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   Chapter 140 He Had to Work A Whole Year to Earn So Much Money

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The little baby was very cute when she looked at Arvin with her big eyes, but Arvin thought Angela was a much cuter baby.

He delivered the ice cream into Angela's mouth, and she had a bite.

She also wanted to give a little to the baby in her arms.

Arvin stopped her, "She is too young to eat such cold food."

It reminded Angela of Sven's two sons. When they were babies, they couldn't eat cold food either.

This happy atmosphere was disturbed by Spencer. Supported by Rosie, Spencer came forward to face Angela, "Why do you hold my daughter? I promise I will sue you! You must be put into jail!"

Rosie uncovered her swollen eye. She ran to Angela and tried to snatch her granddaughter back from the assailant's arms.

Angela moved aside and Rosie caught at thin air. Then Angela told Spencer indifferently, "Just sue me as you please! I'm not afraid of you!"

"Give me my daughter back!" Spencer's face was a mass of bruises caused by Angela. He was infuriated.

"I can tell that you must have often treated Mandy in this way. You are not qualified enough to be a father, nor a husband! Didn't you notice how your baby was scared of you just now?" Angela was fond of this baby and she didn't want to give it back to Spencer.

Spencer lost his temper but he dared not to fight against Angela so he began to command Mandy.

"Why don't you get our daughter back, bitch!"

Mandy was frightened by his anger and carried out his order automatically.

Now the mall was about to be closed and the crowds had been driven out.

Two managers of the mall arrived and one of them said with a smile, "I'm sorry. Our mall is about to close. Could you solve your problems outside?"

The managers persuaded them to leave to ensure that this event wouldn't cause their mall any trouble.

Mandy nodded her head towards the managers and apologized, "I'm so sorry. We are leaving now!"

Unexpectedly, Rosie released her anger and shouted at the managers, "It's all your fault to sell such expensive clothes!


"The next time you meet such men like Spence, don't beat them by yourself. Got it?" Arvin opened the door of his car for her and she got in at once.

Angela looked at Arvin wide-eyed and told him, "No way! Bastards like Spencer in this world never change unless someone teaches them some manners and beats the living hell out of them!"

"Do you mean that they will change to good men after being beaten?"

Angela was speechless at Arvin's question. After a while, she rejected it, "If Spencer doesn't change, I will ask Mandy to divorce him! And I will beat him every time I see him!"

"Divorce?" Arvin was amused by her silly idea. Then he persuaded her, "Don't ask her to get divorced. Do you know why?"

It was very nice for Mandy to understand Angela's kindness. But what if she didn't understand it?

Then she would think Angela as a malicious woman trying to tear her family apart. Therefore, persuading Mandy to get divorced would do nothing good to Angela!

"Yes, I know!" Angela replied and nodded her head.

"If she really wanted to divorce Spencer, you could help her but you couldn't..." On their way home, Arvin gave Angela a lot of advice about getting along with others and dealing with some problems.

As Arvin hardly spoke so many words, Angela was excited and her eyes were glued to him out of admiration.

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