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   Chapter 135 Purple Charm

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Angela might have affected his behavior because he felt himself become a little... childish!

By the time Arvin arrived back to his office that day, Kent called him. "Doctor Gu, it's very difficult to find Fabian's personal information. Even though we have the most advanced information system, I still can't obtain any specific data on him."

"The most advanced system doesn't work?" Arvin frowned. Only several kinds of people could avoid showing up on the most advanced system.

First, the top ten on the global rich list. Second was the top-level network hackers. Third was mysterious organizations.

The top ten on the global rich list include Harry's family, Chuck's family, Samuel's family, Jordan's family, and Eason's family. None of them had anything to do with Fabian.

As for the mysterious organizations, Fabian didn't act like he belonged to one.

Then, the obvious answer was that he was a top-level hacker.

Arvin hung up the call, turned on his computer, and entered his system database. He input two words. "Purple Charm."

They knew little about Fabian because hackers didn't disclose their personal information. However, information about Purple Charm could be tracked.

According to this information, Purple Charm was 25 years old. He was one of the greatest hackers in the world. He hacked into the Aerospace Defense Command System of Shine Empire at the age of 15, in order to browse through the data of all the weapons they used on Green Cold Country and steal classified information. Later, the federal office offered a reward for his capture, despite having no identity for him.

It was a big scandal for Shine Empire, and Purple Charm kept silent in fugitive asylum.

After that, the most famous military intelligence expert said, "If he sold any of this data to Green Cold Country, Purple Charm would become a millionaire. And Shine Empire would spend billions of dollars redeploying....

Purple Charm was so skilled that he could evade police detection.

Only once did he accidentally fall into a trap. When he hacked the internal system of the investigation bureau, he found malware waiting to ensnare him. However, he successfully ran away before they pinpointed his IP address.

Apart from that, he could control the local computers; there, he found all the files relevant to this ongoing searching.


Arvin turned off the computer and was lost in thought. He couldn't understand why this mysterious man would be interested in Angela.

Purple Charm was a genius. If you gave him a computer, he could control the whole world.

Hackers like Purple Charm aimed to invade defense systems and obtain high-value information illegally.

Arvin became a little angry when he remembered that the systems in the hospital were constantly under attack before.

He was a dangerous man! He had to be stopped! Arvin felt it was his responsibility to do something to prevent him from attacking the systems in the future and minimizing the risk to Angela.

Seven o'clock at night

In Stanley's apartment, Nancy helped Angela paint her nails with a bottle of nail polish. "Okay, done! When I go to work, we can get a manicure together!"

Angela blow-dried her nails, "Great! I will choose... a black color for my na


"Black?" Nancy shook her head. "Black is unfit for you! You pure white angel."

Angela smiled, "It doesn't matter. I can choose any colors since my hands are so white and beautiful!"

"Okay! Which color should I use then?" Nancy looked over her neat nails, wondering.

"Don't think about it right now. You can choose your favorite color when we do the manicure together! Wow! Dinner is ready! Go have your dinner!" Angela patted her hand when she saw the servants preparing dishes.

Nancy packed up her stuff. "Do you want to have dinner with us?"

"No! I have a date with Big Wing! I can't enjoy the food with him if I'm already full!" Angela told Nancy happily.

Nancy laughed, "It was a lucky thing that I called Doctor Gu. Otherwise, you would have been left crying in your mother's arms!"

Angela curled her lips. "Yes, I have you to thank for that. I love you!"

The two girls had already talked about what happened in the daytime.

"Angela, I want you to watch out for Nita. I didn't realize that she was such a mean person!" Nancy pushed her glasses up and wiped her hands with a wet tissue.

Angela snorted, "I will never forget the horrible things bullies have done to me!"

Such as Randal, Nita and Grace!

"That's the spirit! And besides, you're such a great person that I'm sure they won't bully you any further anyway. But still. Those disgusting people!" Nancy threw away the wet tissue and embraced Angela.

When her nails had been dried, Angela urged Nancy to go to dinner. "Be quick! By the way, why hasn't Stanley come back yet?"

Nancy couldn't help smiling when she heard Stanley's name. "He works so hard that he usually comes back at the midnight!"

Sometimes, he was even called away from his bed in late night.

"Okay! How great your Stanley is! Go for dinner!" Angela touched Nancy by her elbow.

Nancy stood up and walked to the rest room. Angela looked at her phone and it was already twenty to eight. "Why hasn't Arvin called me?

Will he stand me up?"

At ten to eight, Angela looked at Nancy at the table. "How is it Nancy? Delicious, I hope." She was hungry now.

Nancy picked up one piece of fish to Angela to try a bite. In the end, Angela ate up half of the fish. Stanley bought the fish for Nancy himself.

At eight o'clock.

Angela's phone finally rang. "Are you finished?"

Arvin had just finished a surgery. He threw away his disposable mask and said, "Yes. You must be very hungry!"

Since he needed to focus on the operation, he didn't have the chance to send her message.

He wouldn't have asked Angela to wait for him if he knew there was an emergency of this kind.

"I have had... half a fish!"

Arvin was amused by her voice. It seemed that she had a magic power. He had no sense of exhaustion when he heard her voice. "Where are you? I'll come and pick you up."

Arvin entered the changing room, about to be off duty.

"I'm at Stanley's apartment. Do you know where it is?"

He frowned. Stanley's? Oh, he remembered, of course, because Nancy was there. She was living with Stanley. He understood her motivations for going there. "Yeah, I know the place. Wait for me! I'll be there soon."

He had been invited to Stanley's once. It was about ten minutes away.

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