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   Chapter 137 Bread Soaked in Wild Turtle Soup

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Arvin had no words. Just when she felt the atmosphere between them was settled and clear, now it was ruined by Arvin's reaction. Everything became stilted and awkward.

Angela sighed. She grabbed Arvin's hand and said, "I'm hungry, Arvin."

Arvin could empathize with her. He gently replied, "Well, let's go and eat something." Arvin held Angela in his arms and opened the car door for her. Angela then got inside and they took off.

On the way, Angela kept playing games on her phone while discussing with Arvin what to eat next. "I don't want to eat western food, Japanese food, Thai food or French food... Big wing, do you want to eat bullfrog?"

"..." Arvin didn't expected that Angela's taste would be so unusual. "No!" That was a firm refusal from Arvin.

Angela was a little surprised that Arvin hated bullfrog so much. She turned to her games and asked him, "How about Braised Turtle in Brown Sauce?"

"..." 'Angela must be joking! She picked the most disgusting food.' Avrin felt a little unhappy in that moment. "Are you joking? Because I can't take what you're saying seriously."

"Well, I was joking. Don't be so serious." Angela had to admit that she did it on purpose to amuse Arvin.

Obviously, they didn't understand each other. When they were waiting for the green light, Arvin decided to play a joke on Anegla as a punishment. He approached Angela's ear and whispered to her, "About the turtle you were saying..."

"You wanna eat it now?" Angela stopped him short. Angela couldn't believe it. Arvin always hated this kind of food. What caused him to change his mind?

Arvin smirked, "Well, it seems to me that you like it, huh?"

Angela didn't follow Arvin's rationale. She was very confused by what he meant. It seemed to her that Arvin's smile was a little... emmm... evil. He smiled like Stanley did for a moment.

"No. I don't eat this stuff." She'd never put her mouth onto a turtle.

She remembered when she was little, Sven persuaded her to eat a piece of soft-shelled turtle meat, but she didn't know what it was at first. After she found out what it really was, she didn't eat anything for three whole days.

"Well, Angela, don't you think a part of the turtle looks like something...? Arvin set a trap and waited for Angela to jump into it.

"Well, it seems very like tortoise. Everybody knows that, yeah?" Angela replied innocently.

Although Angela didn't fall into his trap, Arvin did not give up. He patiently explained to Angela, "Well, it is some part that I am talking about..."

After three minutes.

"Ooops!" A scream came out of the Pagani followed by a low but clear ripple of laughter from Arvin.

Angela finally understood what Arvin was suggesting. Her face blushed. She covered her chest with her hand to hold her sickness back. She didn't expect that Arvin would be so... dirty!

Ever since that, Angela couldn't help thinking of penis wherever she saw tortoises. Her thoughts were contaminated too. How?

Well, Angela refused to eat anything after this dirty joke.

At last, Arvin persuaded Angela to eat something ordinary. They went to a regular restaurant. The manager welcomed them in. They started to browse the options. Avrin pointed at a dish and asked Angela, "How about this one?"

Angela looked at where Arvin was pointing and felt awkward right away. That dish was Bread Soaked in Wild Turtle Soup.

She got angry. 'Why does Arvin keep joking with me?' "I won't eat anything if you keep doing this, " she said seriously.

Arvin knew that if he continued to do this, he would cross a line. He held his tongue. "Okay. I won't do this. I promise, " he said with comfort in his voice.

The restaurant manager was shocked to see Arvin apologizing.

Everyone h

ere knew who Arvin was. Well, to be more accurate, everyone in J City knew who Arvin was.

They also knew that Arvin was a indifferent and cold man.

Seeing Arvin teasing a girl with a big smile on his face, the manager couldn't have been any more surprised. He even rubbed his eyes to see if it was Arvin. Well, it was!

As for Angela, she felt a little embarrassed with all eyes on her. She asked Arvin in a low voice, "Dr. Gu, do your family know that you can be so roguish?"

Arvin shook his head and looked into Angela's eyes, "Well, only you know about this. Don't you feel a little honored?" Arvin pointed at himself while saying this.

Angela froze.

"Okay. Okay, " Arvin stopped his joke and added, "Their seafood porridge and mutton chops are good. Shall we order one? What else do you want to eat, Angela? Shrimps with crushed garlic? Sour beef? Or..." Arvin suddenly paused, as he didn't want to say the next dish out loud.

Angela was confused at first, but she realized at once when she saw the dish name. That was Babao Rice with Durian, the thing that Arvin hated the most.

'Well, it's my turn to tease you, Arvin.' Angela finally got a chance to prank Arvin back. She felt so pleased.

"All right. You can order this." Arvin reluctantly agreed. He turned his head to the manager and politely said to him, "Well, we'd like Roasted Mutton Chops, Seafood Porridge, Babao Rice with Durian, Seasonal Vegetables and Blanched Shrimps...Thank you."

Anglea nodded at each dish with a big smile because all of them were her favorites.

After the manager took the menu and walked away, Arvin opened the wet tissues and passed them to Angela.

Angela received the tissue and started talking randomly on another topic. "Did you have surgery tonight, Arvin?"

"Yes. I was about to finish that surgery and there was an accident, so I had to deal with it." He put the used tissue aside.

Then he stretched his hand and reached out for Angela.

Angela had no idea what Arvin was doing.

When she was about to ask, Arvin took a glance at her but said nothing.

After a while, Angela finally figured out what Arvin's hand meant. 'He was asking me for the gift that I promised him a few days ago.'

"Well, about that gift, big wing... Angela felt sorry that she hadn't prepared it, but she still smiled at Avrin, "Can I give you tomorrow?"

Hearing the answer, Arivn felt a little disappointed. He took his hand back and asked, "Why do I have to wait till tomorrow?"

"Because... tonight is bad timing. Tomorrow night, I promise, will be a big surprise for you, okay?" Earlier Angela went to the mall and picked out something for Avrin, but Nancy told her no.

She said that things bought from shopping malls were not good enough.

She advised Angela to get something different for Arvin and Angela agreed with her.

Then, Angela and Nancy thought about it for a long time. Finally, they agreed on Mandy's advice.

Hearing Angela's explanation, Arvin half-believed her.

After dinner, Arvin and Angela walked out of the restaurant hand in hand. They didn't expect to run into someone they knew. Well, someone Arvin knew.

"Hey, Arvin! Haven't seen you for months! Is this your girlfriend?" The man who greeted Arvin gave Angela a once-over. This man's voice sounded so... indecent to her.

Next moment, she saw a twenty-year-old man in a wine red suit

With a thin face and dark blue hair. His unruly hair looked like a mop and he seemed a little fat as a whole.

According to Angela's experience, this man must be born to a rich family, but had nothing in his mind.

Angela was so affirmative because she had seen a lot of men like him. Being born in a rich family, they were spoiled since childhood.

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