that Arvin was a sexually abstinent man… Oh! Not exactly! He was also a good mentor…

In fact, Angela knew that Arvin was good for her. Besides, he didn't seem like the sort of person who could say these words easily.

At Xinhe Garden

The car pulled up, Angela took a look at Arvin. "Would you like to come over and have a cup of tea?"

"I don't drink tea at night." He was looking deep into her eyes.

"… Would you like to come over?"

"For what?" He suddenly asked her.

Angela was baffled. "For what? Just to have a rest!"

"And?" Arvin leaned over, asking in jest.

"You can have a rest on my sofa!" Angela felt they were not in the same channel of communication, because she had no idea what Arvin was talking about. However… She wouldn't mind if Arvin wanted to sit on her bed.

Arvin held her shoulders and took her into his arms. He didn't make fun of her anymore; instead, he diverted the topic, "Where did you learn Anshizhiluan from?"

What? Anshizhiluan? What was that? He changed the topic so fast that Angela didn't realize what it was for a moment.

It wasn't until she noticed Arvin's strange expression that it dawned on her. "Well, it's a game I played with several friends before. Fabian learnt it from the Internet and used it to trick me! How do you know about it?"

Fabian! Again the hacker's name sent a chill down Arvin's spine. He frowned, lowered his head and kissed her.

Well… Did she say anything wrong? This kiss was clearly full of anger, Angela could barely take it.

Oh! Was it because she mentioned Fabian again? So Angela pushed Arvin away and apologized to him breathlessly, "I was… I was wrong! Big wing, I was wrong…"

"Fine." It would be fine as long as she realized her mistake!

But then he heard Angela ask of him, "Why did you ask me about that suddenly?"

Arvin seemed a little unsure of himself and uncomfortable being posed with such a question, and it showed very clearly under the dim light in the car, "Just asking."

"I know it! Someone tricked you too! Ha ha ha ha…" Angela acted like Arvin had admitted it, so she laughed out loud.

Arvin put his hands on her head, brought her to his face, and pretended to be serious, "Don't laugh!"

But Angela laughed even louder. What's more, she made fun of him. "You've become a donkey! Mmm Mmm Mmm." An unfinished sentence perished on Arvin's lips.

After a long time, Arvin took away his hands, removed his lips from Angela's, and told her in a low voice, "Go home!" He didn't say anything more. He rubbed Angela's red lips and let her go.

Flushed, Angela unfastened the safety belt and asked him, "Can you come over tomorrow night?"

Arvin paused at this question. He didn't reply Angela for long.

… Angela tried to hold back her grievance, and took the initiative, "Didn't you say you want the gift? If you don't come, then forget about the gift!"

She said as she opened the door. When she got out of the car, she heard Arvin said, "I might be busy tomorrow."

"It doesn't matter! I will wait for you!" The grievance suddenly disappeared, Angela turned back with great surprise.

"OK." Arvin sighed in secret. He got out of the car, leaned on it, and left Xinhe Garden after he saw Angela to her apartment.

Angela stroked her lips. Arvin's smell was all over them. She ran into the living room with a blushing face, jumped onto the bed and rolled herself tightly in the quilt.

At the same time, her phone buzzed. It was a message from Mandy.

"Angela, thank you and your boyfriend for helping me tonight. Actually I wanted to divorce Spencer long ago. But I had two kids with him; I can't leave them to him… If I divorce him, he would never let me see them.

The elder one is only three years old, and the younger one is only several months. Even if they are awarded to me, I wouldn't be able to afford to care for them...

Angela, please tell your boyfriend that Spencer knew he made mistakes. Please release him!"

Angela was speechless, "…" She couldn't understand Mandy. Why would she still hold onto him?

But when she thought of what Arvin had told her, she decided not to refuse her, "OK, as long as you're willing."

"Yes, I am. But Spencer is behind bars now. I'm sorry I have to bother you…"

Angela assured her, "It's okay, I will tell Arvin to release him."

But then, Angela sent this voice message, "Mandy, if he hit you again, you can just tell me. I will punish him for you!"

Mandy was choking with sobs, "Thank you, Angela. If he hits me again, I would… I would definitely divorce him." Mandy also knew that if she continued to live with Spencer, she would go crazy someday.

"Good night, Mandy."

At first Angela thought of calling Arvin. But when she thought of Arvin's attitude tonight, she sent a message instead, "Big wing, Mandy has made up her mind. She wants to be with her husband. Can you ask Kent to get Spencer out of jail?"

She didn't have to wait for long as Arvin's reply was curt and prompt. "OK."

He said no more. About ten minutes later, Mandy sent her a message to thank Angela. She said her husband had been released.

The farce had come to an end, but Angela couldn't help thinking whether Arvin would become a wife-beater some day in the future too...

The next morning

In the hospital

Angela leaned on the locker, listening to her father's chatter, " Angela, how come you left with him without my permission? Have you ever considered my feeling? Does he want to pick you up? I will call him right now…"

"Dad… He didn't want to pick me up, " Angela retorted.

But clearly Chuck didn't believe her, "Angela, he made you cry! You can't let him be your boyfriend!"

Angela wanted to tell him, "Dad, it's too late. I'm totally in love with him…" But she didn't.

"Angela, I mean it! You'd better keep away from him, or I'll ask my bodyguards to bring you back to C country!"

"OK, do as you wish! Keep me at home for my whole life! And make me a joke! Everybody would think I can't find a boyfriend!"

Chuck was speechless, "…" She really had a silver tongue! "How come my daughter can't find a boyfriend? It's impossible!"

"Dad!" Angela seemed serious.

"Yes, Angela?"

"Dad, you should learn from Mom! She never restricts me!" Mom was the best. Mom would give her a warm hug when she was sad. She could cry her grievances out with Mom.

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