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   Chapter 136 I Used to Kiss Her a Lot

Trapped with the Doctor By Bai Cha Characters: 5966

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"Well, I'm not in a hurry. Just take your time." Knowing that she would see Arvin soon, Angela jumped with joy.

"Okay, " Arvin replied and ended the call.

Angela checked the time, got up from the sofa and said to Nancy, "I must go now, Nancy."

"Doctor Gu arrived?" Nancy asked. The two girls hugged each other, both reluctant to part.

Angela gave her a loud kiss on the cheek and said, "He will arrive soon."

Nancy was about to say something more when she was interrupted.

"What are you doing?" At the door, Stanley asked this in a serious tone. He had just come back from work and saw the two girls clinging together.

He also saw Angela kiss his Nancy! That made him jealous!

The two girls simultaneously turned their eyes to him while they still embraced each other. Stanley was staring at Angela like she was an enemy.

Angela thought, 'Stanley is really dull. Isn't my Arvin much more lovable than he? Huh!'

Then, she deliberately put her arms around Nancy's neck and pushed her to her chest. She kissed on her cheek again and said, "What are we doing? I'm taking advantage of her as you see."

"Angela, stop..." Nancy had become so shy that she kept her head down.

Stanley had his shoes changed, and set them aside. He grabbed Angela by her collar and pushed her out onto the porch. "Change your shoes, " he said, "and go to kiss your Arvin. Nancy is not someone you can defile!"

"Don't you know I'm female?" Angela asked.

Stanley's reaction was exaggerated, as if he had just found his wife cheating on him with a stranger in bed.

Then Stanley did what Angela did to Nancy. He wrapped Nancy with his arms, and said to Angela coldly, "I know you are female only as much as I know that you have potential to be a lesbian."

Angela was flabbergasted.

So was Nancy. They both remained silent.

Stanley shielded Nancy with his body when Angela was trying to pounce onto her again. He warned Angela with his angry eyes.

"Good job, Stanley. I will tell Arvin that you bullied me, " Angela said.

"If Arvin knows that you kissed Nancy, you will be the one to get punished, not me."


Angela gave him a contemptuous look and phoned Arvin. "Big Wing..." Angela even added some sobs.

Stanley was really surprised by her performance and her ability to provoke a battle. He had to hand it to her!

"What happened?" Arvin asked. He was driving onto Stanley's block.

"It's Stanley. Isn't he your friend?"


"Well I have some news about your so-called friend! He bullied me, threatened me, yelled at me and even tried to beat me..." Angela enumerated Stanley's "wrongdoings" in an aggrieved voice.

But what Arvin didn't see was that she was looking at Stanley with a sly and self-satisfied smile.

"Wait. I'll be there soon."

Angela hung up. "Too bad you are not an actress, Angela!" Stanley said, clapping his hands.

Angela put her phone back in her pocket and answered with a salute, "Thank you, ca


"You'd better keep away from Angela, Nancy. She will lead you astray." Stanley held Nancy in his arms and stared at Angela alertly.

Nancy puckered her face into a smile and told Stanley, "Angela is very kind. You're just overreacting."

"Indeed, " Angela added. "I was often awarded the Good Student when I was young." Knowing that Arvin would arrive soon, she decided to leave them alone. Angela walked to the door and changed into her own shoes.

Stanley waved to her and said, "Good bye, Miss. Si."

When Angela opened the door, Arvin was right coming out of the elevator.

Arvin immediately stepped through the door and asked Stanley what had happened.

Angela poked her head around Arvin's shoulder and said, "Stanley doesn't allow me to be with Nancy. He drove me out."

Stanley was really speechless. "Angela, why not talk about how you kissed my wife!"

Angela pretended to be scared. She put her arm around Arvin's neck and said, "Yes I did kiss your wife. Then you yelled and hit me?"

Her performance had become far too exaggerated. Everyone now knew that she was pretending.

Arvin wrapped her in his arms and said, "Sorry bro, Angela is unruly all the time. Please forgive her this time."

Stanley knew well about her unruliness because Nancy talked about her every day.

"Never mind. But remember to tame her!" Stanley said, and gave Arvin a cunning glance.

Angela noticed the glance and asked, "Hey, why do you look so wicked. And you want Arvin to punish me?"

Angela was still too innocent to understand what Stanley meant by "tame".

Arvin nodded and dragged the girl away, as she was now trying to punch Stanley. "I will. Good bye!"

Angela turned her head around to Nancy and said, "Bye, Nancy. Stanley, take care of her!"

"Bye, Angela, " said Nancy, "Message me when you're back..." Then Stanley pushed Nancy back to the apartment, and closed the door.

Arvin didn't loosen his grip around Angela until they got out of the building. He took a bottle of water from the car for Angela, and said, "Rinse your mouth!"

"Why?" She was confused.

"Because you kissed Nancy, " Arvin said, looking sideways at her.

"... I used to kiss her a lot!" Angela admitted she kissed her but she didn't agree to rinse.

Arvin immediately opened the bottle and gave it to her, disregarding her antipathy towards it. "Drink it!"

... Angela was forced to rinse her mouth. Then she wiped away the spillover with a tissue Arvin handed her.

Arvin took the bottle back and escorted her to her seat in the car.

He then wiped her red lips with his thick palm, and said, "Don't kiss anyone any more!"

Angela was about to say something when Arvin broke in with, "Not even Nancy!"

Angela was nearly choking on the water. She adjusted her breathing and asked, "... You said 'anyone', so not even you?"

Arvin didn't bother answering, but kept rubbing her lips with his thumb. He restrained himself from kissing her.

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