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   Chapter 139 I Will Punish You Today

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Spencer was diffident; he didn't want to talk to Angela anymore, so he grabbed Mandy by the hand and dragged her to the elevator.

Mandy was holding the baby in her other hand, but suddenly she found herself being caught around the waist and forced to step forward. She lost control of her body and the baby almost fell out of her grasp. Luckily, Mandy righted the baby's fall with her outstretched arm.

"Spencer! What are you doing?" Mandy was freaked out, she raised her voice unconsciously. She held the baby in her arms again and tried to comfort her.

Spencer thought Mandy was embarrassing him in public, so he treated her even worse, "Bitch, come back with me! I will teach you a lesson!"

Rosie couldn't hold back her temper; she pinched Mandy and scolded her. "What's wrong with your attitude! Don't you dare shout at Spencer in public!"

In front of them, Mandy didn't dare fight back, not to mention the baby she had to carry. She cried, but she had to apologize to them. "Mom, I'm so sorry…"

Suddenly someone took her hand and pulled her back, "Why did you apologize to them! Mandy, why do you let them treat you like this all the time?"

Mandy couldn't figure out who was defending her until now. It was Angela! She called her name with surprise and joy, "Angela? !"

Arvin had just bought an Oreo ·egg · balls for Angela, but she was out of sight now. When he was about to call her, he heard someone shouting Angela's name in the crowd, so he walked towards the crowd.

"Well, you know each other, that explains why!" Rosie cast a sneering glance at Mandy.

However, Spencer didn't care whether they knew each other or not, he just continued to push Mandy forward. Mandy hurriedly told Angela, "Angela, I have to leave now. You should go back!"

Angela ignored Mandy's words, her eyes were burning and she stared at Spencer, who was forcing Mandy to go with him.

Angela tried to hold back her anger, but she failed. She ran forward and kicked heavily at Spencer's butt.

Spencer was not on the alert; he tottered forward and finally fell down on the ground, in an contorted position.

Angela wouldn't let such a bad wife-beater go easily! So she ran forward, grabbed Spencer's collar, and brandished her fists in his face. Spencer didn't even have time to put up resistance.

And he was even crying out his mother's name!

Rosie and Mandy hurriedly come to divide them apart. Rosie was scolding Angela madly, "Who the hell you are! The nerve! To hit my son! I will teach you a lesson!"

Mandy cared about Angela. "Angela, Angela, stop! Don't hurt yourself!"

It seemed that Angela didn't hear her. She rid herself of Rosie's grip and gave her a punch, "Ouch!" After a screech, Rosie covered her left eye with her hand and crumpled to the floor.

Angela was still brandishing her fists, "Bastard! I will punish you today! Go to hell! I will castrate you!"

"Angela!" Arvin's voice came from behind.

Let me ask you a question: what would you feel if you saw the girl you love stamping on a man's stomach, waving her fists and punching the wailing man?

Arvin didn't know what others would feel, but he felt it amusing and annoying at the same time.

He was annoyed that Angela was beating someone in person

But he was also amused that Angela looked so cute in such an off-beat occasion.

Angela knew it was Arvin, she didn't even bother to turn around, "Big wing, wait me for a moment.

I will punish him until he is willing to apologize to Mandy!"

"Ouch… I will apologize to her… Damn… Not in the face! My face!" Spencer told her not to hit him in the face, so Angela specially saved her fists for his face.

One of them knew Kung Fu, while the other not. So the one who didn't know Kung Fu had no choice but to accept the punishment…

"Good job!" There was applause from the crowd. It showed that everyone hated this bastard!

"Punish him severely! I hate wife-beaters the most!"

"Heroine, you're my role model!"

Mandy was anxious. With the baby in her arms, she couldn't spare any hands to pull Angela away. She was like an ant on a hot pot now.

When she heard Arvin call Angela's name, she saw an opportunity for her to get Angela to stop. If she could just persuade Arvin to yell at Angela! But when she approached Arvin, she had no courage to speak. Though Arvin was not as cold as he usually was, his noble temperament could also stun everybody.

Several security guards were going to pull Angela away, but they were also stopped by Arvin's glance.

Angela didn't stop until she felt pain in her hands.

Arvin came forward, took her hands in his, and took a careful look at them. They were red.

Then he asked, "Are you satisfied?"

Angela grasped and nodded, "Yes! Totally!"

Arvin gave her a cold glance, and then he pointed at the guards, "Who do you think they are? Do you think they are just some ornaments?"

They were the bodyguards that Sven assigned to her. They were planning to help her when she started. But Angela stopped them and punished Spencer in person.

"If you can persuade Sven to withdraw them, I will thank you sincerely!" Angela fretted that these people followed her around everywhere!

Arvin just cast a cold hard look at her and continued to rub her fingers. He clearly refused.

Mandy had no time to attend to her husband, she walked towards Angela and was about to say something. But when she noticed the tenderness from Arvin's eyes and that Arvin was rubbing Angela's hands gently, she stopped in a trance. She was so envious that she couldn't say a word.

Finally, Angela saw Mandy who was in a daze. She released Arvin's hands and walked towards Mandy with a smile, "Mandy, it's been a long time!"

Right! They hadn't seen each other for years! But no one had expected that they would meet on such an off-beat occasion.

"Angela, I miss you so much! You are more beautiful than before!" said Mandy sincerely, and took a careful look at Angela.

Though they hadn't met for years, they used to be good friends. There had been no distance between them, the connection was so strong.

"Aha, is this your daughter? Can I hold her?" The baby didn't cry anymore. Angela held her hands, they were so soft…

Mandy gave the baby to her, "Of course you can! But she is too little, or she would call you aunt now!"

Angela took hold of the baby, held her in her arms with great care, and walked towards Arvin like she was presenting a treasure to him, "Big wing, look at her. Isn't she cute? Look at her eyes, do they look similar to Mandy's?"

Arvin worked at the hospital, he was used to seeing numerous newborns every day. But he never held anyone of them. Because he felt quite uncomfortable… when holding a baby!

But when Angela held the baby in front of him, he could think of nothing but that there were two cute babies before his eyes.

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