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   Chapter 138 Say Sorry to My Mum

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Baron still looked at Angela after he had greeted Arvin.

Angela wore a white down garment today with her hair bundled into a bun. She lay her hair on shoulders before dinner. Knowing she would go out for dinner with Arvin, she wore light makeup and had dressed up.

Obviously, Angela inherited her good appearance from her parents, Chuck and Daisy.

'What a beautiful girl.' Baron's eyes didn't stray away from Angela.

Arvin peered at Baron and then coldly replied to his question, "Yes." After that, he put his hand over Angela's shoulder and they walked away. They seemed like they didn't want to talk with Baron at all.

However, Baron followed up and blocked their path.

"How come I never met your girlfriend, Avrin?" Baron said this with his eyes stuck on Angela.

Angela felt a sense of sickness by his wretched look, so she glared at Baron.

Her angry face made Baron more interested in her. 'Wow, a troublesome one! I like her.'

"Um, can you stop with the staring? Or you wanna taste my fists?" Arvin's cold warning drew Baron's mind back. He stopped looking at Angela immediately

Because he knew that Arvin was always equal with his words. If he promised something, he would do it.

"I'm just asking. Don't be mad, Arvin." Baron restrained himself. He didn't want to irritate Avrin.

After a few silent seconds, Baron asked Angela again, "What's your name, beautiful?"

Angela didn't reply to him. She held Arvin's arms and smiled at him, "I want to shop."

"Yes, " Arvin gently replied. Then they went past Baron and headed for the parking lot hand in hand.

Baron was envious of their loving interaction.

What he didn't expect was icy Arvin to be so attractive to so many beautiful girls. 'Why is Arvin so popular? He just has a good appearance.'

Baron felt a little envious. He waved at a man behind him. "What do you want me to do, Baron?"

"Go and investigate the girl."

It seemed Baron had a little crush on Angela. He was the kind of person that would get whatever he wanted. Well, this time, Angela was the person he wanted to get.

Baron assumed that this girl wouldn't be very important to Arvin because everyone in J City knew th

r with no fear.

Mandy's mother-in-law, Rosie, looked at Angela up and down.Then she explained to Angela with a threatening tone, "She wanted to buy expensive clothes here in the shopping mall, but had no money. I was just educating her. And you, mind your own business!"

Nobody knew except Angela that Mandy was from a rich family as well, but afterwards she wanted to marry Spencer, so she cut away from her family. After she married, her husband was the only one who made money to support their family.

"No money? Your son has money. That's the same. You are a family. Isn't it reasonable for a husband to buy clothes for her wife who sacrifices so much for the family?" It was obvious that Mandy's clothes were cheap.

Back at high school, Mandy was always dressed up like a princess. She wore slight makeup every day. Besides, girls were always jealous of her good taste in clothes. Boys liked to follow her all day.

But now? Her skin was darkened and her eyes were dull. And with freckles on her face, she looked like those countrified wives.

To be honest, Angela was shocked to see Mandy in such a situation at her first sight. 'Mandy is only 24 years old. How come she's changed so much!' However, now she understood why. A bad husband and a bad mother-in-law.

"My son earns his money really hard, so she shouldn't waste a penny!" Rosie explained herself. 'Her family doesn't care about her any more. Why do I have to care about her!"

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