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   Chapter 133 Why Don't You Kill Yourself

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Arvin was still angry, "Don't stop me! She is such a despicable and mean wretch; she doesn't even deserve the title of director!"

"Arvin!" Hogan shouted him down.

This is a public place! Why would Arvin act so malevolently?

His reputation was on the line, and he planned to campaign for the directorship of the entire hospital this afternoon. This disturbance would cost him dearly. "Go to the conference room. Get your campaign for directorship started!"

Unexpectedly, Arvin ignored him, and strode towards the parking lot. Hogan stopped him at once. "Where are you going?"

"I've got an emergency!"

"Arvin! The campaign is about to start! Put aside everything else!" Hogan got angry! He didn't know why Arvin behaved so unstable and unreliable.

Arvin said nothing, but tried to get through to Sven. But, unbeknownst to him, both Angela and Sven were busy. Neither answered their phones.

The sense of calm deserted Arvin in one swoop. He looked back at Hogan, "Sorry, dad!"

Then, he walked towards his car, and drove out of the hospital.

On the way to the airport, Arvin called Nancy to get the flight number Angela was scheduled to take.

Calls from Teresa, Hogan and Nita busied his phone on the drive there. But he decided not to answer.

When he arrived at the airport, he hurriedly bought a ticket and rushed towards the security checkpoint.

At VIP Departure Hall

The stunning family had successfully attracted the attention from several passersby.

A middle-aged man was constantly nagging a girl in a white down jacket and sunglasses. "Angela, how could you fall in love with that bad boy without my permission?"

Chuck's estimation of Arvin was that he was indeed an evil boy, despite his reputation as an excellent doctor.

If he knew Angela liked Arvin, he would've kicked him out of his house the last time he came to visit their family, decorum be damned!

Angela rubbed her ears, and kept silent.

When he saw Angela's red and swollen eyes, Chuck took out his scalpel and claimed he was going to kill Arvin next time he laid eyes on him.

In the end, Daisy, Sven and Angela had to shut him up.

Chuck finished nagging his daughter, and he shifted his target to Sven. "Sven! This is all your fault! You are the chief culprit! Why don't you kill yourself? How dare you to go back C Country with me?"

Sven was totally speechless.

So was Angela.

Daisy chipped in gently, "That's enough! Why not talk about it at home? It's time to have our tickets checked!" After that, she took her bag and walked towards the gate.

Then, the three others followed her. Angela also took hold of her bag.

"Goodbye, J City!"

Chuck entered the gate, followed by Daisy. Angela, too, was going to the gate, when suddenly...

"Angela!" That voice. It was so familiar to her that Angela dropped her ticket, stunned.

Sven looked at back immediately, and found Arvin running towards them.

Great! Good heavens! How dare he come here?

Chuck turned back once he heard Arvin calling.

"Arvin, you bastard! Come here!" Chuck would kill him if he had his scalpel ready.

Daisy, who was extremely irritated, stopped him at once, " Chuck, calm down! It's time to get on the plane!"

"No! I'm not leaving!" Chuck gave the ticket to Daisy and rushed up to Arvin.

Arvin was out of breath, running all the way through the airport.

Angela came to her senses as she saw her father lean back to swing at Arvin. He would have caused serious damage, were it not for Daisy who stepped in and prevented him


Therefore, he only landed a blow on Arvin's shoulder. The situation fell into disorder. The crowd gave the two fighters a wide berth.

"Arvin, how dare you come here? Why did you hurt Angela? Explain yourself! I'll teach you a lesson about true pain!" Chuck cleared the way, and squared off to fight Arvin.

'How dare he hurt my baby daughter? I'll teach him a lesson!' flashed through Chuck's incensed mind.

Angela stood in between the two great men in her life, only to fall biased on one side, and protect Arvin. "Dad, calm down... Dad, please..."

"Angela, out of the way!" Chuck couldn't believe his eyes. Why did Angela protect this horrible man?

Arvin drew Angela away with a slight shove, and stood in front of Chuck, "Uncle and auntie, I'm sorry I've hurt Angela! But you've get me all wrong! I'm going to explain everything to Angela!"

Daisy clutched at Chuck and pulled him away as if to give the two lovers a moment of consolation. But then Daisy said instead, "You're getting engaged to Nita! We don't want your explanation!"

"I'm not going to get engaged to Nita!" he denied loudly.

He spoke so honestly that Daisy was a little cheered up, "Okay! Then, explain yourself to Angela! Come on Chuck, we have no time, it's time to get the plane."

"Daisy! What are you doing?" Chuck wanted to struggle against her, but he didn't want to hurt his wife. So, he quitted.

"Let's go! Don't make a fool of yourself! Too many people are here!" Daisy dragged Chuck to the gate.

Sven stood still and looked at his parents, Arvin and Angela. Finally, he decided to wait for his sister.

Arvin removed Angela's sunglasses and found her red and swollen eyes! Arvin felt the bruises of his heart.

When he was about to hug Angela, Sven said slowly, "Arvin, make your next words count; you have a lot to answer for in terms of your words and deeds."

Arvin glanced at him and explained to Angela, "It wasn't me who texted you back. It was Nita! She used my phone in lieu of me to send that message to you! It was all a big mistake.

I'm not living with Nita! I promise you."

"You are not living with Nita?" Angela curled her lip, "I can't tell whether you are lying or not!"

She couldn't, it's true, but she felt an upsurge of emotion standing in front of him; the crowds seemed to vanish from view, she could see Arvin only. She was happy to see him.

Arvin rubbed the back of his head, "Angela, if you leave the city... what should Nancy do?"

"Stanley will accompany her!"

"... You don't want to work in the research lab? Could you really leave your colleagues like this?" Arvin tried to use various techniques to keep Angela here.

Angela blinked slowly. "Even if I stay here, the relationship between us is still unclear and vague."

Arvin was silent for a while. She was right! He couldn't make a commitment to her. Their relationship would remain unclear and stagnant even if she stayed. However, "Angela, I would rather keep an unclear and vague relationship with you than not see you anymore, I will miss you so bad!"

Angela cried and laughed at the same time when she heard his words, "How selfish you are! How can you say that you want to keep an unclear and vague relationship with me? You're a bad guy!"

Angela pummeled on his chest with her fists. Suddenly, Arvin seized her hands and Sven stopped him at once, "Arvin, don't touch my sister's hands! You have nothing to do with my sister!"

'Have nothing to do with me?' Angela felt guilty. She knew Arvin had something to do with her!

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