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   Chapter 134 For Personal Reasons

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Arvin let go of her hands. "Angela, I'm running for the director of Yao Hospital. And the campaign is getting started..."

Angela was shocked when she heard it. Later, she urged him, "What are you doing here then? Go back for the campaign immediately!"

Suddenly, Sven remembered that it was a big day for Yao Hospital! The campaign for the directorship was being held today.

But Arvin still came here, despite it. If he failed to returned for it, didn't he know of the consequences?

"Arvin... To keep Angela here, you don't even care about the title of director?"

At the moment, a PA system broadcast attracted their attention. It said the plane was taking off soon, and asked all passengers to step forward with tickets ready.

Arvin held Angela's hands at once, "Angela, please stay here! Wait for Rosa with me and I will break off my engagement to her!"

My god! "Can you break off the engagement?" She was stunned.

"Of course, I can. I can't make any commitment to you, but I can break off my engagement once Rosa comes back." He swore this to her, crossing his heart.

Angela leapt with excitement.

"Angela, men always say sweet things to cheer women up. Think about it carefully!" Sven warned Angela.

Angela waved at Sven, "Brother, the plane is taking off! Be quick!"

There is a saying that good things come to those who are waiting. She would not give up, even if it was a long shot.

If Sven was not impelled by the broadcast, he would not leave his sister so quickly. "Angela, if he takes advantage of you, call me immediately! I'll come for you, okay?"

"Okay, I will!"

"Besides, do not sleep with him! You know he has a fiancee! Remember that?"

Angela nodded her head.

Sven hit Arvin's arm, "Arvin, if you hurt my sister again, I will take her back, and you'll never see her again! Do you hear me?"

Arvin made no promises. At last, under Sven's acrimonious gaze, he simply said three words, "I will try."

... Sven wouldn't have left Arvin off so easily. But the broadcast was announcing again. He had no choice but to leave them.

Angela was relieved when Sven entered the gate.

When she looked back at Arvin, she became shy and lowered her head, "Aren't you leaving?"

"Let's go!" He held Angela's hand and left the airport together.

In the hospital, Teresa was worried. Arvin was late for the campaign. She wanted to solve the situation through her interpersonal network. However, Hogan didn't allow that.

She had no choice but to walk on stage herself and apologize to everyone, "Arvin has been working hard. It is obvious to all of you that he has made great contributions to the hospital. Unfortunately, he has been hampered by an emergency situation. I swear that he attaches great importance to this campaign. For the glorious future of Yao Hospital, I sincerely wish you to make decisions after deep consideration."

After that, she walked aside and made a bow to everyone.

When she was finished, all the people were touched.

"Aunt, is there anything more important than the campaign? I think he doesn't care about the campaign!" Baron was the one who uttered this. H

e sat in the front row, amid officials, wearing his business suit which he'd picked specially to appear well in the running for this campaign. However, he still seemed unstable and immature.

After he said this, many people agreed with him.

Teresa walked off stage and smiled at him, "Your cousin is coming." Nothing followed these words.

Baron snorted, but said nothing either.

Hogan, the host of the event, started the voting off.

Halfway through the voting, a man appeared at the door suddenly.

Arvin was in his business suits, looked noble and dignified. He glanced at others in the conference room, and everyone fell silent.

He stood on the stage and walked to the podium.

Hogan said nothing and allowed Arvin to make a speech.

Alas! Hope it's not too late.

"I'm sorry I'm late for the campaign for personal reasons. I don't agree with you if you doubt my working attitude because of the event. ..." Maybe he was born with this leadership quality. He controlled the campaign after he appeared in the conference room.

People were attracted by his short speech and Arvin won over thunderous applause.

Although he was late for the campaign, people forgave it once he showed up and gave this short speech.

At last, Arvin surpassed Baron and Zack and won the campaign!

Once he came out of the conference room, Arvin took out his phone and sent a message to Angela, "I'll pick you up tonight."

Angela asked, "Did you win?"

He smiled, "I can get everything I want."

Angela said, "Wow! You are so narcissistic! However, congratulations, Director Gu!"

He thought for a bit and said, "Get me a present and then we'll have a dinner together tonight."

Angela sent him a funny emoji. "Nobody asks for a present for himself! Big Wing! Shame on you!"

Arvin laughed and texted her back, "My good girl!"

Suddenly, colleagues around him were greatly shocked, "Director Gu laughed! Wow! He is so handsome!"

"Because he has won the campaign?"

"Definitely! It's good news!"

"We should call him Director Gu! We are so happy to have such a handsome director!"


In the office of the vice director

The family were sitting on the couch. Suddenly, Teresa sighed deeply, "Oh Arvin, Arvin... why can't you calm yourself down about Angela?"

Teresa had already known what Arvin did. She couldn't get through to Arvin, so she contacted with Nancy.

Arvin glanced at her and frowned, "You know who started this."

"... Arvin! I didn't expect Nita to do what she did." Teresa was a little disappointed with Nita when she thought of what Nita did the other night.

Later, Teresa continued talking. Everything she had done, she had done for Arvin's sake, so he didn't plead against her. He listened with only silence.

Hogan said nothing initially. But as he was leaving, he admonished Arvin, "Stay mature no matter what happens! If you lose your mind easily, how can you protect Angela?"

Arvin was deeply impressed by what he said.

He found that he couldn't calm himself down when it came to Angela. He was about thirty years old, but he was so unstable and immature, just like Angela!

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